Today is Misha Collins' 37th birthday.  Happy birthday, Misha!  So, in order to help him celebrate, I've put together a list of the Top 11 Castiel Moments.  Because nothing says "birthday" like a list!

This was pretty difficult to put together, actually, because Castiel's awesome pretty much all the time.  How do you choose just 10 moments as the best ones?  You don't!  You put in 11 and then a bonus one and rules be damed! Inevitably, there's something amazing I've missed anyway, so I'm counting on all of you to tell me so in the comments section.  Let's get this started, shall we?

Bonus: Future!Cass follows Dean to the bitter end in "The End"

I put this one in as a bonus because Future!Cass wasn't technically real, so I didn't want to judge his actions against what real Cass has done.  But I couldn't leave him out, either, because Future!Cass was such a fascinating glimpse into what could happen if he fell for good.  He was cynical, bitter, high.  He laughed and had sex and was pretty much the complete opposite of everything we had seen from Castiel so far, except for the fact that he still fought for Dean.  He didn't like the plan and probably knew that he was going to his death, but he went anyway, because Dean asked him to.  And that more than anything showed that underneath it all, he was still Cass.

11. Meg is a convenient escape plan in "Abandon All Hope"

This was such a badass moment.  Getting stuck in a ring of holy oil by Lucifer is pretty much on the bottom of any angel's to-do list, but Cass manages to keep his cool and work a bolt free from some heavy-looking overhead duct work.  Now all that's left is to wait for a monologuing demon to step into the right position and wham!  Meg is a great character, but I love seeing her get some comeuppance here as Cass just lets her burn as he literally walks over her.  Awesome.

10. Switching the sacrifice blood in "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Boy, I did not see this one coming.  I really didn't know what Cass was going to do or how the whole purgatory thing was going to play out. But when Raphael and Crowley went through their ritual and nothing happened, only to find out that Cass had pulled a fast one and switched out the blood they needed, that was stellar.  Who knew Cass had it in him to be so crafty?  I think even Crowley was impressed.  Of course, the whole thing pretty much backfired and Cass got soul-hungry and is a god now or whatever, but still, that moment where he revealed the blood switch was excellent.

9. Agent Castiel, FBI in "Free to Be You And Me"


Not all attempts to make Cass the comic relief work, but for my money, this was one of the most successful efforts.  Poor angel.  He was really trying to do his best and be an FBI Agent, but he just had no idea what to do.  From the upside-down badge to the overly loud whispering about demons, he just really didn't get it.  But he was so earnest in the attempt that it ended up being really sweet anyway.  And damn funny.

8. Cass expresses his doubts in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

This was only the fourth episode Castiel was in, and the first three painted him as an angel who was sympathetic to the Winchesters' cause but was still heaven's soldier and would do what was necessary to stop the apocalypse.  So for him to come to Dean at the end of the episode and express that he was having doubts about heaven's plan, that he was rooting for Dean and wanted him to succeed, well, that was pretty huge.  That moved him from rogue angel to probable ally, and it was the start of the deepening friendship between Dean and Cass.

7. Three demons bite the dust in "The Man Who Would Be King"

This was so super badass.  It's awesome when Cass gets to go all BAMF, and this was one of his finest kickass moments.  Two demons in your way?  Smite them both!  And how do you follow an excellent smiting?  With an even more excellent smiting!  Who cares if that demon is trying to smoke out of its vessel?  Smite it anyway!  Vengeful wrath at its finest.

6. "We had an appointment" in "The End"

Talk about best timing ever!  Stubborn old Dean hadn't learned the lesson Zachariah wanted him to during his trip to the future, so what's left to do but send Dean back again and again until he does?  It's a frightening prospect.  How many times can Dean watch his brother be Lucifer, watch his brother kill him before he snaps?  Blessedly, before Zachariah is able enact his nefarious plan, Cass shows up and brings Dean back to the past.  He told Dean he'd wait for him, and he did.  It was just such a wonderfully Cass thing to do.

5. Cass blasts four angels, including himself, into oblivion in "Point of No Return"

This moment was pretty amazing, but it was pretty heartbreaking, too.  I mean, before he went into the warehouse to fight off those angels, he basically tells Dean he'd rather die than watch him fail.  Ouch.  Because, really, Cass has no idea what's going to happen to him when he blasts himself away with that sigil.  But he knows Sam and Dean have to get into that green room to rescue Adam and thwart Zachariah, so he takes the box cutter and goes to work.  Of all the lessons he's learned from the Winchesters, he's taken self-sacrifice to heart most.

4. Cass breaks Dean out of the green room in "Lucifer Rising"

This whole scene was amazing, from showing up unexpectedly to slamming Dean against the wall to blowing Zachariah away with the sigil to revealing that Lilith was the final seal to zapping Dean the hell out of Dodge.  It was probably one of the biggest "hell, yeah!" moments of the entire season.  Cass chose humanity, and Dean in particular, over heaven in a last-ditch effort to save the world.  We'll just gloss over the fact that it didn't work out so well...

3. "Hey, assbutt!" in "Swan Song"

Best way to lighten an incredibly tense situation ever.  I mean, assbutt is such a horrible insult, but it's so perfectly Castiel; close but just not quite.  And yet again, it's a self-sacrificing moment for him as he follows that wonderful insult with a holy oil Molotov that gets rid of Michael but earns him instantaneous death at the hands of Lucifer.

2. The Conversation in "The Man Who Would Be King"

You all know the one I'm talking about; the heart-wrenching scene at the end of the episode.  It's their breakup scene, really.  And I realize that they aren't a couple, but you don't have to be a couple to break up with someone.  These two are family.  They're friends.  Those are both relationships you can break from.  At this point in both their lives, neither one has a lot of family or friends just lying around to take the place of one lost.  In this scene, they both lay it all on the line.  They each believe wholeheartedly that they are right, that if the other one just trusts them, everything will be all right, it will all work out.  But neither can make their way to the other's point of view, and they can't find common ground, either.  They're sorry that it came to this, but each will do what they have to do now, regardless of the consequences.  It's ruinous, for them and for the viewer.

1. Castiel comes forth in "Lazarus Rising"

I mean, let's face it: this is one badass character introduction.  When I saw this episode for the first time, I had no idea what was happening, but I knew it was huge.  On this show, things don't just swat away a rock-salt blast and Ruby's knife to the chest like they were flies.  But Castiel did.  And then just when things couldn't get any crazier, wings!  Angel of the Lord in the house!  And that's when all the viewers knew Dean's life would never be the same.

And there we have it!  What are your favorite Castiel moments?  What did I miss?  Why isn't it September 23rd already so we can get some resolution to God!Castiel?