Lately I've been spending a lot of time working with all sorts of multimedia tools in order to get this website close to my vision.  I'm not there yet, but in my dabbling this weekend with video editing tools, I found a whole new appreciation for these fans that manage to put these videos together.  The time it takes is staggering!

I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube seeking out Supernatural videos, nor do I pay much attention to the recs on livejournal.  There's just not that much time in my life.  However, there are three in particular that I've been sent links too, and find myself repeatedly going back to them.  So, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day, I'm sharing them here.  

MaloventMe did an absolutely gorgeous Sam centric video to Annie Lenox's "Dark Road".  This made me pretty weepy and the lyrics are perfect for Sam. 

Here's a great one to counter the weepy one.  It's a hysterical and brilliantly edited Supernatural montage (plus one Gossip Girl bit) featuring a few songs from Flight Of The Conchords (which I love) as well as some other ones.  Even my kids laughed their asses off on this one.  The creator is maichan2 and it's titled, "Fun With Real Audio PART VIER."  


Finally, this is the video that won the video contest at "Salute To Supernatural" in Chicago.  This one is stunning, and my jaw drops everytime.  It's by GentlesideofFury and simply called "Supernatural - Series Recap" covering seasons 1-3. 

So, what videos do you recommend? I'm looking for your absolute favorites, ones worthy of repeated viewings. I'm sure there's plenty more than these three.