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By popular demand (okay more like a tiny amount of chatter led by a Brit with an alligator obsession - just kidding Suze!), I present the latest top ten list, The Top Ten Supernatural Antagonists. 
I hestiate to call them villains, because this show prides itself on blurring that fine line between good and evil. These sometimes ambiguous often deliberate baddies (or nasties as some call them) fall into one of three categories. First there's the faceless ghosts, spirits and other creatures that are more scary behind the scenes doing their bidding than when they actually surface. You know, the ones we could care less about. 
Second are "the big bads," aka the ones that surface multiple times with the main purpose of wreaking havoc on the Winchester mission statement. Those will have a presence. 
Then there's a smaller third category, which involves those interesting characters making one time appearances that actually make villainy fun. They also have made this list, but it’s stunning to see how few there are out of 82 episodes. Also after shuffling through the possibilities, one surprise made the list, ranking pretty high. I'm sure you'll know it when you see it. 
As a bonus, I'll also present a top five worst villains list. That list was actually much harder, because there were so many candidates. 
So, without further adieu, I start with the honorable mention and #10. 
Honorable Mention - Racist Truck
I know, this could easily be #1 on the worst villains list. I decided though that the truck's owner belongs on that list instead. The racist truck still inspires the masses to go "Seriously Kripke?" but at the same time, Dean's final altercation with that truck is one of our biggest guilty pleasures. Why don't we watch that clip, and they shyly slink away with a smile, never to speak of such ridiculously villanry again. That is until we come up with the "What was Kripke thinking?" list. 



Diane uk
# Diane uk 2009-06-18 04:07
Honorable mention;
OF COURSE Dean (and his best girl) had to have a car/truck chase! How else could SHE get in on the action and help save the day? And, yes I have watched it once (!!) or twice.

I LOVED the siren, the spitting part was SOOO juck! I know Bobby (sigh) had to kill it, but I did love it anyway!

I find the stronger my feelings(like or dislike) about the "baddies" is ,to me , a good way to judge how well they are written/acted.

Waiting eagerly for next on the list.
# Suze 2009-06-18 06:12
Obsessive ... Moi? Pot calling kettle black scenario alert! :lol:

Good start though, trucks are scary ... I'm a biker, I know! No one sneers at the Impala-crushing -big-black-truc k-of-the-apocal ypse, do they ...

The siren was a really nasty piece of work, no-one should have their innermost desires exposed ... I always thought that was a major downside of holodecks, I mean who wants a fantasy anyone can just walk in on?
Maybe they only let you into Star Fleet if you have a U-rated imagination ... That would explain a lot! :lol:
# Narcissus 2009-06-20 06:49
Sadly, I seem to be a member of an endangered species that doesn't see what is so massively awful about a racist truck.

About the siren, there's one thing I didn't get. The lore says that sailors under the siren's spell end up crashing their ships on whatever island the siren is on. But in the show, the siren needs physical proximity with their victim to infect them through saliva. So how'd the sailors get caught up by the siren while they're all the way out at sea? Just wondering..