Here we go with part 2 of the Top 22 Previously Unseen Supernatural Beings I Want In Season 6.  These are the top 11, the cream of the creepy crop.  If any of these show up in an episode, I will be one happy fan.  On to the monsters!

11. Kitsune


The What: Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, but the kitsune creature is a sort of fox spirit akin to a faerie but more powerful.  Kitsune possess a number of magical abilities that increase with age, but the main one is their ability to take human form.  They are also notorious tricksters, often choosing the overly proud as their victims in order to teach them some humility.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
Shapeshifting trickster that likes to take down the high and mighty?  Hmm, sound like anyone we know?  Of course, my first choice would be for a Gabriel resurrection, but barring that, I'll take Trickster 2.0.  Kitsune are more powerful than imps, so they make for better tricksters, too.  Plus, kitsune often take the form of a pretty young woman when they shift into human form, so you know they could cause all sorts of problems for Sam and Dean.

10. Muse

The What: Muses are goddesses or spirits in Greek mythology that inspire people to create wonderful works of music, literature, or art.  Some sources place their number at three while others say there are nine.  They are lovely, inspiring beings who want nothing more than the creation of beautiful works of art.  How charming.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Here I like the idea of a "too much of a good thing."  You get a muse that loves inspiring people to create things so much that she literally works them to death.  "Isn't this book great?  Keep writing! You don't need to eat or sleep!"  Maybe Chuck could have used a muse...

9. Sphinx

The What: A sphinx is a feline with the head of a human.  They are depicted lying down or sitting, and some are depicted with wings.  The most famous sphinx is the one that guarded the entrance to the Egyptian city of Thebes, asking travelers a riddle and only granting them entrance with the correct answer.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Here's another creature that you couldn't literally show because it just wouldn't work.  I do like the riddle aspect, though.  A supernatural being that riddles it's victims and spares the ones that answer correctly would be pretty scary.  It could be Supernatural's version of the Batman villain!

8. Baba Yaga

The What: Baba Yaga is a powerful witch in Slavic culture.  She flies around on a giant broomstick or in a giant mortar (the herb-crushing kind, not the battlefield weapon kind), lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs, and kidnaps and eats small children.  In other words, she's a delight.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Remember how creepy the striga was?  Yeah, imagine that but now like 10 times more powerful and horrible.  That's really all you need to say!  But what if, perhaps, she targeted Ben?  That would really amp up the tension and horror.

7. The Sandman

The What: The Sandman is a mythical being who brings pleasant dreams to children by sprinkling magic sand on their eyes as they sleep.  That eye crust that you have when you wake up is supposed to be the work of The Sandman.  Of course, not every myth and legend has him playing so benevolent a role.  He's also the bringer of nightmares in some stories.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
The Sandman could be a really cool Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde character.  He could be all nice and send pleasant dreams but then snap and give people more and more horrific nightmares.  Sam and Dean would have to help him figure out how to rid himself of his evil nightmare-giving part.  Bonus points for the opportunity to use Metallica's song "Enter Sandman" the first time he turns into the evil Sandman.

6. Banshee

The What: A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology that is usually a death omen or a messenger of the afterlife.  She can appear in various forms, usually as an old woman or a young and beautiful woman, but her most consistent characteristic is her mourning call.  A banshee will wail when someone is about to die.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Banshees have to be the second-scariest death omen there is.  Really, how freaked would you be if you saw this howling spirit woman?  I for one would freak the heck out.  I think it would be cool if she was heard but not seen for a while, like Sam and Dean could hear the wail but couldn't find its source.  And then when they do, banshee!  Also, this is another monster I've been afraid of since childhood thanks to "Darby O'Gill and the Little People."

5. Phoenix

The What:
A Phoenix is a mythical bird that lives between 500 and 1,000 years.  At the end of its life, it builds a nest out of twigs and then bursts into flames.  Both the nest and the bird are burned to ashes, but from the ashes arises a new young bird, reborn and ready to live again.

How It Could Work In An Episode:  Here is another creature that couldn't literally be put on screen because that might be too ridiculous.  No, instead, what if some other creature had phoenix-like capabilities?  Or what if you had a spirit that was hurting people, and when Sam and Dean went to burn the bones, a new and stronger spirit emerged from the ashes?  I think that would be pretty cool twist on the traditional salt-n-burn.

4. Shadow People

The What:  Shadow people are humanoid forms or spectres that are seen in peripheral vision.  They are very evasive and avoid direct lines of sight whenever possible.  That's pretty much it  Why are they so high on the list then?  Well...

