As many of you know, I am expecting my first baby in October.  (In fact, Alice has started a betting pool on when I'll deliver, so check out the forums and weigh in.  There's even a prize involved!)  And since I have my priorities straight, this kid is going to need some "Supernatural" baby gear to wear!  So in honor of the soon-to-be "Supernatural" fan in our household, here are the Top 7 Baby T-shirt Ideas I whipped up on a lark.


An homage to the great Bobby Singer.


I bet Sam and Dean wish they had a fake Colt to practice with.


"I will fear no mommy...until I get old enough to start misbehaving when mommy suddenly becomes terrifying because she can put me in time-out."


If my kid loves pie as much as Dean does, this may be the first sentence I hear.


Because I love Castiel and couldn't resist.  Lots of shirts say Mommy or Daddy's Little Angel, so why not distinguish yourself?  To be worn on Thursdays, naturally.


The two most important babies in anyone's life.


Because, really, aren't all kids Tricksters in training? (Note: I did not draw that picture.  It's a screencap that I ran through a pencil drawing filter on my photo-editing software.  But it looks pretty darn cool!)

There you have it!  Those are my Top 7 "Supernatural" t-shirt ideas for my baby.  What's your favorite?  Got any ideas for me?