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Ok...we've made it to our Top 10! Are you agreeing with our choices so far? Have we made you look at any episode differently or made you run off to your DVD player because we reminded you of how much you also loved one of our favourites?

Well the countdown's your WFB Admins' picks for number 10 of our Top 15 "Supernatural" episodes.

sweetondean's #10:

"Wishful Thinking"

Why: Because it's fabulous! The end. 

Ok, I mean"¦a depressed, drunk, porn-loving, giant, talking Teddy Bear"¦come on!
I can recite huge hunks of dialogue from this episode, because I've watched it that many times and the script is just that awesome it sticks in my head.
I actually use lines in my day to day"¦..
Girl-drink-drunk"¦I say that to all my friends who like girly drinks, or well, I met a guy recently whose favourite drink was some fruity cocktail number and I turned to him and said, "So you're a girl-drink-drunk" [insert blank stare here].
If someone is stinky, I say they smell like the bus.
I tell my dog "I love you more than anything" "“ creepy I know.
And who hasn't yelled out "Kneel before Todd!" randomly"¦I sure have.
I love that Dean is super disappointed because he wanted to save "some naked women". 

That the invisible pervert guy went invisible to spy on the ladies showers and then the boys hit him with the car! Too funny.
That Dean thinks on his feet and says they're Teddy Bear doctors"¦and that the bear has lollypop disease! "It's not uncommon for a bear his size." Brilliant!
But the Teddy. For heaven's sake. What other show could actually pull that off? Only "Supernatural". I love T. Bear and his plaintive "Whyyyyyyyyyy" .
Of course, the thing is, this being a Ben Edlund penned episode, on the surface it's all a little hair-brained, but at its core, it's very serious.
If everyone gets what they wish for, what will become of the world and society? Look what happens, Hope turns homicidal to protect her crazy brand of love and Todd becomes the bully he's been running from. Let alone Audrey's parent zipping off to Bali, leaving her alone with a giant despondent bear, who can't face a future of nothing but tea parties.
Then there's the whole conversation about the brothers never getting what they wish for, how they never get what they want and have to fight tooth and nail to keep what they have. We see Dean having nightmares and drinking to try and dull his post-Hell pain. Sam's weird wanting Lilith's head on a plate - bloody, wish, which is just"¦.I don't know, always makes me feel so sad for him somehow, because it seems so un-Sam. Then at the end, Dean comes clean about remembering everything that happened to him in the pit, everything. You can see it in his face; hear it in his voice; how damaged he is. It's such a heartbreaking conversation on that pier and it leaves your soul feeling heavy.
And that's the magic. It's such an Edlund thing, the ability to mix the ridiculous with the emotionally powerful. I'm not sure any of the writers can juggle that as adeptly as he can. It's why I love him so and a big reason why I love this episode"¦just when you're feeling all light hearted and giggly; KAPOWEE! EDLUNDED!
Favourite Quote: Every word that comes out of Audrey's mouth. Audrey rocks! I love it when she get's cranky with Dean when he calls her "Little girl", "AUDREY!" She sounds so exasperated. But my favourite quote has to be how she describes her bear.
Audrey: But now he's sad all the time; not "ouch" sad, but ouch-in-the-head sad; says weird stuff, and smells like the bus!
Smells like the bus. That'll never get old.
Favourite Scene: Well, it's almost impossible to choose, because it's filled with terrific scenes and precious moments. But I always love it when Sam and Dean come out of the general store and flop down on that tiny bench, with their knees practically up to their chins, with a baffled look on their faces, trying to figure out what on earth they're dealing with. Then Audrey cycles past and a Busty Asian Beauties falls out of her basket. It's all so silly. I just love that little scene.
"Wishful Thinking" is chocked full of awesome and it's a total, play it when I'm feeling blue, favourite of mine (and not just because I've been to all the locations"¦but I have! Hee!)


# rmoats8621 2013-01-07 23:09
Oh, Alice...we're kindred spirits. On the Head of A Pin is one of my all time favorites along with Point of No Return. To me both of these episodes speak to me so much (actually volumes) about the brothers relationship. I love to go back and play them all the time!
# suzee51 2013-01-07 23:39
Could someone please help me to understand why at the end of "On the Head of a Pin" Castiel refuses to heal Dean? I think his exact words are something like: "I can't" - not "I won't", but "I can't". I have never been able to understand why. Cas has the ability to heal Dean but he chooses not to? Can someone explain this to me? Thank you!
# rmoats8621 2013-01-08 00:07
I think it's because at that time, Cas was still the good soldier and taking his orders from heaven although I believe he was starting to question them. I think upper management (Zachariah) said not to heal Dean and Cas did what he was told even though you could tell he was conflicted by the orders.
# suzee51 2013-01-08 00:48
"Cas was still the good soldier and taking his orders from heaven"

OK, so Cas & Uriel are under orders to get Dean to torture Alistair and find out who is murdering angels. While doing what heaven has asked, Dean gets beaten to a pulp - Dean is Michael's vessel - but Zachariah gives orders NOT to heal Dean?

