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Here we go with part 2 of the Top 22 Previously Unseen Supernatural Beings I Want In Season 6.  These are the top 11, the cream of the creepy crop.  If any of these show up in an episode, I will be one happy fan.  On to the monsters!

11. Kitsune


The What: Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, but the kitsune creature is a sort of fox spirit akin to a faerie but more powerful.  Kitsune possess a number of magical abilities that increase with age, but the main one is their ability to take human form.  They are also notorious tricksters, often choosing the overly proud as their victims in order to teach them some humility.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
Shapeshifting trickster that likes to take down the high and mighty?  Hmm, sound like anyone we know?  Of course, my first choice would be for a Gabriel resurrection, but barring that, I'll take Trickster 2.0.  Kitsune are more powerful than imps, so they make for better tricksters, too.  Plus, kitsune often take the form of a pretty young woman when they shift into human form, so you know they could cause all sorts of problems for Sam and Dean.

10. Muse

The What: Muses are goddesses or spirits in Greek mythology that inspire people to create wonderful works of music, literature, or art.  Some sources place their number at three while others say there are nine.  They are lovely, inspiring beings who want nothing more than the creation of beautiful works of art.  How charming.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Here I like the idea of a "too much of a good thing."  You get a muse that loves inspiring people to create things so much that she literally works them to death.  "Isn't this book great?  Keep writing! You don't need to eat or sleep!"  Maybe Chuck could have used a muse...

9. Sphinx

The What: A sphinx is a feline with the head of a human.  They are depicted lying down or sitting, and some are depicted with wings.  The most famous sphinx is the one that guarded the entrance to the Egyptian city of Thebes, asking travelers a riddle and only granting them entrance with the correct answer.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Here's another creature that you couldn't literally show because it just wouldn't work.  I do like the riddle aspect, though.  A supernatural being that riddles it's victims and spares the ones that answer correctly would be pretty scary.  It could be Supernatural's version of the Batman villain!


# Mardem 2010-08-12 23:09
About the Bogeyman: I thought something different. What if we saw a flashback (woohoo!) of the monster in Sam's closet? It could have been the Bogeyman, who knows! Weechesters are always good.
# Jasminka 2010-08-13 05:10
These are definitely my favourites, Flamey - thanks so much for Baba Yaga (my grannie used to scare me with it when I was a kid, ahem), and I'd like to be the succubus... weirdo me... :lol:

All these are destined to give me nightmares. You are cruel - but I love you for it.
:o Jas
# Randal 2010-08-13 10:19
Unsurprisingly, I'm definitely in favor of #2. Jas, behave yourself. ;-)

Great conclusion and now I'm thinking of possible others: nagas, gargoyles, homunculus. Hell, how about even a mermaid, I'm thinking of the creepy one from that old episode of Night Gallery.
# elle2 2010-08-13 10:44

You have given us a wonderful article (both parts)! I really like how you've taken the creatures and given ideas of how they could work in the show, so much so that it has me hoping that many of these we will see.

They've mentioned a succubus once (I think in Sin City between Dean and Ritchie) and there are just so many ways these could be worked into the show...I'll be watching (of course) and hoping that we see some aspects of them.

Thank you so much for this!
# Bevie 2010-08-13 14:22
These are all great ideas!

I really like the Succubus. The shirts should really come off with this bad lady. She could play the boys against each other and cause angsting galore. :shock:

The Bogeyman and the Shadow People are really creepy and I'd love to see how the boys would defeat finally or temporarily these two menaces.

Mothman has creeped me out for years since I read a lot of books about him and he really was bizarre. He could be shown briefly and not need a lot of special effects. He is high on my list.

Baba Yaga and the Banshee could also be great episodes.

Really great list Aredeospina! Lots of fun to think about. Could keep fan fics going for years to come. :o
# Tigershire 2010-08-13 16:12
I'm likely to sound like a broken record by now but my all time wish is for the Headless Horseman to make an appearance on the show. He is scary, he rides an awesome horse, and it would hopefully mean seeing Sam and Dean riding horses as well.

However, all your monsters and ideas sound intreguing Aredeospina. As for the Succubus, they could even have succubus/incubu s as one creature (however it would then be very similar to the siren..hmmm) going after both men and women.......

Rergardless, this list of yours has me hyped up even more for Season 6.
# kasu 2010-08-14 08:01
Kitsune picture is Korea legendary fox. Kitsune is Gu Miho. You need research.
# KASU 2010-08-14 08:20
kitsune is korea, china and japan legendary fox. kitsune have a variety of name. especially, korea name is gu-miho.
# Julie 2010-08-16 04:46
Thank you Arde , you put a lot of workinto this one.
It is a fascinating list with some `monsters` that I had never heard of. I remember reading ` Day of the Triffids` at school and being freaked out by it so although the idea of Killer Plants may seem slightly ridiculous , it resonated with me.
The fact you found so many creatures and nasty things out there shows how much material there is still to be explored, we could keep going for years !
But I am sorry you will never convince me number 7 is scary :D Ju
# Ardeospina 2010-08-16 22:51
Mardem, I like that idea a whole lot. Weechesters! Really spot on there. Too bad Colin Ford is getting a bit too old to play Sam for a Bogeyman story. He really IS young Sam.

Liebes, Baba Yaga is way more creepy than the Bogeyman, I think. I'm glad she wasn't a popular scare tactic in the States. Sorry about the nightmares, though! Just remember, a ring of salt will protect you...that or two good-looking guys armed with shotguns.

Randal, I am not surprised! But you see how high I placed it on my list, so I obviously want to see that monster, too. Maybe they could bring back Casey...

Elle2, thanks! They did mention a succubus in Sin City. I totally forgot about that. So they do exist in the SPN 'verse. Writers, get on it!

Bevie, I'm so glad I'm not the only one absolutely terrified by the Mothman. It is terifying! And you're right on with the special effects, as he doesn't need to be around much to create the maximum amount of fear. Easy on the budget, that one.

Tigershire, HEADLESS HORSEMAN! YES!!! Really good one. I'd like to see how his 1 horsepower matched up with the Impala! Hee. And I'm glad you're even more pumped for season 6 now. I myself am getting more excited by the day.

Shauna_mc_m, The Demon Bride sounds pretty cool, in a very creepy sort of way. It sounds a little like a woman in white, and I thought that was a pretty cool monster, especially for the first episode!

Kasu, I did not intentionally mean to leave anyone out, so thanks for pointing out the Korean version of the Kitsune. I was only familiar with the Japanese legend.

Julie, killer plants does sound kind of silly now, but man, I was pretty terrified of them growing up. I think that movie is the reason I generally dislike horror movies. It was the noise they made! Ugh. The Sandman isn't scary for you? Why ever not? ;-) Perhaps you can think of this version during rehearsal to keep a straight face...

Dany, thanks! Banshees and leprechauns sound like they could be fun together. Why not? Make it an all Irish episode for St. Patrick's Day. I'm telling you, the Sandman could definitely be scary! You're super vulnerable in your dreams...