#4 - The Ghostfacers
Huh? WTF? These guys aren't evil, or malicious, or have even tried to hurt (intentionally) a sole. So why are they on the list? Simple, this list is all about antagonists. Sometimes they’re not creepy and can be funny. In this case, they’re funny and completely freaking clueless. The Ghostfacers, aka Hellhounds, aka Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, are the anti-Winchesters. They hold day jobs at the Kinkos while ghost hunting at night, live with their parents (once the sweet setup at the trailer park didn't pan out), hunt ghosts for fame instead of benefitting the world and drive their own not-so-classic-car, the beloved blue AMC Gremlin.
If it weren't for the fact that these guys were complete idiots, their actions would seem morally reprehensible and shady to say the least. However, they fall on the side of comic relief, so we chuckle over their amusing little www.hellhoundslair.com website helping bolster the creature that hung a teenager in the basement of the previously not haunted house. Or how about going into Morton house on February 29th with more cameras than weapons without taking a page from the Sam and Dean Winchester school of thorough research? 
What makes The Ghostfacers antagonists the most are their motives. These guys hunt ghosts for profit and notoriety, which ends up to the detriment of the Winchesters, if not the others around them.  They really have no clue what they're up against and don’t want to get one.  Rather than learn from their ordeal at Morton house, they stay true opportunists and exploit Corbett's death so their pilot could honor is memory yet be sensationalistic. 
I know, I'm being too harsh. They’re good guys. For one, ignorance is bliss, so they also don't carry the deep emotional scars the Winchesters do. Second, these guys are pretty funny. I laugh at their stupidity, especially when Harry implored Ed to “be gay for that poor dead Intern.” That scene actually ends up being very touching, and for one brief glimpse shows growth from these previously stagnant personalities.  
Then there's the irony of their humorous online instructional video on ghost hunting that actually helps the memory ridden Winchesters get back to their normal ways.  Is this  redemption? Perhaps, but I see the Ghostfacers coming along in the future and bungling another ghost problem in the name of profit, no thanks to those “douchenozzles” the Winchesters. After all, that's what antagonists do.


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