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I'm pleased to be posting another guest article from Laurel.  It's been a long while since we've had a Top Ten (or 11 in this case) article, so enjoy!


Yes, eleven.  Dare to be different.

Note that a fair few of these characters have just about zero chance of coming back (I suppose I can’t actually say they won’t ever return; this is Supernatural, after all), but I don’t care.  Pipe dreams never hurt anyone.  

The Top 11Supernatural Characters I’d Love to See Back
1. Sarah Blake (played by Taylor Cole) - Appeared in: “Provenance.”

Truthfully, I’m incredibly surprised Sarah has not been brought back yet.  I mean, I’ve never seen even one fan bitch about her, which, to my recollection, has never happened for a female on this show, let alone a love interest, and on top of that, she’s alive.  Granted, she and Sam didn’t do the deed, which seems to be the catalyst for imminent demise, but still.

I think it’d be very interesting to see her next season as a hunter, personally.  After all that happened in “Provenance,” I can’t imagine Sarah reverting back to the stagnant life of antique dealing—no offense to any antique dealers who may be reading this—and I’d go so far as to say it’s plausible she became a hunter.  Now, whether she’d be hunting on the side while keeping the cover of an antique dealer, or whether she’d be on the road like Sam and Dean, or something else, I haven’t the slightest.  But what I do know is that it’d be awesome to have her return, preferably as a recurring guest star, though I’d settle for a one-episode gig, too.  So long as she doesn’t die, of course.

Besides, she’s Jared-approved!

[Video: ]

2. Young Sam (played by Colin Ford) - Appeared in: “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “After School Special,” “When the Levee Breaks,” and “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Not that anyone would say otherwise, but I just have to profess how much I love this dude.  To this day I remain amazed that he and Jared aren’t related; their resemblance is uncanny.  More than that, the kid can act.  From the bitchfaces to the restrained anger to the mouth twitches to the hair, Colin is Jared fifteen years younger.  I don’t think there’s a more perfect older-younger casting out there, to be honest.  And while I’m sure Ridge Canipe and Brock Kelly—Jensen’s younger counterparts—are nice guys, there’s just something off about their portrayal of Dean.

Although, to be fair, Colin’s a tough act to follow...or act alongside with, as the case may be.  In any event, I’d LOVE to have young Sam come back for next season.  Thus far he’s had scenes alone, with older Sam, and with older Dean, so up next should be the three of them together, right?  :D  I have no idea how it’d be done, but I think the scene would be absolutely phenomenal.

3. Season 1 Samhair. (Shut up, y’all know Sam’s hair is the fourth character of the show.)


Oh how I mourn season one Sammy hair.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can’t find one instance where Jared isn’t positively gorgeous, but...Sam’s hair in some later seasons is just...yeesh.  Granted, there are some episodes in which it’s okay (“Born Under a Bad Sign,” “Fresh Blood,” and “Dark Side of the Moon” come to mind):

But for the most part, season one hair is by and large the best.

So thusly, hair people, the way I see it, there are two viable options for season six:

1. Bring back the bangs, or

2. Let Jared style his own hair.  Seriously, it looks amazing at every convention.  I don’t know how he does it (God knows I spend an infuriatingly long amount of time trying to configure my own to be even remotely presentable), I really don’t, but I would far from object if the same could be done for Sam’s.


4. Adam Milligan (played by Jake Abel) - Appeared in: “Jump the Shark,” “Point of No Return,” and “Swan Song.”

vlcsnap 00201

I was one of the few people who was really optimistic about the episode “Jump the Shark.”  I knew full well that it could turn out to be a disaster, but I both had trust in Kripke, and in Jake Abel—even though I hadn’t seen any of his work before.  However superficial this may sound, it was just seeing his picture that did it.  Just as with Colin Ford, the casting people lucked out with Jake; he looks remarkably like a mix between Jared and Jensen, resembles Jeffrey Dean Morgan, too.  They’d gotten the look they just needed the acting.  And boy did Jake deliver.  I’m the kind of person who’ll watch a show and usually guess the mystery before the halfway mark is done, but in that episode, I had no idea that Adam was actually a ghoul, and the real Adam was long dead.

