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I sat down today all ready to write down my New Year's resolutions, yet somehow my drifting mind and wandering fingertips came up with a Top Ten Supernatural Brotherly Moments list instead. Maybe because yesterday was our season one episode marathon and I realized all the really cool brotherly stuff was in the other three seasons. Needless to say, nothing from season one made this list.     
As I usually have done in the past with these lists, I couldn't come up with a solid list without creating a set of rules, disclaimers, quid pro quos and all that jazz. So, before I display this completely arbitrary, subjective, and one person's warped opinion list, below are the limitations. 
Rule #1 "“ The scene in question must involve a conscious and alive Sam and Dean. While the exorcism scene in "Born Under a Bad Sign" was all kinds of awesome, it was Meg not Sam, so its disqualified. Same with Dean's meltdown in "All Hell Breaks Loose Part II." Sam was a corpse. Ditto with Sam crying over Dean's corpse in "No Rest For The Wicked". Did you love the really cool fight scene in "Skin"? I did too, but since that was shapeshifter Dean, it doesn't count. Same for one of my favorite bits, an hallucinated yellow-eyed Sam choking Dean in "Yellow Fever". 
Rule #2 "“ Dean breakdown scenes in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things," "Wishful Thinking," and "Heaven and Hell" are awesome, but a glassy-eyed Sam playing the role of pretty wallpaper behind Dean's speeches of woe doesn't give strength to a "brotherly" moment. The reverse holds true for Sam pouring his heart out in "Houses of the Holy" or crying like a girl at the end of "Heart". I'm looking for something where BOTH brothers either make me laugh or cry.
Rule #3 "“ This is the strongest scenes, not the strongest episodes. For example, "Hell House" has a fantastic string of brotherly moments, but not one prank scene trumps the other, so nothing is listed from that one. 
Okay, I know, get on with it. This post shows an honorable mention and numbers 7-10. On Sunday, I'll unveil the rest. 

Honorable mention: The end of "All Hell Breaks Loose Part II."
When Sam figures out that he died and Dean sold his soul for him, forcing the truth out of Dean (fittingly in front of the Impala), I already had Kleenexes handy for the first half of the episode so luckily I had a few spares for this moment. This was one of the first scenes where Jared and Jensen showcased their new found mastery of using the right silent gestures to take their emotional moments to new heights, turning common dialogue into something incredible. This opened the door for many scenes like this to come in season three and four, with each one getting better and better. 
So why isn't it the top ten? Simple. Bobby and Ellen ruined a touching brotherly moment with "I hope you boys are ready," and then the cheesy ending to Boston with Dean's "We have work to do." That was a mood breaker. 

#10 "“ Mystical Talking Board - "In My Time of Dying"  
This scene gets me every time, and it's all because of the way it's edited. In some shots Dean is there with Sam, showing his point of view, and in the others it's only Sam, showing his point of view. The subtle movements back and forth between these viewpoints are incredible, for we believe they're carrying on a seamless conversation even though Sam can't see or hear Dean. 
Both of Sam and Dean's reactions to this grim situation are perfect. At first they're both amazed that they can actually communicate, and then Dean has the perfect response to every one of Sam's statements. What gets me the most is after Dean spells out "REAP" on the board. Sam's heart is crushed as the reality hits him. "If it's here naturally, there's no way to stop it." Dean responds, "Yeah, you can't kill death." Sam replies, "Man, you're, um," and Dean easily finishes his sentence. "I'm screwed, Sam." Sam refuses to give up and leaves to find an answer. 
In season one their chemistry was perfect, but in season two it was scenes like this that took their relationship to the intuitive. No longer were they the brothers at odds and their loyalty for each other reached a new level. It was a perfect setup for their trials to come in season two in which that loyalty was tested.   

