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#6 – Dark Angels
Okay, Uriel’s not your typical white fluffy cloud angel. Of course NONE of them are. Uriel rubs us the wrong way from the beginning, but that’s the point.  He’s the badass angel, the eradicator not afraid to wipe out a civilization or two. After all, that’s his job as “specialist” and he loves his work. His bitter contempt for humans (aka mud monkeys) make his job way easier, plus that hatred means he doesn’t have to worry about hurting feelings of disillusioned humans like Sam who previously believed angels were merciful. He gets a sick delight in showing otherwise. 
Despite his lack of personal skills, he’s an angel right? One of God’s warriors and considering God prefers humans over angels, he has an obligation to protect them, right? Hell no. What happened to Uriel has been told constantly in biblical canon and other apocrypha. Angels have turned bad on their own and their disobedience is considered to be an unforgiveable sin. Another unforgivable sin, killing other angels, which he shares that only an angel can do. That instantly revokes his membership in the holy rollers club. It also gets him killed by another disobedient angel whose morals are a little more human friendly. She did bang a Winchester after all!   
Uriel, despite his shortcomings, had a soft spot for Castiel though. They were together in the trenches for over 2,000 years and Uriel in the end pleaded him to join him in welcoming their brother Lucifer back to the world. Uriel was pretty stupid in judging character though, for if he really knew Castiel, he would have known that Cas wouldn’t buy into that freeing Lucifer crap and chosen to stick with God. Which he did.
Robert Wisdom is a perfect choice for the dark angel, and he brought so much depth to a character that all in all didn’t get a lot of screen time. When he was on screen though, you knew it. 
On the other side is Zachariah, played by equally compelling Kurt Fuller. Zachariah has the potential to be the new season five big bad, but in season four, his presence was just menacing enough to earn a mention alongside the other angel with the ominous agenda. Zachariah's displeasure at the human race is just as bad as Uriel's, but his behavior mirrors a sly new car salesman rather than a sheer brute. Despite the harsh contrast with Uriel, their goals were the same. Free Lucifer at all costs, no matter if human, angel or otherwise get hurt in the process.  After all, God has left the building. 
Big bads with this sort of power can't be denied. Here are two of my favorite scenes with each angel. Which one makes your spine chill more?    



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# trina 2009-06-24 09:55
I love the fact that the bad angels apparently out number the good. Uriel said he was able to convince a good number of angels to his side, and Zachariah represented ALL the higher ranking angels. It was only the "grunts" on the ground who thought they were fighting to stop it. My question is now that Lucifer is free, who do we want to win? If the angels win it is paradise on earth, but also no free will. (Dean referred to it as being Stepford wives). If Lucifer wins...hell on earth...maybe? I don't think we actually know.
# Dianeuk 2009-06-24 11:27
AH! "BAD" angels! I LOVE them. Uriel is the open straightforwads one, knows how he feels, and does not try to hide it, is up front and personal in his dealings......a nd LOVES his job!
Now Zachariah is smooth and smiley, who knows WHAT is going on behind his eyes? AND ,as he says he knows "what little details to leave out....."
I would trust Uriel because I would know where he would jump and land. However Zacharia??? OH NO! He could go in any direction at any time, ALWAYS with HIS interest at heart, and an eye on the best chance!
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-06-24 12:09
I love Uriel.

Was a bit disappointed when he was so blatantly "bad", but I can live with that and I still think he was great.

Zachariah, vice versa, was unpleasant fellow right from the start, I really disliked him since the first glance. Don't take it wrong way, I think he is great Bad Guy (cause FINALLY there is one bad guy who is nasty, and I really want to see him dead), but in the competition between lovely hard Uriel and this ugly creature, Uriel wins easily.
# Suze 2009-06-24 13:43
He-he ... Love the Hell's Angels ( SPN version, obviously, not the militaristic Hardly Moverson fanciers )

Urial is a proper bastard, I almost wish he wasn't dead cos he was so groovy, he and Cas made great opposites ... Zachariah's your typical middle-manageme nt-smiley-knife -man and I hope something truely horrid happens to him too, but not for ages as I'm enjoying hating him too much to want to hurry his demise!
# Supernarttu 2009-06-24 14:37
This one was hard to choose 'cause both of them are so 'bad'... in a totally good way...:-) And I HOPE (& pray every night *grin*) that Zach is the baddie next season (and Luce could be in the gray area...for a while anyways) ...That would be über-cool :-)
Both scenes you picked are amazing, but I gotta love the Zach-bit more 'cause it was so unnerving and creepy, and Dean so distraught. It was one of my fave bits about the whole ep... Which I LOVED :-) Best ep of s4...except it kinda competes with "The monster at the end..." so, I'll call it a draw in my book :D

I *love* this top10 -stuff, keep up the god's work... Uups, I did it ...? ;-) good work, good work, there's something wrong with my keyborad *grin*

What I meant to say was, Thanks Alice.
# Narcissus 2009-06-24 22:04
Baddy angels scare the crap out me because if even they can lose faith so badly, what about us 'mud-monkeys'..hmm

That being said I absolutely love all the angels on SN because they're all so...well..bada ass 8-) And no matter how hard we look I'll bet we won't find any other angels on television that can come anywhere close to the badassery of our angels - they all stick to the fluffy wings formula. I absolutely love how Kripke just kicked the 'fluffy wings' stereotype in the butt and gave us angelic villains...amaz ing.

I'll admit I'm kinda religious, and traditional. That being said I'm glad Uriel's dead because, wonderful as his character was, he just brought way to much negative energy. And can't wait for Zach to come up as big baddie of season 5 (oh he'll so die as well!).
# Jojo 2009-06-25 12:32
I think I'm actually going to go with Zachariah. I love Uriel, I do, and he's an awesome grumpy meany evil angel, but man... Zachariah creeps me out with his creepy little smile and creepy jovial-sexual overtones and dirty creepy old man aura.
# Elle 2009-06-25 12:52
I have to go with Zach, because his ambiguity made him wonderful. Uriel was obviously not a nice guy, and it was probably a safe bet that he would turn on the boys sooner or later but with Zachariah, his motives were unclear for a time. I think he's scarier because he's unpredictable. He doesn't have the same blatant disdain for humanity; however the matter of fact was he played the scenes in the finale were sociopathic-cre ep factor for me. I really want to see Zach again!