My planned article today, a well written thought provoking analysis, suffered greatly from one vicious case of writers block.  So what happens to a fatigued and stressed mind that missed a deadline?  Easy, it heads for the gutter.  

In going through the archives and updated photo gallery for inspiration I found my articles last year, Top Ten Gratuitous Moments 6-10 and Top Ten Gratuitous Moments 1-5, were missing some rather luscious moments.  Most of the selections on this new list are small and quick, but man do they get the rewind button going and often end up as treasured screen shots on my laptop.  So here they are, in no particular order.  Everyone let loose and join me here in the gutter.  It's quite fun!

Sam Winchester in a Cage - The Benders

Tell me, is any commentary required here?  Sam Winchester is in a freaking cage!  No jacket, just a t-shirt and beads of sweat highlighting one less layer that's trapped behind steel bars!  That's so wrong yet it looks so...yum.   

Dean Taking An Intense Beating by Victoria's Secret Models - Tall Tales

It's one thing to get the crap beaten out of you by gorgeous babes in skimpy outfits, but when we get a nice glimpse of that shirt riding up in the process, everybody wins!

Sam Winchester Meets Flamethrower - The Kids are Alright, Metamorphosis

I honestly don't know what we did to deserve Sam manning flamethrower, but he brings something to it that no man can.  It isn't just the flames that are burning us up.  

Dean unfortunately proved early on why Sam gets flamethrower duty.  I think the bugs still give him nightmares!

TWO Laptops - Fallen Idols

I don't know why I love this.  Maybe because I'm a technogeek myself.  When two hot men are each doing their laptop research, I'm a puddle.  Bet you never realized how striking computers could be until this moment, did you?   

Brotherly Water Rescues - Dead In the Water, Playthings

Again, what sort of explanation is needed.  Wet Winchesters.  That is all.

You all realize that Suze's call for Zombie Alligators is nothing more than an opportunity to see Winchesters in wet t-shirts, right?  No wonder.  There's been a long drought since these episodes.  

Dean in Shower - Mystery Spot

I know, this fell in the middle of a comical death sequence, but when it comes to Winchesters in the shower, I'll take what I can get!  The soapier the better!


There is a close second in this episode while I'm at it.  A tall man wielding an axe.  Let the drooling commence!


Drunk Sam - Playthings

Remember, this was before Sam did such things.  Before he and Dean would chug down bottles of whiskey like they were water.  No, these were the days of irresponsible impulse drinking, when mixing Tequila and Jagermeister seemed like a good idea.  Way to throw caution to the wind there Sammy!

The drunken joke about Dean being short followed by the sob story then making Dean promise to kill him was fun enough to watch, but two particular shots got me.  First is when Dean finally got Sam to pass out, he doesn't just fall into bed, he rolls over and clutches onto the pillow.  Aww, how precious!  Then there's the next morning.  Who knew praying to the porcelain God could be so hot?

Castiel Goes Shirtless to Save The Day! - Point of No Return

You see, true gratuity is not limited to the brothers Winchester.  No, there was that one quick time that Castiel got to play along. There's no better way to trick four angels into angel banishing sigil range then to carve one on the chest and let the buttons fly.  It's badass, its jaw-dropping, and wow, he's got something to show off too!  It's divine.  


Dean's Discovery - Lazarus Rising

So, you've just risen from the dead and crawled out of your own grave.  What do you do?  Find a local mini mart.  Check.  Break into said mini mart since it's closed.  Check.  Help yourself to some much needed water.  Check.  Oh, that's right.  Your chest was ripped into shreds before you died.  You need a mirror.  Check, check, and whoa!...check.  Think about it, how many full frontal shots of Dean's chest have we had on this show?  None?  This is a picture for the ages.  

Dead Winchesters - Dark Side of The Moon

Fine, call me morbidly sick and wrong.  This should be tragic, right?  Then why the freaking hell are these two of the prettiest corpses blown away by shotgun that you've ever seen?  I think being gunned down in beds was done for a reason.  They do love to tease!

SPN 0058
SPN 1039

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now.  I can only live in the gutter so long, and I don't want to drag all of you down too low.  Thanks for ogling with me!