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"Supernatural" is known for it's use of classic rock, mullet rock, pretty much any rock, and the fans love it.  But which 10 musical moments are the best?  Here are my 10 favorite uses of music in season 1.

I should point out that these aren't necessarily my favorite songs of the season, though I do like most of them.  These are the 10 best, coolest, funniest, most moving uses of music from the first season.  For example, I actually really don't like AC/DC.  At all.  Just can't stand them.  But I can appreciate how appropriate much of their music is to the show.  I've tried to find YouTube clips with the actual part from the episode, but they weren't all available, so I'll embed a video with all the music from season 1 and tell you the time of the one in question. All right, enough blather.  On with the list!

Honorable mention: Song: "Carry On Wayward Son"
Artist: Kansas
Episode: "Salvation"
It's an honorable mention because it's not in the episode per se, but it's a "Supernatural" staple, so it's got to be here somewhere!  Note that in season 1, this was the song for the recap in the second-to-last episode, not the season finale.  Also note that the title of the song doesn't have a "my" in there.  The lyric does, but the title doesn't!  Fun fact.

10. Song: "All Right Now"
Artist: Free
Episode: "Skin"
It got a little formulaic to have a song playing at the episode as the boys drove away, but I didn't mind this one so much.  (Song starts at 3:50)

9. Song: "Some Kind of Monster"
Artist: Metallica
Episode: "Phantom Traveler"
Dean hums Metallica to calm himself down.  Of course he does.

8. Song: "Back In Black"
Artist: AC/DC
Episode: "Pilot"
It's been used a few times on the show, but it's absolutely perfect for the Impala.

7. Song: "Fire of Unknown Origin"
Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Episode: "Hell House"
I just love it when Dean sings in the car because when you spend that much time in a vehicle, you're going to be singing at least 75% of the time, so it's pretty adorable when we get to see it.

6. Song: "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
Artist: Filter
Episode: "Skin"
It's not the normal music for the show, but I like this song, and I really liked how they used it in this episode.  Very appropriate.


# melinda_rose9 2012-09-19 23:04
Great list! I wish they used music like they used to in the earlier seasons. I want to add "Fight the Good Fight" by Triumph - a good representation of what the brothers are about through song interpretation.

One note though - Supernatural used The Rolling Stones song "Play with Fire" in the season 6 finale. So they have 2 songs featured though I wish it were more. "Paint it Black" would be perfect for a season opener "The Road So Far" montage.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-19 23:10
Oh, man, I totally forgot about The Stones in season 6! Thanks for the reminder! I also wish desperately for "Paint It Black" to be used on the show. I love that song.
# melinda_rose9 2012-09-19 23:15
I totally freaked out when I heard "Play with Fire" on that season was so perfect and haunting and I was shocked that they could afford a Stones song in the first place.

Do you think they don't use music as much anymore becuase of the royalty costs?
# LEAH D 2012-09-20 12:43
Erick Kripke said a few years ago that they had to lose a lot of the music due to the budget. The higher royalty costs presumably.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:27
I think it's a budget thing, like Leah said. They just can't afford to have as much music now, so they have to pick carefully and make it count.
# MisterGlass 2012-09-20 21:39
I have to throw some more support behind "Paint it Black", and a little for "Let it Bleed", both songs I think Supernatural could rock.
# suzee51 2012-09-20 00:08
Oh, Ardeo, baby! I love you. I respect you. I love reading your articles. But how could you?!

"For example, I actually really don't like AC/DC. At all. Just can't stand them. "

Say it ain't so!

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY rocks like AC/DC.

Enough said! 8)
# Sylvie 2012-09-20 14:00
Oh yeah, I know what you mean. No one rocks like AC/DC.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:30
Suzee, I love you, too, but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. LOTS of people rock more than AC/DC!

Here's the thing about me and bands: I have to like the lead singer's voice. If I don't, then I can't like the band no matter what kind of music backs it up. And I don't like any of their singers' voices. I also don't like Journey or Aerosmith for these reasons. I don't care for the Steves. Blasphemy, I know!
# suzee51 2012-09-20 18:30
Suzee, I love you, too, but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. LOTS of people rock more than AC/DC!
Love you to pieces, Ardeo, and yes I will "agree to disagree".

But the best rock n' roll music is NOT something one listens to. The best rock n' roll is something that one feels. It's visceral - and you feel it clear to your soul!

Rock on!
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 19:55

But the best rock n' roll music is NOT something one listens to. The best rock n' roll is something that one feels. It's visceral - and you feel it clear to your soul!
I 100% agree with you! Which is why I don't listen to AC/DC, et.c. because they don't move me. Music is so subjective! Led Zeppelin, though...right in the feels!
# Gwen 2012-09-20 03:48
Fabulous list! I love all those choices. My favourite music moments would also include 'Ramblin' Man' by the Allman Brothers Band and Highway To Hell by AC/DC, both from The Pilot and Road To Nowhere by Ozzy Osbourne from Something Wicked.

My absolute favourites, though, are 'Laugh, I Nearly Died' from Bloody Mary (the pairing of the song and the scene was just perfect ) and Carry On My Wayward Son.
# Jo1027 2012-09-20 08:31
Renegade by Styx at the end of Folsum Prison Blues was the best use of music on the show IMO.
The drums, then Dean says "we are so screwed", than Tommy Shaw screams "Yeah" and the song kicks in. Love it!
Liked the rest of your list.
# Swapnil 2012-09-20 11:17
Renegade by Styx was used at the end of NightShifter , not Folsom Prison Blues.
# Jo1027 2012-09-20 14:25
Renegade by Styx was used at the end of NightShifter , not Folsom Prison Blues.
Yeah, you're right. Sorry about that.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:31
And rest assured, it will be making an appearance in my season 2 list!
# Ginger 2012-09-20 10:31
What? You don't like ACDC. You're joking, right? Loved Highway to Hell in the Pilot. On my end, Carry On Wayward Son is not my favorite (Kansas, in fact, is not my favorite) but it is iconic for SPN and I hope it is still used.

My only comment is that I did not like them reusing Bad Moon Rising for a guest star (Frank) dying in S7's Out With the Old.

I think the show has lost a lot of tone with not using more classic rock these days. I miss Kripke's input in that respect, since a lot of the early songs choices came from Kripke's personal collection. (*sigh* - longing for the good old days).
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:33
Totally not joking about AC/DC. I actually don't like most of the mullet rock bands that Dean favors, but I can appreciate the use of the music on the show.

Yeah, that kind of sucked, the re-use of "Bad Moon Rising," but we'll just pretend that never happened.
# Sylvie 2012-09-20 14:09
Love your choices, thank you for including In-A-Gadda-Da-V ida. That song was used to great effect in "Manhunter" at the end of the movie and it's still pretty damn creepy in "Skin".

I feel about Rush the same way you feel about AC/DC, but there was one song that was playing when the Impala is roaring down the road, I don't know which episode it was, but it was a great song for that visual.

I understand how expensive the royalties are for classic rock, but I hope we get some good ones in season 8.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:34
It's super creepy in "Skin"! An excellent choice.

I'm with you on Rush. Also, Styx, which will make an appearance in my season 2 list with "Renegade," and I'm guessing lots of people will be disagreeing with my dislike of the band at that time, lol.
# janiebee64 2012-09-20 14:59
As many times as I've heard "Carry On, Wayward Son" I have never noticed that they say my while singing. That changes the whole song for me. Now everytime I hear it I will imagine John and this being his message to the boys. Especially since they have played it every season from the beginning. It is definitely a perfect song for this show. Thanks for pointing that out..interesting!!!
Take care,
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:35
You're very welcome! Happy to bring another level to that song for you.
# LEAH D 2012-09-20 15:26
I miss all the great music from the early years so much. My favorite from S1 was Bad Co./Scarecow. So perfect. All good music but that one stands out. In later seasons I also loved Renegade/Nights hifter.,The song they played at the end of Fresh Blood when Dean is with Sam, showing Sam how to take care of the Impala. I can't remember the name of it but the poignancy of that scene made it work. Also loved the 1st entrance of Death in that slow motion scene. Great scene/music. If anyone can help me out with the names and artists of those songs I would greatly appreciate it!
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 16:37
You've chosen some good ones! I'm going to be going through all the seasons and picking my favorite music choices (Death's entrance will definitely be on there in season 5).

In the meantime, the Super-Wiki has a great list of music by episode. You can find it here.
# LEAH D 2012-09-20 17:11
Thank you so much Ardeospina, can't wait for your future choices in other seasons!
# PaintedWolf 2012-09-21 03:23
Leah, that entrance scene by Death is probably the best character inroduction in the show, IMO. The song was haunting, and the whole scene was so beautifully put togther. It gives me chills every time I watch it.
# Sylvie 2012-09-21 12:36
I love that song, even though it's kind of depressing. It's an old Irish song, I downloaded it to my iPod. I even listen to it when I'm jogging! Maybe it's a way to keeping Death at bay!
# Bevie 2012-09-20 18:05
Great list Ardeo!

I'm different from everyone I think, as before Supernatural, I didn't care for ANY classic rock except Elvis and the Beatles.

NOW, I love all of it! And it is all because of Supernatural I have accumulated a ton of the rock from the show on my iTunes. Yes, I love ACDC Back in Black and Road to Hell etc. They all fit so perfectly into the show. If only they could afford Led Zeppelin too! I miss the lack of it now.

You can teach an old dog new likes obviously! 8) :D
# Bevie 2012-09-20 18:07
I believe that should have been Highway to Hell. Oh, well, I am a newbie! :sigh:
# Ardeospina 2012-09-20 19:57
"Highway or Road To Hell." New song! I also wish they could afford Led Zeppelin. Maybe for the series finale, when that happens years from now?
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2012-09-22 20:21
Hi Sylvie, Bevie & Ardeospina,

I had to laugh because comments from both Sylvie & Bevie rang so true for me. My husband tried for years, in vain, to turn me on to classic rock. Then, I watch a few episodes of Supernatural and I'M TOTALLY HOOKED! It's all on my iPod. I run to it every weekend, even O' Death.

Music is key to all TV shows, but maybe it's extra important to Supernatural because so much of it is so recognizable already.

Maybe that helps to explain why each season turns into music genre for me. After my country song article, I'm just waiting to hear Willie Nelson or Dolly Parton or someone like that on the show. Which would be very, very weird!

Great article Ardeospina! :-)
# MisterGlass 2012-09-20 21:53
This is a great idea Arde, and I look forward to articles on the other seasons!

I love anytime that Dean sings along because it shows his passion for music, and singing Metallica in Phantom Traveler was awesome. It is kind of interesting that he would like a song like "Fire of Unknown Origin".

My favorite Season 1 music use however must be "Bad Moon Rising." What a finale.

Much as AC/DC fits the show, I understand entirely that it isn't for everyone, and especially the vocals, as you commented above. I know a few people who dislike Zeppelin because of the lead vocal, but for me, it rocks.

My favorite use of AC/DC's music in the show thus far is actually the Season 5 opening montage, with "Thunderstruck" . I think "Razor's Edge" would be another good one for the show.
# suzee51 2012-09-20 23:41
My favorite use of AC/DC's music in the show thus far is actually the Season 5 opening montage, with "Thunderstruck".
MisterGlass: I absolutely agree that the Season 5 opening montage is hands down the very best opening montage of the entire series. The music perfectly complements the action sequences and stunning special effects clips. Every time I see that montage I am completely blown away by how good it is!

But I have to ask . . . your "favorite use of AC/DC's music in the show thus far"? I loved the montage too, but for the entire run of the show are you sure you favor that opening montage over the return of the Impala in Season 2 with Back in Black?

Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes I'm, let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I keep looking at the sky
'Cause it's getting me high
Forget the herse 'cause I'll never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Usin' every one of them and running wild
'Cause I'm back

Talk about song lyrics that perfectly complement and enhance the action! That is perfection as far as I am concerned, and for my money truly the best use of AC/DC music in the entire series. Just my opinion . . .
# PaintedWolf 2012-09-21 03:32
Suzee, I think I agree with you here. I freaking love that scene. It gets a cheer from me, no matter how many times I watch it. Oh, and all those glory shots of the Impala...I think it reminded me early on of how the show just isn't quite the same without Baby!
# MisterGlass 2012-09-21 21:25
Suzee51, that is one awesome scene, and the song fits perfectly. The two are so close for me I'd be willing call it a tie.

I think part of my slight preference for the montage is the mindset I was in when I first watched it. I was so excited to see how the last incredibly frustrating jaw-dropping cliffhanger was going to spin into the new season, and when Thunderstruck started that amped up the energy even higher.

I loved the return of the Impala, and Baby looked fabulous, but there was not the same underlying tension behind the scenes.
# PaintedWolf 2012-09-21 03:27
MisterGlass, I alway thought For Those About To Rock would be a good one for the show, too. The words don't necessarily fit, but it has that build up at the beginning that I think would work quite well for an opening montage.
# MisterGlass 2012-09-21 21:30
PaintedWolf, I agree that would be a good choice. It's almost low key for AC/DC. I think the lyrics fit well in some places.

We are the dealers
We'll give you everything you need
Hail hail to the good times
'cause rock has got the right of way
We ain't no legend, ain't no cause
We're just livin' for today
# Ardeospina 2012-09-21 16:08
Dean singing along is a personal favorite of mine, too. It's just so damn adorable. Plus, I sing along in the car all the time. Who doesn't?

Fun fact: "Thunderstruck" was the first song I ever heard on "Supernatural" because the Season 5 premiere was the first episode I watched. I captioned it at work, and thought it was pretty awesome that a TV show was using classic rock, even if I don't like AC/DC.
# MisterGlass 2012-09-21 21:39
It is adorable! I agree, Singing in the car is a must.

