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I was more than halfway through my own list of monsters I wanted to see in season 6 when I checked in to TWFB and saw that Elle2 had created an excellent list of monsters she wanted to see in season 6!  Thankfully, I was writing about things we haven't seen yet, while she mostly chose things that she wanted to see again, and never the twain shall meet.  Great minds think alike, sometimes.  And since I didn't want to be influenced by anyone's comments, I did not read any comment posts.  If there are things on here that anyone suggested in those posts, I promise I did not try to steal your idea and not credit you.  There's only so many monsters to go around!  But if you did post about the same monster after Elle2's list, tell me so in the comments and we can talk about how awesome we both are for thinking of the same thing! 
Sam and Dean have tackled their fair share of monsters and spirits and other supernatural evils in five seasons.  Amazingly, there are still some evils they haven't faced.  And since season 6 is going to be more reminiscent of season 1 and is going to focus on monsters, I came up with a list of 22 supernatural things Sam and Dean haven't hunted yet that I want to see them take on in season 6.  Why 22?  Well, one for each episode!

Most of these are pretty familiar monsters, but I'll still put in a description for them anyway just in case there are things you haven't heard of.  And I realize that some of these things would be silly to fight against, but Supernatural is great at taking lore and legend and making it fit within the parameters of the show without being too fantastical, unless they're being fantastical on purpose.  Many thanks to Wikipedia, without which the research for this article would have been much more tedious.  Without further ado, I present the "Top 22 Previously Unseen Supernatural Beings I Want In Season 6."
Special Bonus - Zombie alligator

The What:  It's an alligator...that's a zombie.  That's it, really.  This is the Suze special.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Honestly?  I have no idea.  Maybe if there's an episode with human zombies, one could have a zombie alligator as a pet.  Or Sam and Dean can take a trip to a zombie zoo.  All I know is there has to be room for a zombie alligator in ONE of the episodes this year. 

Special bonus #2 - Cthulhu

The What: Cthulhu is an extremely powerful creature created by H.P. Lovecraft in 1926.  He first appeared in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" in 1928 and has spawned his own mythos, the Cthulhu mythos.

How It Could Work In An Episode:  It couldn't, really.  There's no way two hunters could take on Cthulhu and survive.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  Cthulhu and Supernatural together at last!

Special bonus #3 - Triffids


The What: Triffids are the villain of the awesomely fun 1962 movie based on the book "The Day of the Triffids."  I'm familiar with the movie but not the books, so I'll tell you what the movie triffids are like.  What exactly is a triffid?  It is a plant that mutates and comes to life after a meteor shower.  Everyone who watches the meteor shower is blinded, which is pretty much everyone in the movie's world, except for a few people.  So now you have these giant mutant plants, who make creepy noises, trying to murder the people of Earth...for some reason.

How They Would Work In An Episode: "Ardeospina," you might be saying to yourself, "those sound campy and cheesetastic."  And I would agree with that assessment!  But wouldn't they be fantastic villains in an episode dedicated to old '50s and '60s Sci-Fi?  We've already had the monster movie homage episode.  Why not the campy Sci-Fi homage episode?

22. Jersey Devil


The What: A flying biped with hooves, the Jersey Devil is a creature that lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  It has been sighted a number of times going back to the 1820s by various people in the New Brunswick area.  Numerous livestock killings, strange tracks, and random noises have been attributed to it.  The New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League get their team name from this creature, as well.

How It Could Work In An Episode: The Jersey Devil is basically an east-coast chupacabra, so what could work here is Sam and Dean could go investigate a number of livestock mutilations, thinking it's a nest of vampires like Lenore's gang from "Fresh Blood."  Instead, though, it turns out to be this thing!  Then the boys have to go hunt it down wendigo-style. My friend Johanna grew up in New Jersey and told me all sorts of weird stories about this thing.  Plus, look at it!  Creepy!

21. Nymph


The What: A mythological female creature from Ancient Greece, nymphs are generally found in nature, especially around water. There are numerous sub-categories of nymph, but they generally like to stay away from humans, if at all possible.  Nymphs were often very sexual creatures, and mated with men or women of their own choice, outside of male control.  The term "nymphomania" has come into the modern lexicon based on this trait and is often used to describe a highly sexual woman today.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
I call a "Bugs" do-over!  Have some developer destroy the nymph's wooded paradise, maybe to build a mall or something, and she gets super mad about it and goes on a killing spree.  She could even call upon her nature friends the bees to help her out.

20. Harpy

The What: A harpy is an ugly bird-woman, usually with the body of a bird of prey and the head of a woman.  The term harpy comes from a Greek word meaning "to snatch," and harpies were known in mythology to harass their victims by snatching their food away from them, among other things.  They are pretty cruel and vicious things.

