It's Misha Collins' 38th birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than a Top 10 list?  I know!  A Top 11 list!  To thank him for giving us the amazing Castiel, here are my favorite 11 Castiel lines.  Cass has some great dialogue, so it was pretty hard to narrow this down to just 11.  And I'm sure everyone has their own favorites that don't match up with mine, so put them in the comments section!

11. Well, you know me.  I'm always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.
I know he's being a little snarky here, but it's also the truth.  Well, he might not be HAPPY about bleeding for them, but he's willing to do it anyway.  This is basically a two-sentence summary of Castiel right here.

10. I'm not a hammer, as you say.  I have questions.  I have doubts.
I love this line because it's really the first time we see Castiel admit that he has his own thoughts and emotions, that he's beginning to think for himself instead of just doing what he's told.  It's a pivotal moment for his character.  Saying it out loud makes it real.

SPN 0543

9. This is a den of iniquity.  I should not be here.
Aw, poor Cass!  He's so freaked out about being in the whorehouse!  Bless.  Also, "den of iniquity" is the best name for a brothel ever.

8. It actually means "you breed with the mouth of a goat."  It's funnier in Enochian.
Look how proud he is of his joke!  It's actually pretty funny in English, too, Cass.  Dean and Sam were just in pissy moods.

7. We had an appointment.
I love this because it's just so Cass.  No big deal, he just traveled through time to save Dean from Zachariah.  It's nothing.  Typical dependable Cass...pre-Leviathan version.

6. Freedom is a length of rope.  God wants you to hang yourself with it.
I might have literally gasped when he said this because it was so damn heartbreaking.  After everything he did in the name of free will, after how desperately he believed that heaven would be better if the angels could make their own choices, it hurt to hear him so disillusioned.


5. Castiel: I found a liquor store. 
Sam: And? 
Castiel: And I drank it.

I laughed so hard at this.  I just...the image of Cass literally drinking an entire liquor store is hilarious.  If I was the clerk inside that store and this guy came in and started drinking every bottle in there, I would just slow-clap him.  You couldn't even get mad at that, right?  You'd have to be impressed.

4. Yeah, well, we're making it up as we go.
Castiel has rebelled, and now he's declaring his independence.  This line becomes even more important in light of what we learned about Chuck at the end of season 5.  If Chuck is God, then Cass is basically telling God to shove his plan because he and the Winchesters are going to do it their way, consequences be damned.


3.  Maybe one day, but today you're my little bitch.
This was the BAMFiest thing Castiel has ever said, in my opinion.  Raphael is super scary, but Cass just oozes confidence and puts Raphael in his place.  You tell him, Cass!  Not even Dean could come up with anything better.

2. Hey, ass-butt!
As far as insults go, it's not a very good one.  But it sure was effective, and it's really memorable.  Also, adorable because hey, he tried!  The absolute best part about this scene, though, is when Dean calls him on it and Castiel kind of shrugs and gets this look on his face like, "yeah, I know.  It was stupid.  Shut up."  Ass-butt.  Hee!

1. I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.
This is the quintessential Castiel line right here.  It's the first thing he ever says on the show, and it's his most memorable line hands down.  If there's one line of dialogue people associate with Castiel, it's this one.

And there's my list!  What did you think?  What favorites of yours did I leave off?  Tell me in the comments section!  And happy birthday, Misha!