How do you watch your Supernatural? By Elle2
It’s here, Hellatus 2010. [Deep breath in, hold for a moment; relax and breathe out.]
Here we go, Supernatural Siblings, somewhere between 119 days and 133 days until the next new episode. [Based on suspected start date]
So, here is the first of many Hellatus articles I have planned, and already written. I won’t list out to you what is already written and what is intended to be written or what is in the process of being written but I will tell you that I started writing all these various articles in mid-April, just after the 100th episode. I realized then that Hellatus 2010 was going to be harder than I had initially thought and knew I had to do my part to assist everyone, including myself, in making it through. We’re in this together. I’ll do my part, you do yours…come, read, add a comment, submit an article, vote in a poll, watch your DVDs…every little bit helps.
This is fluff, fluff and pure fluff to get us started but worry not, I’ve got some analysis, some meat and some character and writer bits coming…that’s all I’ll tell you ‘cause I said a few sentences ago I wouldn’t go into what else was coming; time to get into this bit of fluff and send us all on our merry way.
So, just how do you watch your Supernatural? 
With five full seasons, 104 episodes, and another looming Hellatus I thought a little discovery into viewing habits was in order.
Do you watch all the episodes in order from The Pilot to Swan Song? I’ve done that [well, not exactly ‘cause it was Hellatus 2009 that I did that and thus there was no season 5 but you get my drift.]
This year I’m giving myself three weeks to watch each season and I’m watching them in reverse order. Three weeks times five seasons is fifteen weeks…that’s not bad for a projected 17 to 19 week time period.
Do you watch episodes that showcase specific characters?
Like every John Winchester episodes? That gives you ten with his presence.
Or how about every Ellen Harvelle episode? Those are fewer but no less fun to watch.
What about Bobby episodes? Too many (thankfully) to list and thankfully more to come in Season 6.
We also have numerous Castiel episodes, Zachariah episodes, there’s episodes that have Meg or Azazel or Lucifer present – with awesome acting to boot.
What about a Trickster marathon? That covers three season, three writers and four directors – as our beloved, and deeply mourned, Trickster would say… “Not bad.”
Do you watch for particular writers? Sera Gamble has written since the beginning as has Eric Kripke then there’s Jeremy Carver, Ben Edlund, Raelle Tucker, only Ben has written since Season 2 and Raelle was gone after Season 2 but Jeremy has written some gems along the way.
Then there are the fabulous directors, do you sit down and gorge yourself on all Kim Manners’ masterpieces or perhaps Mike Rohl or J. Miller Tobin, or how about Steve Boyum who helmed this year’s season finale – a fine job he did too with all the montages.
Do you like to watch for the vampires or perhaps the shapeshifters just to see if they kept true to canon for the lore?
Perhaps you’re a little bawdy and decide to dim the lights, pull the drapes and indulge in the likes of Route 666, Heart, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heaven and Hell and Sex and Violence ‘cause…you know.
What about indulging in those notorious episodes, you know the ones I mean; the ones without the Impala: The Usual Suspects, Hollywood Babylon, Criss Angel is a Douche Bag, It’s a Terrible Life, Lucifer Rising and Point of No Return…dang, and these are really good episodes too, still, no Impala…
When you watch do you sometimes fast forward through some parts? I do. Like the really gross parts in The Kids Are All Right or My Bloody Valentine, the gorging that occurs in Metamorphosis or the hand in the blender in After School Special…I usually speed through those bits; yeah, I’m a girl.
Do you watch on double time the ‘lesser episodes’ you know which ones I mean, Bugs, Red Sky in the Morning, Swap Meat – Ghostfacers [oh no you don’t!]
What scenes do you rewind and watch multiple times while gripping tissues…or sometimes your sides: Dean and Sam at the end of Heaven and Hell; Dean’s death in No Rest For the Wicked; Sam’s death in All Hell Breaks Loose I; Dean and Sam in the pagan gods’ kitchen in a Very Supernatural Christmas’ the escape scene in Nightshifter with Renegade playing, again, and again, and again and … yeah, again. [There’s just too many good ones to list, feel free to add]
Do you rearrange episodes that were aired out of order? I do. I’ll forever put Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid in front of My Bloody Valentine. I know the CW had its reasons but man that messed with the continuity…I’m over it though; I’ve got them recorded on DVD and can watch them in any order I want to. [so there, stomps foot]
So, if you were lacking in ideas, there’s a few to get you going. We’re about one week through and I can sense the resolve of everyone to hang in there, huddle on the couch, share our wonders, our concerns, our hopes and our love for all things Supernatural; we are in this together and we’ll be there when Season 6 [who would have thought!] unveils in September.
I’ll be back in a week with the first of a five-part series of articles in which I examine ‘the’ pivotal episode of each season. That’s the preview you get for what’s coming next from me [plus the season five wrap up from me and The Road So Far, Season 5…and – oh, bother, we’ll just have to wait. My goal is an article a week, some fluff, some heavy, some fun, some just whatever.  Characters and writers will be looked at and if all truly comes together I’ve got an indepth article on John Winchester, but that’s a ways away. See, I’m so excited I couldn’t help but gush on what I’ve got planned.]
It’s Hellatus folks, rejoice and read and have some fun. While you’re at it, clean those gutters, cut that lawn, weed that garden, clean out that garage, wash the car…oh, wait a minute, that’s my list….
Thanks for reading…Elle2