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As we are soon coming back from Hellatus, it is good to talk about snacks and more guilty pleasures that you can eat and drink while you enjoy watching Supernatural! First, I will share a few things I have eaten while watching the show but I also asked a fellow WFB writer Far Away Eyes if she could contribute her recipes. These snacks are not eaten at the same time but at one time or another they have been my guilty pleasures while watching the show!  

Something Salty...

Rhye 1low

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1. Wicked Demon Trap Cream

(With chips, rhye chips, small Karjala rise pies etc.)

Cold smoked salmon x2 (Tiny bits)
Large shrimps x2 (in 3 parts)
Sour cream x2 (big jars)
Fresh chives (or dry)
Black pepper (freshly ground)
Lime juice (6 drops)(Chili, spicy)

Mix all of them together & enjoy with crunchy chips etc!


2. Cthulhu Curse Pizza

Ordered/made Pizza with chicken, shrimps, mushrooms, cheese, garlic and pineapple! MmmMmmMmmmmm...

IMG 1365 1

3. Turdukken French Loaf Slammer

It is filled with whatever you like and NO, it does not have weird goo in it... It is not a pissed off sandwich.

IMG 1453 1

4. Wormy Delight Salad

Screwed pasta (boiled)
Cold cut (small pieces)
Onion (1 big, small pieces & boiled)
Carrot (boiled, in small slices)
Leek (fresh, small slices)
Peas (fresh)
Red & Yellow paprika (Fresh, small pieces)
Fresh chives (or dry)

All mixed with:
Light mayonnaise (jar or 2 tubes)

IMG 1468 1

5. Cthulhu Light Delight Salad

Large/small shrimps 
Cherry tomatoes/tomateos (sliced half/small triangle pieces)
Light cottage cheese
Cucumber Delicatessen (slices)
Cucumber (fresh, triangle slices)

Treat 1low

6. Brain Poppers and Black Death

Cheese popcorn and black sweet licorice. I am Finnish you know... ;)