I was working on the top ten (or maybe twelve who knows) baddies list, and while pouring through the long list of possible candidates during a break at work, my warped mind I wrote down a hot Winchester moment instead. Then I ended up writing down ten of them. Next thing I know I'm ranking and coming up with witty comments about each one. Thus, in no time, an unplanned top ten list was born. Ah, the strange times that inspiration strikes. 
So, as an impromptu treat, I present the Top Ten Supernatural Gratuitous Moments. Today is moments 6 "“ 10 (plus an honorable mention), and tomorrow I'll present 1-5. Some of these moments will have clips, but others are best served with a single screenshot at the ideal spot that says it all.  And then some.   

Honorable Mention - "Bad Day At Black Rock."
As usual, my lists always come with the honorable mention. The one bit that isn't quite good enough for a ranking, but shouldn't be ignored either.  This one comes from the highlight rich "Bad Day At Black Rock."  While the mere presence of Bela makes my stomach turn, the shot alone of Sam and Dean checking out her ass as she walks away is just too wonderful not to show. Ah, you gotta love a pair of horny brothers in a cheesy family restaurant.

#10 -  Sam and Dean in a Laundromat "“ "The Monster At The End of This Book." 
Gratuitous doesn't have to involve sex and skin. Sure, it doesn't hurt, but in this case, the idea of two badass demon hunters doing their clothes in a Laundromat is just too precious for words. Especially when the one that can kill with his mind is putting his "gigantic darks" into the machine while his brother is reading on the pages exactly what he's thinking. I get giddy over this scene every time I think about it, for Sam can come over and do laundry any day.  I won't charge for the use of the machine.   


#9 - Sam caught watching porn "“ "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things." 
Keep in mind, this is early season two. After all, Sam spent most of the time at this point hanging around in motel rooms with his brother and brooding over his dead girlfriend. Of course we thought he lived like a monk! Imagine our shock to learn he's a horndog after all.  What makes this bit better?  Dean's single worded reaction.  "Awkward." 

Actually, this episode features not one but two Sam Winchester eye popping moments. The other, when Sam pulls his gun at the cemetary, is only a "brief" encounter, but it certainly gets mention every now and then. 


#8 - Sam's sex dream of Bela "“ "Dream A Little Dream of Me"
Now, again, the mere thought of Bela makes me sick, so imagine how much a scene of her and Sam in the throws of passion induced actual vomiting on my end. Sure it was a dream, but it was still wrong. The moment though that makes this part noteworthy though wasn't the dream, but Sam's hilarious reaction after Dean woke him from his time of bliss. After wiping the drool from his hand, Sam acts like a complete buffoon when Bela is mentioned, and is unable to get up and help his brother out with his research because of a little complication "down there." Uh, did I say little? Oh I doubt that. 

#7 "“ Dean enjoys some lesbian demon action "“ "Malleus Maleficarum"
Sam and Dean are in a pickle. One nasty ass demon possessing a stepford wife has them mashed against the wall, ready to crush them like grapes. Ruby arrives and apparently her and demon Tammi know each other. Ruby then gets all seductive and comes onto demon Tammi pledging her loyalty in one very sultry way, and we instantly know this is written by Ben Edlund. How else do we know? Simple, Dean is getting into it. No situation is too dangerous for Dean to relish in a little lesbian demon action. Gotta love his dirty mind. 



#6 - Brothers wrestling on the bed "“ "Tall Tales"
I swear this bit has been featured here a few times before, but it's so damn wonderful! Not only is it funny and a fantastic brotherly moment, but it's completely superfluous as well. It existed to get fans buzzing, and boy did it. You can't top two grown brothers wrestling over a money clip on a bed like they were out of control kids fighting over a toy. Plus, we know Jared and Jensen had to have had a blast when filming this. 

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