#5 Dean bangs an angel in the back seat of the Impala "“ "Heaven and Hell"
So, why is this not higher? For one, it plays a really awful Bad Company song (I know I'm in the minority), and while it's great to see Dean covet a holy one in no other place than the back set of the treasured third main character, Dean and Anna's chemistry seem a bit off. Anna and Castiel, now I expect some fireworks! I know, Suze has her zombie alligators, I have my hot angel sex. The hand sliding down the fogged up window? I know that was an inside joke, but man did that bother me. Still, the bottom line, Dean and hot sex in the back of the Impala.  That's all that's required. At least this time it didn't involve a racist truck.  
Also, this could be REALLY wrong of me, but Dean's sex scenes are so loving, soft and intimate, while Sam really loves it rough.  So, you think the romantic in me would go with the tender stuff. No, I guess when it comes to watching, the rougher the better.  Go figure.


#4 Incarcerated Winchesters "“ "Folsom Prison Blues," "Jus In Bello"
Admit it! You are really turned on by caged Winchesters. The show knows this too, which is why we got an entire episode of Sam and Dean in orange jump suits while behind bars. We also got not one, but two episodes of them being dragged into jail in chains. "Jus In Bello" was especially precious, for they were chained together.  The only thing I wished we got was them being cellmates in "Folsom Prison Blues," just so we could see them play rock, paper, scissors or wrestle for the top bunk.  An opportunity lost.  


Or... how about this one? 

How about being restrained while wearing those cute blue prison jackets?


Oh, and let's not forget "Jus In Bello"


#3   Dean Winchester in Lederhosen "“ "Monster Movie", In Shorts "“ "After School Special"
Dean Winchester is the king of looking so funny, yet so damn good in the most outrageous outfits. I actually think these outfits are more priceless than seeing him shirtless. So why did Count Dracula dress him in lederhosen after taking him captive? I'm not sure (unless it's related to the original Dracula movies), but considering it wasn't necessary, yet still got a reaction, it's the epitome of gratuitous. Awesome too. As for the gym shorts, Dean can be my kids' substitute gym teacher any day. I can imagine just about every mother stopping by their kids' PE class to watch.  Trust me when I say, barely legal cheerleaders don't have anywhere near as much to offer as a hormonally charged soccer mom. 



#2  Sam and Madison "“ "Heart"
You know this had to rank high.  You KNEW it. So what do I say? Sam is horny. Sam hasn't gotten laid since Jessica. Sam thinks he just saved a hot werewolf from a lifetime of doom. Sam thinks he can't go back to their chemistry before they found out she was a werewolf, so Madison nudges him along by jumping his bones. Sam reacts by slamming her into the wall.  Yeah, it's as steamy as you'd expect.  There's nothing tender about this tryst until the final shot, of both naked sleeping in each other's arms. I really chuckle when I realize Kim Manners shot this scene. The guy even knows his sex scenes. He was truly invincible. 

SPN 1026

#1 Sam in skimpy towel "“ "Hell House"
Remember how I said when creating this list I wrote down one moment that turned into ten? This was what started it. It came to mind because I recently turned on someone to Supernatural in my Taekwondo class. After watching my season one DVDs, the main reaction was, "it took 17 episodes to see one of them shirtless!" By that time, she hadn't gone through the long drought of season three.   
Let's face it, this is why gratuitous moments exist on television. To get that one quick snippet that people will talk about for years. In this case, we found out that Sam Winchester dressing in layers was doing him a huge disservice. Sure, he's been seen shirtless since then, but none of those shots have been as revealing as this one. What's even more amazing is Jensen was able to get through this scene with a straight face. I'm sure he shut that bathroom door and died laughing. As for me, I just suffered serious jaw damage after it dropped to the floor.    

You know you want the back view...

Oh, I want front again...


That's a top ten list!  Any ones that were your favorites?  Please share!