Hellatus Check – Hellatus Ends!!!!
Sixteen short weeks ago Season 4 ended. One week from now Season 5 begins. We made it, Hellatus is over! What an amazing time this has been, so many articles, so many episodes rewatched, so many teasers and rumors and wonderings, so many Cons, so many fics written – I’ve only been reading one, Gaelicspirit’s Desolation Angels. I have the last three chapters printed off and awaiting reading, oh, to find the time. I will though, no worries.
Back at the beginning I had the humble idea that I’d post an article of some length and depth each week…then Alice stated she planned to post something every day – well, six days per week anyway. So, I cranked up the thinking and got typing. Amazingly, each time I thought I was out of ideas something would spark. As Hellatus winds down and I’ve ‘completed’ everything I intended I already have an additional two articles in mind, both likely will come to fruition in short order but I’ll leave them to ‘marinate’ a bit and wait for a quieter time such as – the first hiatus which will ultimately come sometime in November if history is any indicator. So not to fear, there will be aid when that time arises.
I embarked on some series of articles I never envisioned and am thoroughly glad are now done, if for no other reason than I can say, whew, I didn’t quit. Judging by the spirit and energy of the comments, there was more enjoyment than not. Thank you to Alice for hosting this site and improving upon my articles with videos or screen shots, assists with titles and even jotting in her own notes within some articles…it made it more fun for me to read so I enjoyed that. Big thanks goes to everyone who read the articles and especially to those who found time or made time to comment. Thank you very much.
Alice’s goal was to make this a place for people to come to during Hellatus and I think it worked. 
Hellatus has had many ups and downs for me. The weather has been pretty nice in my part of the USA so I’ve had lots of time to ride my bike and enjoy the fresh air as well as keep my AC requirements minimal, always a plus. On a sad note, I said farewell to my beloved canine companion very early in July. He was aging and in pain and as his caretaker it was my responsibility to make the difficult decision and I have no regrets – other than he couldn’t live forever. That knocked me for quite a loop and I can look at some of my writing and know that it affected it, as well as my enjoyment of basically anything.
However, as I write this I am a mere six hours away from picking up my new bundle of fur. He was born the night my beloved RJ died, how appropriate. Now, eight short -- and yet at times long, weeks later he comes home. Munchkin the Mighty has no idea what is coming his way. We’ve developed quite the little companionable routine Munchkin and I, but I have faith that as Munchkin is a sociable little fellow with dogs, he and Jobe will find their way. Munchkin quite liked (perhaps even loved in a feline/canine sort of way) RJ; I think he knew RJ rescued him, picking him out of all the kitties at the Humane Society adoption clinic.
** Editing note, it’s now Thursday 9/3 and Jobe ahs been home almost 16 hours…here are some introductory photos, him in all of his cuteness, and Munchkin and Jobe tentatively saying hello.***

Jobe has no idea but from now on we have a cuddle date every Thursday night from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. – and many other times during the days and weeks.
How else did I pass my Hellatus when I wasn’t writing, riding, crying, working? Well, I found some new TV shows to watch – shocking, but it had to be done, there were many sleepless nights. I found I truly enjoy the Food Network, Chopped, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef are very amusing. I also like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes but for the life of me I can never remember if they’re on the Food Network or TLC, either way what they can do with cake is awesome – darn my gluten intolerance. On the other hand my friend found and bought for me a box of Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix. How’s that for awesome, the fabulous Betty Crocker has gone gluten free, thank you very much!
I’ve also finally discovered Psyche and darn it’s pretty fun. Also, Burn Notice, don’t drag out your pitchforks though, I recognize that Burn Notice conflicts with Supernatural but good news is that USA Network repeats about three times in a week episodes of Burn Notice so I can catch it Saturday mornings – it ain’t all about Bugs Bunny anymore. I’ve also finally (finally) discovered that Gilmore Girls is really a great show. I’m tempted to buy the DVDs or perhaps I can just Netflix them. I’ve never used Netflix (am I even spelling it correctly). Is that something that’s easy to do? I really don’t think I need to own them but it would be kinda neat to watch them all, sort of in order. My, my Jared is so different in Gilmore Girls. So much better in a meatier role such as Sam Winchester but he’s not hard on the eyes…and still so tall!
So one week to go until Supernatural Season 5 begins. My Season 4 DVDs arrived on 9/1, the packaging is compact and simple and I quite like it. They’re in the middle of filming episode 6 as I write this with casting calls already out for episode 7. IMDB has little hints up as to titles and possible cast for the first five episodes; the roll call of writers and directors has familiar names that make me smile. Kripke is hedging his bets on Season 6, firmly planning on finishing his five-season arc this season and if necessary starting a new one. I applaud that, go strong and if given another opportunity, reinvent yourself; of all the shows out there, I believe this one can do it successfully.
I’m looking forward to Supernatural, Criminal Minds and NCIS, both new and old. I’ll enjoy more Burn Notice and Psyche and to be sure I’ll be watching those cake challenges and other culinary exploits, all the while cuddling my new furry little canine friend and my current feline friend. I’ll be sure to slip in little details about both in the upcoming episode reviews I do…sorry, for all who dread my reviews, I’m figuring on doing them. For those who dread them, thanks for clicking anyway, for those who enjoy them, they’re for you – and for me. 
That’s it, that’s my last Hellatus for now…it’s a pure ramble, nothing more but hey, you don’t need much, we’re only 168 hours away, we’ve made it this far, there’s nothing we can’t endure now.
Thanks for reading.


