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Supernatural Guests "Bonus Round" Installment # 2
Quite a few friends (and foes) from further back in this batch " a couple surprises for me, actors who 've since become more familiar on their own shows.
(Thank you again to SupernaturalWiki for the images!)
Played by Eric Johnson
First and only appearance to date: the Devil You Know
Last seen: learning you should never cross a Winchester
Played by David Newsome
First and only appearance to date: Family Remains
Last seen: eliminating the Girl in the Wall threat to his family
Played Josh Blacker
First and only appearance: Salvation
Last seen: being added to the list of Meg Master 's victims
Played by Sarah Shahi
First and only appearance: Pilot
Last seen: being taken home, despite her EVP protests

Played by Jessica Harmon
First and only appearance: All Hell Breaks Loose I
Last seen: hanging from a water tower in Cold Oak
Played by Allison Hossack
First and only appearance: In the Beginning
Last seen: being stabbed by Azazel in her husband 's meatsuit

Played by Dylan Minnette
First and only appearance: Family Remains
Last seen: being rescued by Dean

Played by Callum Keith Rennie
First and only appearance: Wendigo
Last seen: wishing he 'd stayed inside the circle
Played by Kevin McNulty
First and only appearance: Faith
Last seen: trying and failing to heal Layla
Played by Don McManus
First and only appearance: It 's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Last seen: feeling the effects Sam 's ipecac hand
Played by Richard de Klerk
First and only appearance: Hunted
Last seen: eliminated by Gordon Walker

Played by Jimmy Herman
First and only appearance: Bugs
Last seen: regaling Sam and Dean with the curse of the Euchee Tribe

Played by Chris Burns
First and only appearance: Criss Angel is a Douchebag
Last seen: politely asking for Dean 's safe word

Played by John Hainsworth
First and only appearance: It 's a Terrible Life
Last seen: salted and burned by Smith and Wesson
Played by James Purcell
First and only appearance: Asylum
Last seen: Wondering how Sam feels about big bro Dean

Played by Candice Accola
First and only appearance: After School Special
Last seen: cruelly, but accurately, calling Dean out in 1997
Played by Jaime Ray Newman
First and only appearance: Phantom Traveler
Last seen: aiding in her first live-action exorcism


# Karen 2010-06-24 09:12
Hi Elle
Love the second instalment. I burst out laughing when I saw Chief/Chris Burns from Chris Angel is a Douchebag... I will never forget Dean’s reaction to the safe word was priceless.
# Jasminka 2010-06-24 15:18
Elle, hey, thank you - you brought some of my fave characters back to mind - the Chief, Constance Welch, Brady.. I really liked their roles. And the other were just as well chosen.

This is a nice way to pay respect to the actors in the smaller roles.

Thank you for this. Love Jas
Elena M
# Elena M 2010-07-10 16:03
I love these! Ipecac hand, lol... think my fave off this list is Brady, thought Eric Johnson nailed it to the wall. And has anyone else ever wondered whether Amanda Heckerling is so named after director Amy Heckerling? Seems like too much of a coincidence for a high school episode, and show's had a couple pf other sly references to "Fast Timees at Ridgemont High"... :twisted:
Elena M
# Elena M 2010-07-10 16:04
Where did that devil icon come from??? Must've clicked it by accident...