How It Could Work In An Episode: I think playing up the whole "this creature kills by denying people food" thing could really work.  Death by starvation, slow and deliberate?  That would be pretty creepy. 

19. Medusa


The What: Medusa was one of three Gorgon sisters.  Looking directly at her would cause you to turn to stone, and she's often depicted with snakes for hair.  She was beheaded by Perseus, who used a mirrored shield, among other magical items, to defeat her.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Mirrors as a means to kill something supernatural?  Shades of "Bloody Mary," one of the creepiest episodes the show has ever done.  Turning people to stone might be too obvious and whatnot, so maybe instead of turning people to stone our modern Medusa just paralyzes them and then goes in for the kill.  That could put one of the boys in a nicely perilous situation, one paralyzed while the other has to come to the rescue. 

18. Black Shuck

The What: An English legend, Black Shuck is a large black dog with flaming eyes that are either red or green, depending on the story.  Some stories say he's a death omen and if you see him, you or one of your relatives is going to die.  Other stories say he just likes to terrorize his victims for a while and then leave them alone to live their lives.  He was also in the Supernatural:Origins comic.

How It Could Work In An Episode: In case you missed it in the explanation part, giant black dog with flaming eyes.  Awesome!  It's like a hellhound but with the added bonus of being visible.  We know Dean isn't exactly a fan of giant supernatural dogs, so plenty of angst potential with this monster.  Plus, since Black Shuck is an English legend, Crowley could be involved somehow.

17. Imp

The What: Imps are small lesser demons and are usually more mischievous and annoying than threatening.  They often use pranks or tricks to get attention from humans, which they crave.  They are also considered to be like faeries but more devious.

How It Could Work In An Episode: If you thought one Trickster was fun, imagine a dozen tiny tricksters!  Admittedly, these guys wouldn't be as powerful, but they could be at the center of an awesome funny episode a la "Tall Tales."  Some small town somewhere could have an imp infestation after someone accidentally summons a few.  Hilarity ensues.  Incidentally, if I ever start a band, I'm going to name it "Imp Infestation."

16. Mummy's curse

The What: The most famous type of mummy's curse is the Curse of the Pharaohs, specifically the curse of Tutankhamun.  It is said that anyone who disturbs the tomb of a pharaoh will die.  In the Egyptian Old Kingdom, curses were inscribed on the walls of private tombs, but became increasingly less common after this period.

How It Could Work In An Episode: To me, curses are a really underplayed element on Supernatural.  I mean, you can't kill a curse!  You just have to get out of its way.  (Thanks, "Bugs"!)  Maybe this curse could bring a mummy creature back to life because having an old-school mummy running around and hunting down Sam and Dean a la "Monster Movie" would be awesome.

15. Sasquatch

The What: Sasquatch, more commonly known as Bigfoot or Sam Winchester, is a mythical ape-like creature that is said to roam the forests of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  A Sasquatch can be between 6-10 feet tall and weigh up to 500 pounds.  The photo you see above was taken from the Patterson-Gimlin film, a recording that supposedly proves the existence of Bigfoot.  Critics say it is just a man in an ape suit.

How It Could Work In An Episode: This is another creature that has the potential for a really funny episode.  If you've ever seen the movie "Harry and the Hendersons," you know what I'm talking about.  Sam and Dean could investigate a Bigfoot sighting, find the Bigfoot, and then discover that he's really a pretty nice creature, once you get to know him.  It would be worth it if only to see a creature dwarf Jared for an entire episode.

14. Ge-no'sqwa

The What:
Ge-no'sqwa is the Iroquois term meaning "stone giant," but many native groups in the United States and Canada have their own term to describe the same sort of creature.  The picture above was drawn by an Iroquois child and shows the stone giants chasing a group of warriors.  The giants were woodland creatures who were thought to be flesh eaters and possibly cannibals.  They had rock-hard skin; hence the name stone giant.  They are often described as throwing rocks and other projectiles in an effort to stun or injure their prey.  And they have also come to be associated with Bigfoot lore in that descriptions of the stone giants is often very similar to descriptions of a Sasquatch.

How It Could Work In An Episode:
A Sasquatch with rock-hard skin that throws things?  That would be freaking scary, especially if an earlier episode had the nice version of the Sasquatch.  Sam and Dean could go in somewhere to investigate another Bigfoot sighting, thinking it was going to be a nice one, when bam!  Rocks go flying by their heads.  Double bonus for two episodes in a season where a monster dwarfs Jared.