And I was overjoyed when he reappeared in not only the hundredth episode, but the season finale as well.  I thought his portrayal of the real Adam—one who most definitely did not want to be brought back from the dead—was wonderful; he had the Winchester mannerisms of being sarcastic and shutting himself off down pat.  Then it called for a character change again, to turn into Michael, who previously had only been played by Matt Cohen, and he did that awesomely, too.  I totally believed that he and Jared were not playing Adam and Sam, but Michael and Lucifer, and that’s exactly how it should have gone.

Now, part of me hopes that, like Sam, Adam was released from Hell and got to go back to Heaven where his mom and that one chick are.  But another part of me wants him to return to Earth alive, to do...I don’t know what.  I don’t want him the third person in the Impala necessarily, but perhaps the occasional hunting ally for Sam and Dean.  Mainly, I just want to see Jake play Adam again—’cause he rocked that role.

5. Andy Gallagher (played by Gabriel Tigerman) - Appeared in: “Simon Said” and “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part I.”

Poor, poor Andy.  You were so awesome while alive.  But sadly, as did the majority of awesome characters on this show, you died soon after we knew you.

I don’t really have specific reasons why I’d love Andy to come back beyond that I adored his character.  I thought he was funny, smart (despite his penchant to get high, he did read Hegel, Kant, and Wittgenstein), and towards the end, got to be pretty badass, too.  I’m guessing one of the rationales behind killing Andy was because he was a Psykid, a storyline that got totally dropped, but I’m sure the writers could come up with some way to bring him back, right?  After all, they are having [SPOILER highlight if you want to read : Grandpa Campbell and Azazel (Fred Lehne Azazel)] return, so why not Andy?

6. Victor Henricksen (played by Charles Malik Whitfield) - Appeared in: “Nightshifter,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Jus In Bello,” and “Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Dean Winchester.”

vlcsnap 00011

This is one of the “has just about zero chance of coming back” characters I was talking about.  “Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Dean Winchester” was the episode that shattered my head fanon of Henricksen having somehow escaped the explosion back in Colorado and instead went on to become this kickass hunter.  Somewhat preposterous, yes, but I liked the idea.  And then they go and make him this vengeful spirit raised by Lilith.  Well, fine.  Destroy my dreams, why don’t you, Kripke?

Nevertheless, I think it’d be super fantastic to get Henricksen for an encore performance, and I’m guessing the majority of my fellow fandomers wouldn’t disagree.

7. Jessica Moore (played by Adrianne Palicki) - Appeared in: “Pilot,” “Bloody Mary,” “What Is and What Should Never Be,” and “Free to Be You and Me.”

In spite of the fact that Jess is half a decade dead now, she has appeared three times since her fiery demise, none of them in a flashback, interestingly enough, and she’s a character that I think would be plausible to guest again.  I’m not sure in what capacity, but hey.  So far she’s twice been a figment of Sam’s imagination and once a figment of Dean’s, so I’d say she has a higher than likely chance of returning.  (Okay, so her latest appearance was Lucifer playing mind games with Sam, but that’s just superfluous.)  Just, preferably, not as a tool for trying to turn Sam—or Dean, I suppose—Dark Side again.

8. Jamie (played by Melinda Sward) - Appeared in: “Monster Movie.”

If I didn’t love Lisa so much, I’d totally ship Dean and Jamie together.  Hell, even still, I think they’d be a great couple.  Jamie reminded me a little of Sarah, to be honest: she had an initial freak out at hearing what Sam and Dean do, like anyone would, but then she realized that it wouldn’t do any good to keep being the damsel in distress, and so held her own.  To the point of killing the shapeshifter and saving both boys’ lives.  In any event, it’d be cool to see her again, and if she did so like my mental vision of Sarah would (i.e. a hunter), then that’d be all the better.

9. Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler (A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester) - Appeared in: “Hell House,” “Ghostfacers!” and “It’s a Terrible Life.”

vlcsnap 00003

Okay, so, I know “Ghostfacers!” was an episode people either loved or loathed, with more emphasis towards the latter, but I’m totally in the former category.  I loved that we got to see the boys swear up a blue streak, because regardless of that we hadn’t seen them swear beyond the FCC guidelines (damn you, network censors!), come on.  Was anyone really of the mind that Sam and Dean didn’t drop the F-bomb now and again?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I also loved the interactions between Ed and Harry—they reminded me of a watered down Sam and Dean, actually.  Very watered down, but still.  And I loved their recurrence in “It’s a Terrible Life,” wherein they legitimately were necessities for the boys to live.  Well, kinda.  Technically it was Sam and Dean who indirectly helped themselves, but that conundrum is a little headache-inducing for me.  Plus, I adore A.J. and Travis as well—from everything I’ve seen of them at cons and in interviews and such, they’re both hilarious and down-to-earth—so win-win.

10. Young John and Mary (played by Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick) - Appeared in: “In the Beginning” and “The Song Remains the Same.”

SPN 0363

These two are arguably the ones most probable to make a resurgence, especially with the news that [spoiler: Grandpa Campbell] is doing so, and I just have to say that I’d be psyched to see them.  I thought the reveal that Mary was a hunter was absolutely fantastic, and that moreover, John was a sweet, thoughtful civilian.  Of course, that all went to Hell in a handbasket once John found out about what goes on in the dark and switched to the train heading towards the John Winchester we know best, but then, at least Michael did remedy the whole thing, right?

Anyway, again, I’m figuring they’d just appear in a flashback, or maybe in another time travel episode, but I’d still thoroughly enjoy them gracing my screen once more.

11. Lenore (played by Amber Benson) - Appeared in: “Bloodlust.”

The good-vampires storyline is one I feel would’ve been interesting to revisit.  In every vampire episode we’ve had besides that one, even “Fresh Blood,” which aired a season later, they were portrayed as evil supernatural creatures, and rightfully so.  But then we get “Bloodlust,” and it presents a moral quandary not just in the matter of killing vampires, but for Dean, in killing anything supernatural. As he said right before that iconic sunburst shot, “What if we killed things that didn’t deserve killing?  [...]  The way Dad raised us, to hate those things, and man I hate ’em, I do.”  While in subsequent episodes there was still moral waffling, it was pretty much the same as before “Bloodlust,” and I kinda wish the episode had been touched on again.  I doubt Sam and Dean would want to seek out or accept help from vampires, even from Lenore’s clan, but I think it’d be neat to have them come back; have Lenore come back, at least.

Honorable Mentions

1. Evil!Sam (yes, it counts) - Appeared in: “Asylum,” “Born Under a Bad Sign,” “The End,” and “Swan Song.”


My personal theory for why the light burned out in “Swan Song” is just that—the light burned out.  It’d be so Kripke to watch as the fandom spazzed out over Hellatus, postulating that Sam’s evil, he’s not evil, everything in between, when reality, the Cicero public officials simply hadn’t replaced that lightbulb in a while.

All right, so odds are that isn’t the answer, because clearly there needs to be even more angst in the show, so Sam’s probably going to still have a lot of demon blood left in him which is why the light burned out; or, another theory I’ve heard is that Sam’s a spirit, but I’m not sure that holds a lot of water either.  Then there’s the Sam’s-an-angel one which would be cool but very improbable.

Honestly, I don’t care whether it’s Samifer, whether it’s possession (however impossible that may be, given the boys’ tattoos), whether it’s a hallucination, I’m not that picky.  I just love love LOVE when Jared plays evil—and he has repeatedly said he does, too—and I’d be over the moon to see him do so again.  Mind you, I don’t want Sam to be permanently evil, but...maybe just a quick cameo à la “The End”?

2. Jesse Turner (played by Gattlin Griffith) - Appeared in: “I Believe the Children Are Our Future.”


I dare you to find me a cuter Antichrist—or kid for that matter.  I DARE you.

In all seriousness, I am wondering what happened to this little dude, myself.  He’s probably hanging out in Australia doing...something, and honestly he’s kind of useless at this point, because the Apocalypse is already stopped, but I’d at least like a mention of him.  I’m not entirely sure why they even introduced Jesse in the first place, since if you delete that episode, everything falls into place just fine, but because the episode is there, a callback to it would be great.

Feel free to counter my thoughts, or add your own; I’m curious as to what other people think on this topic.

P.S. I didn’t put Lisa on the list for a reason.  SPOILER (highlight to read),  Jensen said she’s coming back for three-ish episodes in season six, so it’s already a guarantee.  Otherwise, she’d totally be on here.

Screencaps from seasons one through three are mine; seasons four and five are from toxic_caps.


# Faellie 2010-07-16 16:01
Just to mention, the spoiler in No.10 hasn't been whited out yet.

(That could so be a political comment on my future employment prospects.)
# joelsteinlover 2010-07-16 16:02
I forgot how much I loved Sarah until she was brought up again. I actually really liked her, and I hope she comes back.

I also want Andy back, and Adam. I loved real Adam, not ghoul Adam so much, but real Adam.
# Suze 2010-07-16 16:10
Yes to all of the above and if we're allowing dead people ( a la Hendriksen ) I'd chuck in Ash ( what a surprise! ) and Ron the Mandroid fancier as well ...
Laurel F.
# Laurel F. 2010-07-16 16:10
Faellie - Yeah, I know. I asked Alice to white it out; in my original LJ post it was, but apparently it didn't transfer.

Suze - Ooh, yeah, I'd love to see Ronald back, too! He was awesome.
# elle2 2010-07-16 17:05

First off, I adore your name!!!!

Secondly, thanks for this awesome list. I love Sarah and agree, never heard a bad word said about her. Like Jaime she seemed to be a great pairing for Sam as Jaime was for Dean. Perhaps the two ladies could team up and do some demon/vampire/s hapeshifter et al hunting.

I agree with your whited out post on who didn't make the list here as I love her and am glad for your sentiments as well.

Jake Abel was excellent in all four incarnations he brought to the screen and I enjoyed all of them but the real Adam is my favorite, a perfect blend of anger, independence... or as Sam said, With that attitude you'd fit right in around here...he so did.

Ash, Ash, Ash, I definitely hope he returns and while some don't enjoy the retreading of past characters I would truly enjoy it if a way could be found to bring back Nicki Aycox as Meg...maybe, maybe, maybe.

The ones that are returning according to the spoilers have me very excited...ten more weeks, yikes, must. stop. counting. the. days.

Thanks for this fun list and never be afraid to be different, 11 faves or 12 or 21, with fun writing and lots of love it's a great read.
# Sablegreen 2010-07-16 18:02
Some pretty yummy pics of Sam in there! :D
Yes, I'd like to see Sarah back too. I liked her for did Dean. :-)
# maggie 2010-07-16 19:19
Great list, Laurel!
I'd love to see back:

hahaha Sam's hair

-Adrianne Palicki
-of course Jeffrey Dean Morgan
-Richard Speight aka the Trickster, Lucky and the archangel Gabriel
-and the demon Cassie from 3.04 Sin City

and you know? the girl on 5.04 The End, The girl that played Risa.
Laurel F.
# Laurel F. 2010-07-16 19:19
elle2 - Why thank you! That's very nice of you. Haha, a Sarah and Jamie hunting team would be all sorts of awesome! Adam did indeed fit into the Winchester family, whether he wanted to or not (emphasis on the latter), and I think if he hadn't been taken over by Michael, Sam and Dean would've grown on him.

Nicki was amazing; much as I thought Rachel did a fine job, there's still something about Nicki that embodies Meg's true form. Though Jared did, in my opinion, the closest to Nicki's performance.

Sablegreen - Couldn't resist! Sam/Jared is just so...well, you know. ;-) And you're totally right: Dean *did* tell Sam to marry her, after all.

anielle - Ah, yeah, I should've. I can't believe I forgot those appearances! I'm such a bad fan. Gordon would be interesting to bring back, and I too hope CHuck isn't gone for good.
Lesley M
# Lesley M 2010-07-16 23:30
Perfect List. And thank you for including the bit about Season 1 Sam Hair. I miss it terribly. From what I hear, Jared doesn't care for the long hair either.

I agree on almost everything, except having Adam back. I'd like him back for just one episode, so we can find out what happened after Michael and Lucifer fell into the pit.
# Yirabah 2010-07-17 04:04
Totally agree on your list. I love that you added the Sam hair in there.