How It Could Work In An Episode:  Have you ever been walking somewhere at night and the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you just know that someone is watching you?  You stop to look, but you can't see anyone.  So you continue on your way.  But there it is again, that feeling of someone watching you.  You stop again, turning your head to and fro, but you just can't see anything.  So you start walking yet again, your feelings of panic rising because you know there's someone, or something, out there in the dark.  You stop for a third time, and as you look around, you swear you spot a shadowy figure in the periphery.  You turn your head to find it, but it's gone again.  It's always just out of eyesight.  You shake your head to clear the cobwebs, and for a moment, you think you're going mad.  Did you really see something in the shadows?  Or are you just being paranoid?  Then BAM!  The shadow person attacks.  Of course, in the Supernatural world, the shadow people would be bloodthirsty killing machines.

3. The Bogeyman

The What:  The Bogeyman is a legendary creature.  Almost every culture on earth has their own version of The Bogeyman.  For that reason, The Bogeyman has no set appearance or set behaviors.  It's pretty much just the ultimate threat monster.  "You better behave or The Bogeyman will get you!"

How It Could Work In An Episode:
  Really, how could this monster not work in an episode?  It's the embodiment of evil and fear for children around the globe.  Who wasn't scared of this guy crawling out from under the bed or from out of the closet?  When I was little, my bedroom had this wallpaper that had really strange patterns on it.  I was convinced that when my parents tucked me in and turned off the lights, the patterns started forming into monsters, and the monsters were trying to crawl out of the wall.  Needless to say, I was petrified and didn't get much sleep in that room.  My parents had to pull down the wallpaper, too.  So as an homage to my greatest childhood terror, how about a Bogeyman that comes out of the walls?  I'd also like to see Sam and Dean kill The Bogeyman.  But when they leave town, it just comes back to life.  It's one of those creatures that exists because so many people believe it does, and no matter how many Bogeymen hunters throughout time have killed, it's just going to keep coming back to life.

2. Succubus

The What:  A succubus is a female demon that transforms into the shape of a woman in order to seduce men, often in their dreams.  The succubus draws energy from the men, generally through sexual intercourse, reviving herself and injuring or killing the men.  Sometimes she is depicted with wings.  Lilith is often referred to as a succubus, as well.

How It Could Work In An Episode:  Honestly, I'm kind of amazed that we haven't seen a succubus before.  A beautiful woman that preys on men, draining their life when they sleep with her?  The succubus and Supernatural are like peas in a pod, man.  Of course, you can't have the succubus attack in a man's sleep because that's pretty much rape, and I in no way condone that.  But attacking a man who willingly tries to sleep with her is a different story.  This monster might have worked better when Dean was more of a play-the-field kind of guy, but it would still be awesome.
1. Mothman

The What:  The Mothman is a very specific and unique creature.  People who saw him say that he is a man-sized winged creature with large, red, reflective eyes and giant wings.  He was seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from November 12, 1966 to December, 1967.  A number of people in Point Pleasant reported seeing the Mothman during that time period.  On December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge, which spans the Ohio River, collapsed, killing 46 people.  After the bridge collapse, the Mothman was never again seen in Point Pleasant.  People say that the Mothman appears in advance of a catastrophe and tries to warn people about it.  He's also the subject of the scariest movie I have ever seen, "The Mothman Prophecies."  I had nightmares about the Mothman for weeks after watching that movie.  And he's not evil in the slightest.  He's just an extremely scary death omen.  Also, if anyone is in the Point Pleasant area the third weekend of September, there is a yearly Mothman festival that you can check out.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
  Sam and Dean are driving across the country, as usual, when Sam has a vision.  He sees a horrible tragedy unfold before his eyes.  Now they're both freaked because Sam hasn't been having visions since Azazel died.  Is Azazel alive again somehow?  What the hell is going on?  Sam has another vision, stronger and more intense.  But this time he notices something just out of eyesight that looks like a giant black bird man with red eyes.  When Dean has a vision of the same tragedy with the same bird man creature, they know it's not Azazel.  But what is it?  When the Mothman finally appears to them in person, they figure out what they're dealing with and save the day, of course.  If this happened, I would be one happy fan because Sam visions!  Azazel angst!  Dean vision!  Terrifying Mothman!  Crisis averted!

So there you have it.  Here are the 22 -- 25, sir -- monsters that I want to see in season 6.  What did I miss?  Do you want to see any of these in an episode, too?  Tell me about it in the comments!  And if you already posted about your favorite monsters you want to see in the comment section for Elle2's list, direct me there and I'll have a look!