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#9 - Pagan Gods
Antagonists are even better when their work makes them happy. That's especially true for the Pagan Gods turned over-the-top suburbanites in "A Very Supernatural Christmas." Only the warped minds of the Supernatural creative team could pull off such this absurd pairing. 
Meet Madge and Edward Carrigan, the modern day too-sugary- to-be-real elder couple next door. They're straight out of a 1950's sitcom, except they're more like Ozzie and Harriet meet Alfred Hitchcock. Edward comes complete with the Robert Young cardigan and pipe, and Madge and her plastic covered couch has issues with bad language in her home, especially from the victims she's slicing open.
So what happens to centuries old deities when times change and their way of life is compromised? Most just die off or get killed, but not these two. They're the rare breed that chose to go with the flow and assimilate into normal society. They're the happiest mass murders you'll ever meet this side of The Joker. 
Not only are they jubilant over partaking in all the traditional holiday rituals that go into eating humans, like dragging victims up the chimney while still alive and ripping out whole fingernails and teeth while the victims wear meadowsweet leaves (after all, nothing else smells finer), but they have every hideous Christmas decoration imaginable on display to show just how ridiculously happy they are.   As I've always said, go large or don't go at all. 
I'm not sure what I loved more, sweet and portly Madge holding with ease ginormous Sam against a wall by the throat, or her getting Dean to use the word "fudge" while putting him through painful arm slicing torture. Or how about the fact that Pagans also hate fruit cake?
In the end, it was their love of tradition that led to their downfall. Considering Pagan Gods are killed by a wooden stake through the heart, the live Christmas tree became a convenient Winchester weapon.   I bet other Pagan Gods didn't have that trouble when hunters tore apart their fake trees.  



# Bevie 2009-06-19 13:37
Good choices Alice.

Loved the Pagan Gods. Inspired characters indeed! Scary Ozzie and Harriet.

Supernatural Christmas is my most beloved comfort episode. Especially the boys at the end with their egg nog and the snow falling outside the window on the Impala. Gets the tears flowing every time.

And I really liked Casey. Such a good actress to make a demon likeable. I was sorry Sam killed her and would have liked to see her again. She was a sexy beast!
# elle2 2009-06-19 15:11
Hi, Alice,

I liked Casey as well, and while EK admitted in an interview that they revealed too much in that dialogue in Sin City he seems to have abated that a bit now that S4 is closed...a lot of it makes a lot of sense. FOr all that long dialogue it is a rich scene (or two) between Dean and Casey and there is much to be gleaned from it.

As for pagan gods...I love SPN Christmas, it's ghoulishly fun (and now we've even met ghouls), sad and lonely and dark and depressing and all in all one to watch often, whilst hugging your kitty and puppy, at least that's how I watch it.

# Elle 2009-06-19 15:31
Alice, good choices for 8 and 9.
The pagan gods are fantastic characters - their perky niceness is just erie and the whole torture scene, while I still can't watch the nail being removed, has it's great moments. The "fudge" line is one of my all time favourites, along with Dean, pliers in his mouth attached to a molar when the door bell rings -"Is somebody gonna get that? You should get that."

Casey was a good character. Since I didn't watch season 3 live, I wasn't aware there was controversy/iss ue with the revelations in that conversation. I simply enjoyed the chemistry between the two and Dean's reaction to Sam shooting Casey - it really demonstrated that she'd struck a chord within him.

I eagerly await choice 7!
# anene 2009-06-19 18:12
I totally forgot how Dean wanted a demon to live. It bothers me that he chided Sam for consorting with Ruby. Cassie had nothing to offer him Dean but he didn't want to kill her or preached that all demons are evil spiel, but Ruby initially did before we knew her true intentions.

What do you know, both brothers were once upon a time convinced that some demons didn't weren't bad. Glad we find out the opposite.
# Suze 2009-06-19 18:50
I can't watch the finger-nails and pliars bit, it's too gruesome :o

Casey and Dean definitely fizzed, shame she had to die but you can't go round getting all snuggly with the opposition, can you? Oh ... hang on a sec ...
# trina 2009-06-19 20:51
The pagan gods were beyong fantastic. Their over the top christmas decorations reminded me of my aunt's house and still makes me giggle whenever I am over there.

Casey the demon I am a little more on the fence about. I thought the character (and actor) were great, but when Dean tried to stop Sam from killing her I was jolted a little bit. She was a demon after all.
# Tigershire 2009-06-19 23:01
Nice choices.

Now what is this about Sam being partial to brunettes? How about Cassie (Route 666) and Lisa Braden?? Or Dean's dream girl from WIAWSNB? I think both boys are brunette partial.

# Narcissus 2009-06-20 06:47
Being the sadist that I am, I absolutely love the Carrigans, simply because of the torture scene. I find it amazing that Dean could still be snarky in that instance. And once again, poor Sam bears most of the brunt on the torture front. The boys' escape was wonderful... I was thinking to myself 'saved by the bell' hahah

Casey's exchange with Dean was crackling with chemistry, I loved it! I was half-hoping that we could get to see more of her character, and then Sam went and offed her, and the way he did it gave me the chills too...

Tigershire, I'm with you there. Although I feel that there is some evidence to the contrary, on the whole I'd say both boys prefer brunettes..
# Tigershire 2009-06-23 00:03
Are you forgetting about Jessica? She's blonde. Course, considering what happened, maybe Sam's unconsciously choosing brunettes???

And true, I agree about Dean - hair colour really doesn't seem to be important for him although the three girls he's been anywhere near serious about were brunettes.

And yes, this is just for fun. I don't think the writers or anyone involved in the show was choosing specific hair colour for any reason. GRIN