Before I share a wonderful project and the pictures that Erin sent me, first a note about the recent inactivity over the last couple of days.  As I learned the hard way, when a laptop that becomes your third arm goes poof! you truly are screwed in the world.  My barely year old Dell laptop went all wrong Thursday evening and I blame Lucifer.  Okay, maybe the Japanese, since they made the video card that went bad and screwed the whole thing.  It took a couple of days, but my hard drive is in another machine and I'm slowly back to getting back to reality.  The regular posts, like the Top Ten Unsung Heroes list or the upcoming Dean Winchesterisms, will resume tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a great fan project to share.  

Here is the description of the project in Erin's own words:

We wanted to come up with something unique to send to the set to show our support and our little sister said "why don't you make a wall hanging?"  and so we did.   Basically it is a compilation of our favorite moments, quotes and themes and characters from the first two seasons. We came up with the idea for the wall hanging some time in the week between What is and What Should Never Be and All Hell Breaks Loose 1 and we completed it and mailed it on September 8th

Traditionally Supernatural is a dark show and we wanted to reflect that in our wall hanging, hence the black and grey fabric that we used for our quotes.  The red, brown and the blue striped fabrics were inspired by some of our favorite Sam and Dean shirts.  Dean’s red flannel shirt, Sam’s blue striped shirt from Tall Tales and they both have great brown plaid shirts.   So this one got shipped off to the set and I know they have it because Andie (who does the plastic!winchester theatre) took a picture of it when she was on set and also because it has gotten two brief mentions in the Supernatural magazine. 

The second picture is of the S3 wall hanging that I did with one of my friends.  Pretty early on I was seeing the themes of the season and while I hadn't intended to make another wall hanging, the design for this wall hanging kept bugging me until I decided to do it.  This one took me a great deal longer to make so I didn't get it shipped till the end of February and also haven't been able to confirm that it actually arrived there.  But the second wall hanging tells the story of the third season.  As I watched season three, three themes became apparent to me; Dean's deal, the demon war, and the story of the boys' lives in the midst of everything else.  Through out the season, the boys were battling the forces of hell.  The various demons they encountered are depicted in the corner squares.  The dialogue blocks represent Dean's deal, the passing of his "last" year, and the brothers' relationship as they come to terms with the implications of that.  The episode squares, while depicting the boys' lives are a  throw back to the first wall hanging where we dedicated it to our favorite quotes, pictures and moments.  As in the first wall hanging the black background is a reflection of the lighting and feel of the show.  Also a continuation are the filler fabrics, which are inspired by the boys' great plaid shirts.  New this year was a Latin exorcism, and one of the pictures has Jared's autograph.

Now we come to my baby!  This project took me close to two years, from the time that I came up with the idea to drafting the pattern, to making a prototype, to finally finishing the first one this past month.  I came up with the idea for my friend who absolutely loves the third main character of the show and the plan was to make her a one of a kind for her birthday, but as my other Supernatural friends have seen it they want one too.  So now the distinction is that she gets the first.  I think the pictures pretty much tell it all, so enjoy! 

So you can't have an Impala with out the Impala theme song. Thanks to our hand dandy music button we have ten seconds of Back in Black to rock out to.


Thank you so much Erin for sharing.  These are only a few photos of these great and very creative projects.  To see the rest of the photos (which show off way more detail like the quotes), go here:

Season one and two wallhanging:

Season three wallhanging 

Stuffed Impala: