I just wrote a preview article for The Big Bang Theory on Blogcritics because after meeting the producers and actors at Comic Con, a show that I casually watched has now turned into a show I must watch.  In catching up I've become a really big fan.  It premieres tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it.  Since Chuck hasn't made the fall schedule, I have an even longer painful wait for my other "must see" show. 

Sure, it's known we're all Supernatural fanatics, but what other shows do you watch?  Any of them on The CW?  The only other show on The CW I'll watch is Smallville, and that's mainly because the kids love it.  As for other shows on other networks, none thrill me at this time.  I've written off Heroes for now and I'm not interested in the House version of "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest."  What shows are you looking forward to coming back?  Any other shows coming back that are on your "must see" list?  In a related question, is the very crowded Thursday night sending your DVR into digital fits?  I'm really interested in seeing what other shows people watch. 

Oh, and if anyone loves The Big Bang Theory, here's my preview article for Monday's episode.  Beware, spoilers!



# Bevie 2009-09-21 13:31
Watched the two Vampire Diaries so far, not too interested yet.

Tune in to Smallville usually as there is nothing else on at that time, but since Lex has gone, not very into that one right now either.

No other show is a must see for me like Supernatural is. So thank God for it Kripke!

Watch Biggest Loser while surfing the net. I guess that is the one most interesting for me.

Nothing can compare to MY SHOW and OUR BOYS though!
# Ash 2009-09-21 13:54
I have to watch the Big Bang Theory (I am an engineer and the show just hits home too many times for me not to enjoy it :-)))

I am also addicted to House...

I use to watch Heroes, but in the last 2 seasons they have managed to ruin it... :sad:
# joelsteinlover 2009-09-21 17:29
This is such a big question for me. I'm like a telly maniac. In July or whenever they first posted the fall TV listings I made a chart and whenever Guide could reach far enough into the future for me DVR something I did. I monopolize Netflix and force people to put up new TVs weeks before my birthday so I can watch season premieres without fuzz. I talk for hours and hours about the lil nuances of TV to my friends and no one seems to get it. Sigh. You have the most perfect occupation in the world.

Supernatural is one, obviously. You know. I race home from band and turn it on to that channel so in case my shower runs into it I'll still be counting as a viewer the whole time.

I don't "watch" the VampyD's so much as "support the network that produces Supernatural by trying to be optimistic and watching my DVR of it every week in the hopes that the characters will gain some depth." I just also have a brother fetish.

Greek is one for me, I just think that show is so freaking awesome.

House is another. I'm sure it's 90% for Hugh Laurie and only 10% for content, but shhhh.

My cuz got me hooked on NCIS marathons, but I don't think I'm watching that.

I miss Chuck. =[ I was so in love with that guy.

I watch SYTYCD when I'm absolutely bored and have already watched all the other shows for the week.

I WOULD be watching Friday Night Lights if I had DirectTV >_>

Flashforward looks super interesting, I've never really done a scifi (or should I say...syfy) show before.

I was going to watch Gossip Girl but, um, ew. I only watched it before because of Ed Westwick, that handsome English devil.

I too used to watch Heroes. But I like shows where main characters interact, so I refrained.

I think there was another but I forgot.
# elle2 2009-09-21 19:13
I've watched bits and pieces of VD and it's blah for me, as for Smallville, I'll check it out but I find it pretty campy -- in a bad way -- from what it used to be. I'll tune in on Friday though in the hopes that they've gotten better this season. As for the Big Bang Theory, I've only just started watching it and now quite enjoy it. I'll be tuning in tonight. The other shows I'll watch, oddly enough I'm a CBS girl, don't ask why. I'll be recording NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles 'cause I have a class Tuesday nights that goes until after 8:30 and I'll likely get home after 9. Also, with the pup, he takes my attention the first 30 minutes or so upon arrival so easier to record it and watch it completely later (probably one of them during VD on Thursdays ;-)

As for Wednesday, Criminal Minds...me thinks my fave character, Hotch, will live so I'll tune it. I think they'll gip us on the storyline again so SPN remains the best for gripping storylines but I'll still tune in. Friday nights doesn't have much, I'll sorta watch Smallville and I'll catch Psyche and when Burn Notice returns with the rest of their season I'll catch them -- at any time OTHER than Thursdays at 9:00.

So that's my TV viewing. Weekends don't hold much so it's the food network or watching SPN again or catching up on the recordings of NCISX2...that's what I'm watching.

# Insey 2009-09-21 19:28
Supernatural is really my only 'must watch' tv show for this season I think, but there are others that I will be following.

I love Big Bang Theory and I will be downloading that as well as How I Met Your Mother (which I have liked for a long while but was rather disappointed in the last season) but I have given up on Heroes this year. It was so good when it started but it just gets worse as time goes on.