# angel 2009-09-04 13:21
can't wait!!!! 6 more dayssss!!!
i've been watching burn notice for 2 years and just recently did they change the time slot. i am so happy USA is a network that plays reruns and has their episodes online for a while. I recently got into NCIS myself and I have been watching Psych for a while. I am a fan of each but a bigger fan of Supernatural!! It is very obvious that the supernatural fandom is better than any other show. ;-)
# Bevie 2009-09-04 15:30
Elle2 -- Your puppy is so so adorable. Looks like your kitty will get along find with him.

I too have said goodbye to 2 wonderful doggies and also a beloved cat, so I know how you felt. So sorry!

I have a hound now, a foxhound, rescued from an experimenting facility. All 3 of them were entirely different personalities. Wonderful company.

Thank you for all your efforts during the hellatus. I loved coming here and reading yours and Alice's interesting comments. Am so excited for the season 5 premiere that I keep thinking something will happen like a blackout to spoil it. Hope not.
# elle2 2009-09-04 19:21
Hi, Angel and Bevie,

Six more days now...whee! Hard to imagine. My local CW showed preseason football last night...good thing my DVDs came on Tuesday 'cause me and Jobe cuddled and watched When the Levee Breaks and Lucifer Rising via the DVDs...listened to the commentaries... not bad, always like to listen to those at least once. Eric's was pretty good as he talked a bit about Kim and how he really tried to put as much of Kim's style into the episode as sort of a tribute.

If I don't kill Jobe from my own stupidity he has a shot at growing into an 80 pound (give or take) German Shepherd...he's survived a fall off the bed (tonight lots of pillows and extra dog beds will surround my bed) and then I got called out on an emergency for work and left him in his crate...with the top open. It's 34 inches high but my feisty little pup is a climber, 34 inches up, not so bad, tumbling down...not so good. He met me at the door three hours later and was quite subdued...no doubt surprised to find himself alone in the house (well, Munchkin was there but he was upstairs and to be sure not coming down to give any aid or comfort) Still, Jobe's a puppy and he got over it quite quickly. He's fine...two days down...how many more until he's big and can take care of himself despite my goofs????

As for your thoughts, Bevie, I cringe when I hear the President is planning a prime time address next week -- fortunately the CW doesn't usually carry them and since Thursday is the opening of football, he's savvy enough not to go up against that so looks like Wednesday is the night for that conference...wh ew. Now hurricanes, tornadoes, typhons, blizzards -- hey it's winter in Australia -- here's hoping they all stay away -- oh, and earthquakes, volcano eruptions, mud slides...you get the picture.

# Suze 2009-09-05 18:59
Ah, Bless ... One of my Kittens of Destruction is a dead ringer for your cat! ;-)
# Narcissus 2009-09-05 23:30
Alice, Elle2, thank you so much for helping us all through this hellatus. I think the people here are the most intelligent, rational (no mean feat for a saltgunner ;-)), and articulate bunch of fans I've come across.

Oh, and happy, happy me...I went to a fair yesterday and bam, one of the first things I see is a whole mountain of M&Ms being sold really cheap, so now I'm all stocked up on 'provisions' for season 5 hahahaha

Bring on season 5, WOOOTTT!! *dances around in circles of JOY*
# elle2 2009-09-07 08:30
Hi, Suze and Narcissus,

It's been a great Hellatus -- and that's no easy feat either for committed saltgunners! (or is that obsessed? Oh, bother!)

Today is monday and that means we're that much closer...so tantalizingly close. I'm very eager for the beginning of the new season...and all the fun we'll have here at The Winchester Family Business as we discuss and dissect and soak in everything that's thrown at us. Weeeee!!!