One charakter I would like to return is Ellen. I loved it how the boys treated her with respect (and sometimes even fear). And how she treated the boys, not like she wanted to be their mother, but still with motherly love.
# Bevie 2010-07-17 13:50
Your list is great!

Especially I love Sarah Blake (but NOT to be killed off). She was perfect for Sam.

Andy I adored and was sick when he was killed. Such a sweet personality. He was so content with his state in life and "had everything he needed". What a sweetie!

I want to find out that Adam is back with his mom. Loved how he was so perfect a fit for a Winchester.

I'd love to see Missouri back but am so scared if they do that they will kill her off too! I'd rather never see her again than have that happen. (Why does Sera love to kill everybody?) :sad:

I too was hoping Henrickson could become a hunter and interact with the boys from time to time. Disappointed that he is a goner.

Really really missing Ellen, Jo and Ash. Love all three of them.

Trickster just has to be back. He's just the best! Let God reward him for his loyalty and revive him like Cas.

Loved Sam's hair in season 1. When it is away from his forehead he seems a much more hardened character and I like his personality in season 1, 2 and 3 the best.

Colin Ford is just amazing!

Jamie was adorable and a sensible and brave lady and had the good taste to connect with a re-hymenated Dean. Lucky Jamie!! ;-)

Love the Ghostfacers and trust they will be back at some time. Hell House is one of my favourite episodes.

I'd love to see more of Chuck also in any one of his personas. God/prophet/author/shmuck/loser

Loved Ron too but I'm afraid he's really gone for good. He was almost as good a hunter as the Winchesters. A great researcher. He could have been a big help to them if he had survived. Too bad Ronnie Resnick! Rest in peace.

As for the street light bursting when Sam appeared outside of Lisa's house, I read another theory which I approve of, and that is that Cas brought Sam there and that is why the light shattered. Always happens when angels first appear. I do not want him to be back with more dark powers or anything. I just want human Sammy back!

Love lists like this. More lists please.
# faye 2010-07-17 19:47
tessa and carmen
# Tom5 2010-07-18 10:25
Always thought Sarah was the best female character they could have developed. Besides liking the actress, I liked the character's venturesomeness and adaptability. The writers seemed to want to introduce full blown female hunters or demons who always made Sam and Dean appear dumb. Sarah was perfect as someone who could have grown into being a hunter--and it would have been fun to watch her do so and sharpen her skills to equal the guys--beside bringing a woman's perspective to the job. And, it would be nice to have someone around who really likes Sam.
# Suze 2010-07-19 06:05
GORDON!! :shock: How did I forget Gordon! Serious mental slippage going on here ... He must return. Dead/undead/ half-dead/ bit poorly ... Don't care, most excellent weasly psyco chap and much missed with his big cheesy grin and murderous ways ... :D
# Karen 2010-07-19 08:44
Hi Laurel
Great list. Would have to agree with the majority of them.
I too would love to see Sarah and Missouri again, providing they are not killed off.
And would like to know what happened with Adam and Jesse (antichrist).
Sorry to say I’m not much of a fan of the Ghostfacers so I don’t have them on my list (runs for cover).
# Jasminka 2010-07-19 14:53
Lovely article, Laurel, thank you - I will sign any petition to bring Sarah back, and he young Winchester parents, Lenore and- the kind of hair Jared wore at the L.A. and Rome convention... yes, he hardly ever looked more handsome.

And, I would love the return of some urban legends or some new ones (the creature from the black lagoon ;-))

Thanks for this, dear, cheers, Jas
# Bethany! 2010-07-29 09:58
thank you i was also a fan of season 1/early season 2 sam hair and i have often though it bizarre that his hair is better in real life probably because it isn't slatered in product and straightened within an inch of it's life.

I love the ghostfacers and i hope they return, they're such the anti sam and dean!

The person i'd really love to see back is Ellen, i loved Ellen she was one of my favourite characters and i was so happy to see her again in season 5.

Also Missouri,i f i had to pick anyone to return it would be her. I would love to see her come back and she's not even dead so she could quite easily cross paths with the boys.

I know it's very unlikely but John winchester could you imagine after all that's happened what it would be like for the boys (and possibly adam) to meet their father again, how would they all react (and bobby too for that matter) that would just be an amazing episode.