Does this actually make sense? I am still confused! What would motivate Zach (or any angel) not to heal Michael's vessel while he is injured doing what they demanded of him?

I appreciate your help rmoats8621. Thanks for trying but I guess I am too dense to get this!
# vivian 2013-01-08 08:53
I think Zachariah healed Dean himself, since the next episode is "It's a terrible life", where the boys get their minds scrubed. Another angel manipulation.
# Sylvie 2013-01-08 09:01
Maybe it has something to do with the nature of the demon that tortured Dean. Because Alastair was so powerful, even the angels could not heal someone affected by this? I've always questioned that also Suzee, it was never really properly addressed. Just one of those things that we'll never get an answer to. But what a great episode. One of my favourites for sure.
# Fluffy2107 2013-01-08 10:12
In my mind, Zachariah always ordered Cas not to heal Dean, because he wanted Dean to feel weak.
# suzee51 2013-01-08 10:49
"because he wanted Dean to feel weak."

Thanks, Fluffy! Now that's an idea I never had that really clicks with me! It is consistent with all of Zach's actions and motivation. He would try ANYTHING to force Dean in line.

Gee, now I am wondering (like in Dark Side of the Moon) if Zach wasn't behind loosening the water line bolts instead of Uriel? Perhaps Zach orchestrated this whole scene to work toward his own purpose??? Now that would really make the most sense, no?
# Fluffy2107 2013-01-08 11:12
I´m pretty sure, that was Uriel, but you need to remember, at that point, the goals of Uriel and Zachariah aligned perfectly.

The Angels WANTED Sam to release Lucifer.
They always subtly pushed him in that direction.
Without Lucifer, no big endfight.

And that was both demons and angels wanted.

Only after Dean had been pushed too far and close to breaking point by Alistair, had Uriels purpose been served.
I´m pretty sure, Zachariah knew, who was killing the Angels and silently manipulating him too.

The Angels WANTED Dean to go to Hell.
They didn´t rescue him, before he broke the first seal, because that was exactly the goal.
And if it had taken a thousand years, they wouldn´t have saved him before it happened.

Just the same, as Alistair saying, that John had been so much stronger than Dean had been a lie.
It never was John who was supposed to break the first seal.
It always had to be Dean, because of Sam and the fact, they were brothers.
# E 2013-01-08 19:14
Hi Suzee, Yeah, I always thought that 'Dark Side' was a complete Zachariah mind &@%! if you know what I mean. By the time 'Dark Side' aired Dean had been subjected to three total manipulations orchestrated by Zach 1) It's a Terrible Life, 2) The End 3) Dark Side of the Moon. I was actually disappointed that Dean didn't seem to recognize that he was being played; he had the other two times Zach tried to manipulate him... so why not this time?
# Sylvie 2013-01-08 12:50
Quoting Fluffy:
In my mind, Zachariah always ordered Cas not to heal Dean, because he wanted Dean to feel weak.
You know, that actually makes sense to me. I'm going with your theory, thanks. :-)
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-08 01:23
These lists are making me want to rewatch, not that I need that much of an excuse to watch SPN, but I just don't have the time right now!
sweetondean-I freaking love the teddy bear, definitely something only SPN can pull off. My family thought I was nuts though, because I thought it was just so damn entertaining. I was like "oh look-a seven foot, depressed, drunk, porn-loving teddy bear!" *blank looks and crickets chirping*
Alice-On The Head of a Pin was a masterpiece. I remember being a wreck the first time I watched it. I don't rewatch that often though because it is that intense, so I need to work myself up for it.
Ardeospina-Definitely one of my all-time favourites. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor when Roy and Walt killed Sam and Dean (I still jump, too). I think even I cringed back into my seat a little when Dean said "When I come back." Then I got a little teary eyed at the firworks scene, while at the same time cheering the guest-star list: Chad Lindberg! Traci Dinwiddie! Colin Ford! Samantha Smith! And yeah, the amulet scene broke my heart into little pieces. I still think Sam got it back, though.
# Fluffy2107 2013-01-08 02:55
May I just mention... I hate Zachariah.
I don´t really hate Alistair or Azazel, but Zachariah must be the worst SOB on earth, heaven and hell.
No demon, no monster has done as much damage to the emotional and mental health of the boys, which in my world includes Adam, as this angel.

Which is only made worse, because he´s a freaking angel!
And if you can´t trust those, who are the warriors of good anymore... who can you trust?

