#5 - The Trickster

I can’t explain what The Trickster did for us in just two episodes, but he became iconic. Sure, the episodes were two of the more talked about ones but still, for someone with such a deadly sense of humor, he managed to win us over. Of course, it helps when that twisted sense of mischief comes with amusing Demi-God abilities and the same love of chocolate that appeals to us sometimes hormonally challenged female viewers. Move over Q from Star Trek:TNG, this Demi-God is more fun.

The Trickster, like Count Dracula, is another one of those borderline antagonists. We question if he really uses his powers for good or evil, but no one can really mess with someone's head in a more powerful and creative way. Often the results are downright hilarious.   But as funny as a staged alien abduction complete with horrifying forced slow dance is in “Tall Tales” or the cartoonish ways that Dean meets his demise in "Mystery Spot," the ugly woman throwing the professor out the window and the alligator in the sewer gag did resort in death. That's a no-no according to the Winchester code of conduct.   

The Trickster’s powers of illusion helped him escape death in his first Winchester encounter, but it's in "Mystery Spot" where he moved from one dimensional villain to a mastermind with intentions that aren’t necessarily malicious. His methods, yes, but not his intentions. By targeting Sam and his fragile mindset over Dean's imminent death, he gets payback, some good laughs, and a chance teach Sam the lesson of how harmful life can be if he doesn't let go. Too bad the last part of the plan didn't work. One could theorize he let the almost year long alternate reality with Sam go farther than intended to see if Sam would finally see the light. When Sam didn't, he gave up.  Stubborn Winchesters. Interesting how that parallels to when Sam wouldn’t let go of the Lilith vendetta in season four. While it hasn’t become the death of him, it hasn’t done humanity any good. 

You've gotta love the methods to The Trickster’s madness. He's one outrageous demi-God and one we’d love to see back.  Plus, Richard Speight Jr. is a seasoned actor who knows how to put some depth into a trivial character. The Trickster could have just been some ass clown and left like that. Thankfully we got so much more. Below is my absolute favorite Trickster scene, as I’m sure everyone else’s.


Oh, and as a bonus, here are pictures of me and Richard Speight Jr. at the Creation Con in Cherry Hill.  I'll give you a hint, he's not the drunken redhead. 

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