13. Oni

The What:  Oni is kind of a catchall phrase that is translated as demon, ogre, troll, or devil.  There is a great variety in their depiction, but generally they are giant creatures with sharp claws, crazy hair, and two horns coming from their head.  Red and blue skin are the most common skin colors, and they often carry large iron clubs.  As you can imagine from a description like that, they aren't generally nice creatures.  Pretty nasty stuff here.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Giant red demon with big claws, two horns, nasty sharp pointy teeth, and a large iron club?  Yes, please!  Supernatural has depicted a lot of different cultural creatures, but Asia has been pretty underrepresented, which is a shame because they have some crazy cool spirits and creatures.  Seriously, if you want an interesting read, take a look at the Wikipedia entry The List of Legendary Creatures.  There are some amazingly specific Japanese monsters on there.  But I digress.  I think an Oni could work as a sort of Bruce Banner/Hulk situation where you have a seemingly normal person transforming into one of these nasties when they get really mad. 

12. Golem


The What: A golem comes from Jewish folklore and is a large humanoid creature comprised entirely of inanimate material.  And yes, the golem is on the right in the picture above.  I love that I feel the need to clarify that because we've seen so many creepy little girls on Supernatural.  At any rate, they aren't evil in and of themselves but are at the mercy of their creators, answerable to their every beck and call.

How It Could Work In An Episode: Here I like the idea of someone creating a golem for protection, intending it merely to help them in a tough situation and nothing more.  But then the power goes to the creator's head, and the creator has the golem do more and more vicious and horrible things.  This would create a very interesting dilemma because the human here would be the evildoer.  The golem itself wouldn't be at fault per se, so what would Sam and Dean do with it?  Clearly, it would still be a dangerous commodity, but once the human controller was out of the picture, would it need to be destroyed?


That's it for part one.  There are 11 more monsters and creatures in store for you in part 2, my top 11 picks.  What do you think about my choices for part 1?  Do you want to see any of these things in an episode?  Let me know in the comments!


# valkyrie 2010-08-11 22:48
nice list though the whole bigfoot thing wouldn't work. does anyone remember dean saying "any hunter worth his rock salt knows bigfoot isn't real"? (that might not b his exact words, but you get the gist) i do like the whole medusa paralyzes one of the bros thing, that sounds like a good ep idea. like to c the other half, hurry up!!!
# elle2 2010-08-11 23:14
Hey, Ardeospina,

First off, great list!! I love that you've included pictures to give us an idea of what these things are supposed to look like.

Personally, I love your idea for the Imp...that would be hilarous! As for the Golem, that too would be cool (and yes, thank you for the clarification.. .I hesitated!)

Great list and cool ideas you've put together. I'm up for anything in Season 6 and perhaps the creative minds behind Supernatural will include some or portions of some of what you have on your list...we can always dream.

Looking forward to Part 2.
# Tigershire 2010-08-12 01:44
And Hastor the Unspeakable. Oh! I said Hastor! Oh! I said Hastor again!

Sam and Dean could investigate weird goings on at Miskatonic U. GRIN.

Cthulu would be awesome.
# Karen 2010-08-12 03:09
Hi Ardeospina
Definitely on board with the Zombie Alligator.
Nymph? There was a female Nymph in the picture? That’s funny I only saw a man.:shock:;-)
As for the Black Shuck, I’ve seen these beaties before hanging around my campsite. We call them Raccoons.
I love the Imp idea. It would be quite interesting to have the Imp and Gabriel competing with each other. (I loved Gabriel/Trickst er and I am holding onto the delusional belief that he was resurrected by his Father/God).
Thanks Ardeospina, can’t wait for part two.
# Jasminka 2010-08-12 05:56
Flamey, that is indeed a great list - can't wait for part 2!
Of course I am rooting for the Zombiegator, and I would so love to see the Medusa (please cast Uma Thurman again for that part, she looked fabulous as that Gorgon in that Percy movie, I'd love to have that gorgeous face there again)... But the Golem just creeps me out, always has.
HOw about one of our Slavic baddies, like Baba Jaga? Or the good old classic Nosferatu ('I neverrrrrr drrrrink wyne' :lol:-)

Thanks so much for this fun piece and the research you put into it! Love, Jas
# Randal 2010-08-12 11:22
You had me at Cthulhu.

Though the rest receive a big thumbs up as well. I love this list so very much please writers pay careful attention thank you.
# Daldos 2010-08-12 13:07
That harpy one could get some good brotherly baner back, I think... *lol*

My favs of this part are:
Nymph, black shuk, imp, mummy's curse (could be done in a BTVS "Inca mummy girl" kind of way), sasquatch (rotfl-thats just too funny...althoug h like someone said, Dean did say they weren't real...), golem

Kinda on the fence with Medusa. could be cool though
# Bevie 2010-08-12 13:19
Love the zombie alligator and the sasquatch ideas. (Remember, Dean didn't think vampires existed either). I like the idea of a nice sasquatch family. ;-)

Thumbs up for the Jersey Devil. I think the X-files did an episode about him.

Another Tall Tales type episode would be great using Imps. Perfect tale to bring back Gabriel.

In fact, most of these would be great if only Supernatural had an unlimited budget for the CGI.

The nymph would be good. Not much CGI needed. She could cast her spell over one of the boys, leaving the other angsting how to combat the spell and defeat her. (And maybe she could manage to get the shirts off of one of the boys)

Cthulhu would be too powerful for the boys, but there are many Lovecraftian creations that could be cool. :o

Still rooting for the Chucky doll episode. Sorry, Jas. :-?
# Jasminka 2010-08-12 14:46
Ah, Bevie, you ARE trying to scare the living daylights out of me, eh? Not working, not working, not working (I am trying to convince myself) :o
Shocked, Jas
# Ardeospina 2010-08-12 17:10
Thanks for commenting, everyone! In response...

Valkyrie, you're right. Dean did say Bigfoot didn't exist. But they also didn't think vampires were real until their father told them they were, like Bevie said, and no one had ever seen an angel before they showed up back on earth, so it could just be that no one has ever seen them. Or maybe they could end up being some sort of mutated shapeshifter. And the other half of the list is already done, so I'm sure it will be posted in the near future. Keep checking back!

Elle2, thanks and you're welcome! The pictures were also partly selfish as I needed to get a good visual image to go with what I was writing about. Imps would be too fun, and I am really enamored with the golem thing. So many shades of gray there to play with.

Tigershire, yes, please! Let's have them do that. I would also settle for them playing a round of Arkham Horror with Cass and Bobby.

Karen, raccoons as Black all makes sense! My husband and I go camping annually with some of his coworkers, and this year, a raccoon got into someone's tent, drank two Red Bulls, stole a bag of marshmallows, and took the marshmallows up a tree to eat. We saw him run up there, and watched as he ate a few, dropped the bag, and had a major sugar crash. Raccoons are insane. An Imp vs. Gabriel showdown sounds awesome. I vote for that!

Jas, thanks! Zombie gator would be too fun. Maybe he can live in the trunk of the Impala or something. Baba Yaga is definitely making an appearance on the list, fear not! But I did not even think of Nosferatu! *face palm* That guy is insanely creepy.

Randal, thanks! I am not at all surprised that Cthulhu was your favorite. Nope. Not one bit.

Daldos, Dean would probably hate the harpy because it would steal his food! I like the idea of an Inca Mummy Girl, too. Good one.

Bevie, the CGI budget would definitely have to be stretched for some of these. You're so right. Or they could just pull a "Wendigo" on us and barely show the creature! That can be just as scary. If the nymph shows up in an episode, she had better get someone's shirt off. I think she loses membership in the nymph club if she doesn't.

Also, a Chucky episode? Creepy! If they could get Brad Dourif to do the voice, I'm in.
# Yirabah 2010-08-12 17:34
Love that list and as others said before I hope too the writers get to see this.

Laughed at the sasquatch one. Since it is one of the names for Sam. Would be really funny if they would run across one.
# Paintgirl770 2010-08-12 19:59
Great list! Yes, please, please, on the imps, that would be awesome (remember Dean's phobia about"little hands"? I can just see the nasty little buggers trying to climb up Sam, Hee.

As for the Jersey Devil, wouldn't you love to see our boys interact with Snookie and that gang from Jersey Shore? The mind reels. . . . .
# Evelyn 2010-08-14 02:19
Cool list. Some of these would really be interesting. I just recently read a Fanfic about Golems and would love to see this creature played out on the show. The fic was pre-series, so it was with Dean and John and had the Golem going after Dean because the Golems master wanted revenge on John for killing his son. Very good story and I think it would make for a good episode.
# Ardeospina 2010-08-16 22:39
Yirabah, thanks! If the writers saw this and used something, that would make me a very happy fan! But I'm sure it's a pipe dream. Still...

Paintgirl770, thank you, too. Imps seems to be the popular choice for an episode, and I can't say I disagree! It would be too fun. It's funny you mention Snooki because Jenniffer, a site admin, had the exact same thought when she saw The Jersey Devil!

Evelyn, thanks to you, too. I had no idea there was a golem fanfic. That does sound like a pretty good premise for an episode. Bonus points if the Golem turned out to be like the Golem in one of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes, too.
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