I have been catching up on Dexter lately, so that will be one show that I am going to start watching when it starts up again.

I think I will probably check out Flashforward too, it looks interesting. The other new show I've been watching is Glee, which is a pretty fun show so far.

I'm sad that we have to wait until next year for Chuck, it was another of my favourite shows. I look forward to its return ^__^
# elle 2009-09-21 20:33
Supternatural is so far the only show that is absolutely must-see TV. I used to have a list of about 10 shows that I *had* to watch but as storylines dwindled or schedules conflicted - I had to choose.

I'll watch CS: Miami or NY if they're on and I'm there, but again not must-see. Law and Order SVU is one I try and keep up with - generally watch the season in large chunks on the Internet during downtimes at school. Bones is another one like this. Actually, there are a host of shows that I catch up on in the summer, but nothing that I'm in a panic about if I don't see. Reality shows drive me nuts so I avoid them and any surrounding hype as often as possible.

Dollhouse was growing on me last year - since it's on Friday nights = no schedule conflicts, so I am hoping that one goes strong this season.

The only other show that I *have* to watch is Lost, which doesn't start until the new year and then we're in the last season anyways.

This summer I got hooked on True Blood - sadly, that's over until next summer.

More often then not, I end up throwing in a Buffy DVD, V-Mars or Gilmore Girls - the staples that I grew up with never get old. And of course, Supernatural 8-)

For the sake of my education, I try to not watch any new shows - too distracting!
# staceycp 2009-09-21 21:13
there is quite a couple of shows ill proberly watch this year when they come back.
definately dexter. I been a dexter watcher since season 1. verry good show.

vampire diaries. def not a must watch at this point in time. it fills my guilty pleasure list so far. but episode 2 did show hints of great potential -what this show really needs is a good mythology with plenty of drama that draws out the best of the actors. (they should watch their parent show for tips!) but ep 2 did have a good thriller feel and the angst between stefan and elena doesnt feel as obtuse and OC-ish as the pilot did. but I realy like somerhaulders damon. hes like a vampire version of dean (although jensen will always win that battle for best smart ass!) but he does have the potential to really add layers to his character like jensen. but only time will tell if the producers of the show decide to take the easy route (cheap storylines. not trying cause they get good ratings anyway) or the hard but rewarding route (i.e like supernatural. playing to the actors strengths and create storys to match them)

oh i almost forgot! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! i will def be watching that wonderful show (no you dont have to watch football to like the show.)

im alitle interested in SGU. but it does look alittle too like its trying to mimic the style of BSG.

also will check out flashfoward. great concept.
Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-09-22 00:15
Supernatural was on my top list... but since its already on the air, DEXTER comes 2nd and aww man I can't wait for DEXTER t hurry up! Boy does it look good. I get all giddy seeing the commercials for it.
I was also looking forward to seeing House, but that aired today so I'm all good. =)
# Tigershire 2009-09-22 01:31
I'm with a few others. Supernatural is my ONLY must see TV but I have a few others I would like to keep up with. Bones is one. Chuck is another once it comes back on. I'm liking Vampire Diaries for the moment but it's not a show I'll make a point of seeing.

Weirdly that's it.
# Faellie 2009-09-22 08:27
I feel a bit weird saying this on this site, but I haven't had a TV for about 8 years. I watch Supernatural on DVD and download, and it's the only TV show I bother with.

The reason I don't have a TV is that the one I had broke, and I watched it so little I couldn't be bothered to replace it. I get nearly all my storytelling from books, either hardcopy or more recently ebooks. I did think earlier this year when I found Supernatural that I might get a TV, but it seemed a bit extravagant to get a TV and cable for just one show - and now Season 5 isn't even on in my country this year, so it's downloads or nothing.

Pretty much any show you lot mention past the X files is lost on me.
# Narcissus 2009-09-23 06:54
Supernatural is my one and only.

I don't have a tv in my dorm, so I only get to watch tv when I go home on the weekends, which only about a couple weekends a month. I don't know what it's like in the US, but weekend tv is pretty lousy here. I might catch a late night rerun of House or CSI, or this British series called Midsomer Murders. But even then, I just watch casually. I don't really like where House is going either. Here's the best part, I don't know what the official stand is, but I have a funny feeling that SN might be banned in my country, since I haven't seen a peep about it on both cable and the local channel since early season 2 (season 1 and 2 was aired both on a local channel and on one of the cable channels). I watch SN entirely online and on the DVDs.

Boy that's a long rant. But basically, I only watch SN :-)
# Carey 2009-09-25 02:55
Australian TV is terrible. It takes months for a show like Supernatural to come over.

I watch Supernatural all the time, also Lost and Vampire Diaries.