#9 "“ Clinic Scene "“ "Croatoan"
Sam is infected and is waiting to turn into a monster. Dean persistently sends everyone away, and we know he's more than ready to die with Sam because he gives the others the keys to the Impala! A teary Sam begs his brother to save himself and leave, and he's ready to put a bullet in his brain. Normally slamming a fist against the table in frustration is cliché, but when Sam does it after Dean refuses to leave, it so works. Dean's ready to give it all up, for he's tired, and finally mentions a burden he's been carrying since John died. 
Of course it's all interrupted because the crisis is over and turns out Sam's immune, but man did we get some great drama out of that. This scene was so brilliantly acted, and the chemistry between Jensen and Jared reached a pinnacle in this scene that set a new standard for episodes to come. Luckily, we haven't been disappointed. 

#8 "“ Wrestling for money clip on bed "“ "Tall Tales"
I have three siblings folks and trust me, that's the way brothers and sisters argue and settle things. "He touched my stuff" is a very legitimate reason for a fight among siblings. Knowing that, there's no better way to address family conflicts than to tackle your sibling on the bed and wrestle. 
Everything about their argument was classic sibling rivalry, thus making it that more hysterical. Immature, irrational, and flying off the handle over something trivial all without listening to what the other has to say. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of that from Sam and Dean, especially with the close quarters they keep. I was pounding on my brother after one day in a motel. 
It's even a bigger riot watching Jensen and Jared do that. I'm still squealing in between my fits of laughter. It makes me want to fight my brother all over again.   Oh, and take on a pair of Winchester brothers myself. 

#7 "“ The motel confrontation "“ "Metamorphosis"
How could this not be explosive? This was the best setup ever. Dean, tipped off by Castiel, has just caught Sam using his demon powers even though he said he wasn't. What's worse, he finds out Ruby is alive and helping Sam. Dean takes off for a cooling off period, while a bothered Sam waits for him back at the motel. Dean storms in and starts packing, Sam gingerly approaches and Dean punches him! Not once, but twice! Sure, it wasn't the first time Dean punched Sam, but he's never been this angry at him before. 
This long exchange is a treat for those of us who waited four seasons for the brothers to finally openly address Sam's struggle with his abilities. While Dean goes off ("With your mind!"), Sam tearfully does his best to defend his actions. Dean scares him though, a lot, not just by his anger (as witnessed by Dean's smacking a lamp across the room) but when Dean reveals the angels told him to stop him. By the end Sam's a wreck, and Dean's look of betrayal is devastating. 
This scene has everything. Physical, verbal and emotional conflict, with both brothers running through a wide spectrum of emotions, all through incredible dialogue that under no uncertain terms lets us know how heated things are. Other scenes in the episode, like the argument inside and outside of the Impala, complemented this one perfectly, but this scene easily stood out as a defining moment for these two in terms their relationship.   

Coming up, #1-6, and plenty of tear jerking memories.


# Suze 2009-01-03 15:28
Mmmm ... Spot on so far, I wish you hadn't mentioned Motel Bed Winchester Wrestling as I got all dreamy and distracted and burnt the toast.
I'll have to take your word for the awesomeness of the last one as my dodgy download stalled at the critical moment and treated me to a pixillated view of someones elbow for 5 minutes, although the background shouting sounded very tense and nuanced I was too busy thumping the moniter and screaming to really appreciate the finer points of the soundtrack!
Silver lining though ... ITV2's 2009 taster ad definitly had Supernatural snippets in with the dross so I'll get to watch season 4 on proper telly at some point. :D
Happy New Year!
# LindsayW 2009-01-04 10:52
I want more, Alice! Post 1-6!!! :-)
# Nicole 2009-01-04 11:40
# lexwang 2009-01-04 13:12
AWESOME WRITEUP! Perfect on every one! In the Croatoan eppy, one of the best lines, IMO, is Dean saying, "For the last time, Sam, No." That totally brought home to me Dean's devotion and love for his brother, no matter what!

Can't wait to see the rest! More, please :lol:
# Suze 2009-01-09 08:35
Thanks! You spoil us, you really do! Definitly awesome and not an elbow in sight ... but please tell me that the moving pictures weren't there at the begining though or I'm going to feel an utter pratt ...
# Suze 2009-01-09 16:25
Fine idea. I don't know about season 2 as I did have that one on disc (sniff) but 3 and 4 are out there on the torrents if you rummage about a bit so I bet 2 is too, if you wanted to save a bit of time ... Probably teaching one's Grandmother to suck eggs, sorry!