What a song, and episode, to come in on! My first Supernatural song was "Heat of the Moment," which was definitely memorable :-)
# eilf 2012-09-20 23:13
I know I am outnumbered on this because everyone seems to love 'In-A-Gadda-Da- Vida' at the beginning of 'Skin' but the song that replaces it on Netflix is great too (Good Deal by 'Mommy and Daddy') - and for me fits better with the way the opening sequence works. It is the only time I ever went out and bought a song I heard on a TV show...

And 'Don't Fear the Reaper'? Just perfect!
# Ardeospina 2012-09-21 16:08
Wait, wait, wait. They replace songs on the Netflix versions????? No flipping way!
# MisterGlass 2012-09-21 21:40
I've heard they do that in the early seasons streamed from Amazon, though I haven't watched them. I can't imagine the show with different music.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-21 22:13
Ugh, that sucks! The fans who haven't seen the DVD versions are missing out!
# eilf 2012-09-22 00:24
I bought the DVDs and I have Netflix and I have to admit when it comes to Skin I watch it all the way through on Netflix and for Faith (because they swap out DFTR) I only watch it on DVD. I haven't noticed any other changes though I believe there are more than just those 3 songs that are changed.

BTW can anyone tell me, cause I can't tell, are we supposed to like the Asia song in 'Mystery Spot' ?
# Ardeospina 2012-09-22 01:18
They swap out "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" in "Faith"? THAT IS BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!

I certainly don't like "Heat of the Moment." Personally, it's always been comedic effect for me. I have no idea if other people actually like it, but I don't!
# eilf 2012-09-22 10:06
I KNOW! 100% with you on that. Along with 'Born to be Wild' it was a song that as soon as I heard the intro in the scene I was totally thrilled! (boy, I am easily entertained....)

Thanks for the Asia info (I know it is in the wrong season), I am pretty good with what musical cues are supposed to mean but as there is a lot of the rock in the show that really doesn't do it for me I honestly couldn't tell. In Groundhog Day 'I got you babe' was easier because it is a song that you can say you don't like but sneakily you do really (I actually do)...but hearing it every day for all eternity would drive you mad.
With the Asia song the word 'shone' the way they pronounce it would have me throwing the radio against the wall on day two...and every other day afterwards.
# Rin 2013-02-08 09:02
Do you know the song they swapped DFTR for in the Netflix version? Because I have been searching high and low for it and I can't find it.
# TaraJordan 2013-06-01 13:51
Yes, they do. The first time I realized this was when I went searching for a song played in "Skin," and everywhere I looked, the lists said "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter. I KNEW it was NOT that song, and I was so confused why so many people would say that was the song! Then someone told me it's because they don't pay royalties for some of the songs that get streamed.

FYI: The song I wanted, and finally found, is called "Mary" by The Death Riders, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. You can YouTube it if you want to listen.
# PaintedWolf 2012-09-21 03:17
Great picks Ardeospina!

Season 1 had some pretty awesome music! Along with all your picks, I also loved Fight The Good Fight by Triumph. I listened to the entire song after I heard it on the show. The words are quire appropriate. Also, I enjoyed Ozzy Osbourne's Road To Nowhere at the end of Something Wicked.
My favourite, though (and probably one of my favourites of the entire series) was Laugh, I Nearly Died.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-21 16:09
Ozzy Osbourne probably would have made an appearance if the list were over 10, but alas, he had to go.
# anonymousN 2012-09-21 03:42
The show started with greenday (one of my favourite songs of greenday) I walk a lonely road.I will just say till this show i had not heard of AC/DC . I had seen it on some t-shirts but thought it had to do something with electricity.Alm ost all the songs were new to me like carry on my wayward son,everything by AC/Dc and supernatural opened up a new world in music for me which i enjoyed.
# Ardeospina 2012-09-21 16:10
Ah ha ha ha ha, I LOVE the idea of people wearing random AC/DC t-shirts in reference to electricity instead. It's like a vicious Edison/Tesla shirt showdown.
# LEAH D 2012-09-21 18:00
anonymousN-Very entertaining comment :)
# MisterGlass 2012-09-21 21:42
Ha, that's that same thing I thought the first time I saw an AC/DC shirt.
# Adina 2012-09-27 15:00
This show had so many awesome music moments, I compiled them into a list:

I included "Memorable Scenes" - no recaps on my list, because they don't count. (Except for CARRY ON, for obvious reasons.)

Also, The Stones were used in one other scene- Season 6, The Man Who Knew Too Much (song: "Play With Fire") when we're inside Sam's head.

Great list, though--you grabbed some that I didn't feel were memorable enough for me!