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Did anybody ask for this?

I think someone did.

Rewrites can be quite easy to do: Just pick any point in a story and proceed forward. The challenge is that if you end up rewriting too much, why not just put in that last 2% of effort and finish making something wholly original? I find the greater challenge is to "fix" something while changing as little as possible of the original.

At least that was my challenge when writing my Supernatural Finale Fan Fic, "With or Without You", which only altered the last 3 episodes of Supernatural's closing season 15 (as I am not counting episode 15.20 “Carry On” as a part of season 15 but a stand alone coda to the show as a whole).

Well, what if we changed a bit more? What if we went for a whole new arc in season 15…

We would actually have to start in episode 14.20 “Moriah” and alter the set up. When the characters are in the graveyard and Sam asks “are you getting off on this?”

14 20 1364 chuck smirk

I’d have Chuck reply, “No! It’s just compelling drama.”

Then after Dean refuses to shoot Jack, 

14 20 1337 standoff

Chuck would warn him, “If you don’t kill Jack, you will have to kill Sam!”

14 20 1419 Frustrated Chuck

There is a beat,

14 20 1330 Dean gun

 but Dean would still refuse.

This would lead to Chuck applauding his decision. From this, I would have Dean be the one to turn the gun on Chuck, only to discover that it was empty all along when he pulls the trigger.

14 20 1560 Sam aims

While Dean and the others are reacting, Chuck begins to ramble...

Chuck: “Bravo. You two never disappoint me.” [He checks his wristwatch.] “So you don’t have much time. Sam you’ll need these.” [Holds up 2 bullets then tosses them to Sam.] “Use them wisely. Oh! And they’re made of primordial elements and fundamental forces of the universe your science hasn’t gotten to yet so don’t take them apart trying to make more. Castiel!” [Walks over, hands Castiel a folded piece of paper.] “You and Jack will need this. I know you two can figure it out. Good luck on your quest.” [Checks his wristwatch again.] “I have to be going now. Just remember two things: This is the most I can do for you, and never forget that you chose this.” [Beat] “Three things! I believe in all of you. I really do.”

SPN 1597

Chuck then vanishes, leaving our four guys alone and confused.

The scene would then cut to a hot spring where we see Amara is enjoying a relaxing soak.

15.17 0016 Amara hot tub

Chuck appears and waves to her.

Amara: “What are you doing here?”

Chuck: “Hey, Sis! Just thought I’d see if you want to go check out some of the weirder worlds out there. Got a few really fancy ones I think you’d really enjoy.”

Amara: “I thought I made myself clear last time: I want to stay here and savor this world for now.”

Chuck: [checking wristwatch] “I think you’d really like to come with me.”

Amara: “Why? Are you… scared of something?”

Chuck: “No time to explain. You coming or not?”

Amara: “No!”

Chuck: [places a seemingly simple wooden box among Amara’s personal items] “Well if things go wrong and you end up in desperate straits, just open that up. I won't be able to help you right away, but I will come back for you." [takes a deep breath] "Take care of yourself, sis!” [vanishes in light like the end of "Swan Song".]

Amara just stares at where her brother was a moment ago, then jumps as she feels the world – no all of reality – violently shake.

15.17 0037 Amara startled

Somewhere in a nondescript corner of the world, a crack of light splits open – the passageway to another world. We see a hand reach out, its arm clad in a faded leather jacket–


Obviously, since the cliffhanger at the end of season 14 set up Chuck as the villain for the final season, we'll have change the season 14 ending if we want to do an alternative villain. Now Chuck is a bit more consistent with what we had always seen in the show, while still keeping his motivation a mystery (which will all make sense by the end). Instead of turning "God" into a reprehensible villain that is the enemy of all mankind, we're going to set up something a little different; something to really look back at the entire series, and examine the nature and meaning of it all. Join me now as we explore Team Free Will against the most dangerous and challenging foe they could ever face...

See what happens next in Part 1 of Nate's new Season 15 Myth Arc

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Illustrated by Nightsky.