Anyways... love your joices! Though I would put On the Head of a Pin alot higher on the list.
That episode just blew me away!
Jensen Ackles was so perfect and Christopher Heyerdahl (aside from being Thor Heyerdahls nephew and causing all sorts of fangirlish squees in me!) was SOOOOOOOOOOO absolutely, beautifully, breathtakingly evil and plain awesome.
Not to talk about the way you could see and feel the doubt creeping into Castiels mind.
Sam´s rage, when Dean was in danger was a thing of beauty too. You rarely see him all protective and possessive, but I love it, when it shows.
And Anna... I loved Anna ^^

I loved the whole episode. Period. It will always be in my Top 5
# Sylvie 2013-01-08 09:55
Ardeospina, I love "Dark Side of the Moon"! When Dean first wakes up in Heaven and he's driving down the road, it was such a beautiful shot, I'm hoping Heaven is actually like that. Only with Pink Floyd playing in the backgroud. :lol: Quote:
I love that Dean said "when." That must have been terrifying for those two. Not if, WHEN. I'm still waiting for the "Dean hunts them down and is pissed" episode.
This right here is why I love Dean Winchester so much. He says pretty much the same thing to Samuel in "Caged Heat" when he's locked in that room, "I'm going to make it out of here, and when I do, I'm going to kill you" (or something to that effect). I would never want to be on the other side of one of those stares! :o
# suzee51 2013-01-08 11:00
"The opening to this episode, with Roy and Walt and them blowing the Winchesters away, was so intense"

Ardeo: You can't forget to mention how incredible Dean's final exchange with Roy was right before Walt blew Dean away! I mean, there are TWO men with shotguns trained on Dean Winchester and they had just murdered his brother. It is so friggin' great that Dean is SO intimidating (using only words) that Roy physically backs away from Dean and can't pull the trigger! Jensen is SO badass in that scene!
# LoveMeSomeDean 2013-01-08 16:52
Still waiting for Dean to meet up with Roy and Walt. :-)
# LoveMeSomeDean 2013-01-08 14:05
My fav if the three is On the Head of a Pin. The emotional range of the actors is unbelievable. Again Jensen says so much without actually speaking. The anguish on Deans face when he tells Cas you can't ask me to do won't like what walks back thru that door. When the torture starts, Deans tells Alistair no matter how much torture he endured in hell he could still dream and this is what Dean would dream of. The look of terror on Alistairs face was perfect.
How heartbroken is Dean when he finds out he broke the fist seal. When Dean tears up I tear up, the emotion he evokes during that scene without saying a word. You can see his thoughts as Alistair tells him what he has done. " We owe it all to you Dean Winchester"

I knew Ruby was evil and Gen's portrayal of Ruby is my favorite. The demon blood totally surprised me. I figured Sam and Ruby were having sex and she was teaching him some major black magic demon mojo. But I never saw the demon blood as his source of power till that episode. Again more was said in the Sam/Ruby scene without words.

It s not often we ever get to see Sam be the protector but this episode finally showed him stepping in to the role. His look of despair while sitting by Deans bedside looking at the monitors again heart wrenching. His tearful demand of Cas " miracle now" and lambasting Cas for Deans injuries.

Final scene Cas " You alright", explains to Dean his true roll in stopping Lucifer.
Dean's speech to Cas...telling Cas he should have left him in hell. Tears streaming, self loathing. " I' m not the man either of our dad's wanted me to be, find someone else it's not me " more tears, omg kills me every time.

This one is in my top five!
# Bevie 2013-01-08 14:58
Yeah, these are all on my top 15 list for sure. All excellent choices and impeccable episodes!

Just disagree a little about the amulet. That little thing still missing is a big part of what's missing in the show. The brotherly love and devotion and TRUST that, if it is coming back, is crawling like a sick snail! I want it back meaning exactly what it did before! That scene with the fireworks just fills my heart with joy for the both of them, and the end just destroys that entirely. :cry: I would never suffer this much for any other show except for these brothers which I love dearly.

Wish they could revisit Heaven, before they go there permanently that is, and meet up with Ash, Ellen, Jo, Andy,mom and dad, Adam, Rufus and of course Bobby.

And "On the Head of a Pin" is just perfection and gut-wrenching in every way. The acting --- what can I say? Perfection from all. Ben Edlund is definitely a genius!

I just need to say that most of these picks are in my top five! Haha! Yes, my top five is huge. :P
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-09 02:16
Yes! These three episodes are amazing, right?! The scene at the end of "On the Head of a Pin" in which Dean tells Cas to find someone else is one of my favorite scenes of the series, and the reveal that Dean broke the first seal floored me. It's a wonder that this one did not make my own top 15! I suppose that overall the episode is flawless for what it is and is perfect within the context of the season, but on its own is a bit slow and heavy with mythology compared with the episodes I ranked higher. Still, everything you've said about it is true, and that makes me want to reconsider!

My #10 episode is "Lazarus Rising", for pretty much all of the reasons Ardeospina gave in her #11 write up. The only thing I would add is that I thought it was one of the most suspensful episodes working up to the introduction of Castiel. Though it crossed my mind that it might be and angel after Pamela was blinded, I must admit I still didn't believe they would go there. But they did, and they owned it.

"You are NOT invited!" - Dean, to "Grumpy"