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I was working on the top ten (or maybe twelve who knows) baddies list, and while pouring through the long list of possible candidates during a break at work, my warped mind I wrote down a hot Winchester moment instead. Then I ended up writing down ten of them. Next thing I know I'm ranking and coming up with witty comments about each one. Thus, in no time, an unplanned top ten list was born. Ah, the strange times that inspiration strikes. 
So, as an impromptu treat, I present the Top Ten Supernatural Gratuitous Moments. Today is moments 6 "“ 10 (plus an honorable mention), and tomorrow I'll present 1-5. Some of these moments will have clips, but others are best served with a single screenshot at the ideal spot that says it all.  And then some.   

Honorable Mention - "Bad Day At Black Rock."
As usual, my lists always come with the honorable mention. The one bit that isn't quite good enough for a ranking, but shouldn't be ignored either.  This one comes from the highlight rich "Bad Day At Black Rock."  While the mere presence of Bela makes my stomach turn, the shot alone of Sam and Dean checking out her ass as she walks away is just too wonderful not to show. Ah, you gotta love a pair of horny brothers in a cheesy family restaurant.


# Bethany 2009-06-05 02:45
i love any moment where sam and dean are five!
# Dany 2009-06-05 07:22
It's friday, almost lunch time (I'm in Portugal remember? it´s 12:20), things at the office are kinda boring me today and after a week with temperatures around 89º I was thinking about the beach on the weekend and now it's raining :evil: Can you believe it!!!

So, I decided to come by for some hapiness, and like always Alice you just made my day, this gratuitous moments are great (thak your warped mind for me) :D

I'll be waiting for the top 5..
# Narcissus 2009-06-05 08:37
I can't wait for more either!! Oh, oh, I just remembered , Dean in shorts!! I definitely thought that was never going to happen...
# elle2 2009-06-05 11:08
I love Top Ten lists!!!!

That bit from CSPWDT is always one that I hit the rewind again and again on...what really tops it though is that when Dean takes his coat off and starts talking to Sam he's facing the TV ans stares straight at the porn channel listing and gives it a little lift of the eyes...too funny.

Looking forward to part two.
# Bevie 2009-06-05 12:50
Love your list so far Alice. (And thanks ever so for giving us something new nearly every day!)

That wrestling scene! Waugghhhh! I constantly wish that it was much much longer. What fun!

Love the little boys in our boys.
# Suze 2009-06-05 16:17
Sam's unwelcome Beastly Bella wet dream always cracks me up ... I mean, who hasn't had unlooked for sexual urges towards someone they thoroughly dislike who turns out to have sold their soul to the Devil?

... Come on, there must be someone else, surely ... ? :oops: