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What a long strange trip it has been. I have loved writing this story and imagining all the locations where our heroes would spend their time. Now the epilogue is upon us. If you missed the opening chapters of Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 before continuing.

Now, you have heard Jensen singing a Christmas song so it is fitting to end these stories with a fan video where Jared sings. He sings really well so I hope he gives himself enough credit for that.

Supernatural White Christmas feat Jared Padalecki (3X08) by: LK

White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tree tops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tree tops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases
May all your Christmases
May all your Christmases be white


I'm dreaming of a white
Christmas with you
Jingle Bells all the way, all the way

It's a Supernatural Life

Backround low


All hell broke loose with Lucifer, angels, and monsters oh my in an AU land with Sam!


Castiel: Sam, let me help you.

Sam was still bewildered but he did not wait to give his mom and brother a strong hug and stay in that hug a while. He was also shaking but not from the cold. It was more of the shock that his neck was twisted around just a second ago and he was afraid he would not see his family and friends ever again. Castiel walked over to offer him a hand and lift him up from the snow. Sam gave Cas a big hug also.

Sam: You're alive!

Castiel blinked and patted his friend's back gently. He moved to Sam's side and put Sam's arm around his shoulders and his own arm behind Sam's back. He guided him gently towards the bunker through the snow. There was no doubt about it. Cas was mostly carrying Sam because he was dead tired and his legs wobbled in the snow.

Dean: How hard did you actually hit your head, Sammy?
Sam: Shut up...

Sam smiled and took a breather. Mary gathered the stuff around the tree and then followed Castiel and Sam inside. Dean was already following them but when he glanced over his shoulder he saw the Christmas tree they cut.

Dean: Oh hell no, we went to all this trouble to get that. I am not leaving it behind.

He grabbed the tree top in his hand. Then he dragged it through the snow and into the bunker. The others were already downstairs. Mary was helping Sam by taking the wet and cold outdoor clothes off. She was making a fuss but Sam let her. He actually liked it. He didn't know he longed for his mother making sure he was alright. Dean dragged the tree down the stairs with curses and loads of noise before he dropped it on the floor. Then he took off his wet clothes. Vaque smoke made him smell the air. Something was burning.

Dean: The turkey! Crap!

Mary and Sam looked at Dean when he dashed passed them to the Kitchen. Castiel tilted his head because he had no idea what was going on. Sam smiled a bit but then the images of the alternate world flashed through his mind. Most of all his brother being Lucifer was imprinted in his thoughts. That was something he never wanted to see again. Sam wavered a bit but then his mother's voice snapped him out of it.

Mary: Sam... Sam?.. You alright?
Sam: Yeah... yeah, I'll live.
Mary: I said that: "You go take a warm shower and I will make some warm clothes ready for you."
Sam: Warm shower sounds about right. Thanks, mom.
Dean: Noooooooooooo!

Dean yelled in the kitchen and he leaned on the table with his hands. The turkey was pretty roasted and smoking on the plate. All three ran in there but when they saw what was going on Sam shook his head and headed to the shower. Mary walked around the table and put a hand on Dean's shoulder.

Mary: It will work. It is only burned on top. Don't worry.
Dean: I thought you wanted everything to be perfect?
Mary: Well, a lot happened after that. I still have my boys with me so that is enough.

Dean smiled and Mary kissed his cheek.

Dean: I'll head to the shower too.
Mary: I will make everything ready here.

Sam leaned on the shower wall and let the warm water run down from the back of his head. The water felt so good and cleansing. Mary headed to their rooms and put T-shirts, sweatpants, and socks out on their bed covers. Then she made the table ready with the dishes. Castiel helped her. He wanted to know everything about Christmas traditions and Mary told him. Usually, she would have been annoyed by the distraction when she was "working" but not this time. It was not for long before the table was ready. Now it only needed the food.

Castiel: Celebrating Christmas sounds like a lot of work.
Mary: Tell me about it.

screen shot 2012 10 02 at 11 24 01 pm

Sam came out of the shower with only a towel on and Dean followed soon behind. They headed to their rooms to put on their clothes and they rested the towel around their neck. Both boys were heading back to the others when they bumped into one another at the corridor. Dean looked at his brother.

Dean: Hey...
Sam: Hi, what's up?
Dean: Just wanted to ask, are you really sure you're alright? Just getting the vibe that something is wrong.
Sam: Yeah, well, when I was unconscious I had a really vivid and horrible nightmare. Trust me, you don't want to know about it. I'll tell you later, alright?
Dean: Sure thing.
Sam: Anyway, we deserve a break and I'd rather celebrate and spend this time with my family. We deserve it.
Dean: You took the words right out of my mouth!

Dean grinned and slapped Sam's shoulder in a brotherly manner before heading into the next room. Sam smiled and shook his head. Now that the turkey was taken care of, the boys could smell all the Christmas fragrances coming from the sweets, flowers and food.

Dean: We're ready mom!
Mary: Good! Look.

Castiel and Mary had made the Christmas tree ready and they had hung lights on it. It was standing tall on its metallic pedestal. Mary was holding a box in her hands that looked old. It was burned a little. Castiel had put the popcorn cord on the tree and a few other sparkly cords. Sam and Dean walked closer.

Sam: What is this?
Mary: I know I have been distant, but I have been spending my time backtracking my life. Dug out things from my past. I even visited our old home.

Sam and Dean looked at one another.

Mary: A woman with her child was living there. Jenny was her name. She had trouble in the house. I guess you know about her case. Anyway, she did not move away even after the horror that happened and we talked. She gave some of our things to you two but these she found later in the basement. She kept them in case you would come back. I also met Missouri. She sent you two her hellos.

Mary lifted one item up from the box. It was a blue glass angel. Dean looked at it.

Dean: Hey... I, I remember that.

Mary: We had a tradition in our family that we put ornaments on the tree that meant something to us. Of course, we also put the ordinary ones up but these had a story, a memory. They were special. Like this one. It is yours, DW January 24, 1979, and this shiny red star is yours, SW May 2, 1983. I bought it when you were born Sam but I never got to use it.

Mary hung both of the ornaments on the tree. She adjusted the angel with her fingers and did the same with the star. Her image was mirrored from their surface.

Mary: This was my father's and this my mother's.

Mary added a blue bow and a shiny golden Christmas star to the tree.

Mary: Do you have something to add to it as ornaments? Something that is special to you?

Dean blinked and started to think. He had a few things but he didn't know which one to use. Sam knew immediately something he could add and he went to retrieve it. Not long after Dean headed out to the garage to get his. Sam opened his keepsake box in his room and snatched something into his hand. He also picked up Dean's present. On his way out, his eyes stopped to stare at the pen on his table. He walked to it while he got an idea. He licked his lips a bit and glanced at the door. Then he stretched his hand towards the pen and it looked like he tried to move it with his mind. Nothing happened and he just shrugged and muttered: "Right, of course, nothing happens. Get a grip, Sam..." He turned and walked to the door, stepped out and closed it. While the door was closing, the corridor light shone on the pen as it started to roll forward a bit, then stopped. Sam had no idea that it had worked.

Mary: Do you have something Cas?
Castiel: Well, no... Should I have something?
Mary: If you want yes.

Sam walked back from his room and hung the wooden amulet replica on the tree. Dean's present he hid under the table on the chair. Dean brought back Baby's old keys and he hung them up. He nodded proudly. Castiel folded his arms. He eyed around and tried to think. Then he dropped the angel blade from his sleeve and brought his hand on top of the blade. He melted some of the metal from it like an alchemist and formed it back to a smaller angel blade that had a small hook on it.

Dean: That is cheating.
Castiel: No, it's not.
Dean: Show off.

Cas eyed Mary and then walked to put his ornament on the tree. He adjusted it a few times so that it was just like he wanted on the branch. Mary handed the box to Dean with the rest of the ornaments. The tree still looked very lonely but they were going to fix that.

Mary: Then we remembered people that were with us only in our thoughts, and wished them a Merry Christmas while hanging up the rest of the ornaments.


Dean looked at the box and then at Sam. He sighed a bit because they had lost so much but also they cherished those that were left. He picked up one decoration and lowered it to one of the top branches. When he was done he handed the box to Sam, Sam handed it to Mary and Mary handed it to Castiel. They all mentioned a few people to remember.

Dean: Merry Christmas to us all and to Bobby, Charlie, Ellen, Jo and rest of the Roadhouse.
Sam: For Jody, Eileen, Jessica, Sarah, and Kevin.
Mary: For John, Deanna, and Samuel.
Castiel: Those I have lost and still have... Hannah, Balthazar, Anna, Claire and Jimmy Novak.
Dean: And the rest of our friends and family. Even our frenemy Crowley, our own little Grinch.

Sam peered at Dean and he shrugged. I guess Dean was getting into the holiday mood so all was forgiven just this once. Mary picked up the star tree topper and handed it to Sam. Sam looked at it and Mary.

Mary: Will you do the honors to put this up on the tree?
Sam: Me?
Mary: Yes, you. Last time it was Dean and John when I was present.

Sam stared at the star and he was quiet. Mary glanced at Dean and she noticed that he was keeping an eye on his brother. Sam was pretty taken by what Mary offered. He coughed a bit when he noticed everybody was watching him. He leaned up and had no trouble attaching the star to the tree.

Dean: Now, shall we eat? Take a seat at the table and I will bring everything there.

christmas table monmart 1

Mary, Sam, and Cas walked to the table and they sat down. Mary lit the candles in the middle and adjusted the cheese plate and bowl of nuts. They had already started lively chatter and excited laughing around the table. Most of their conversation was trying to explain other traditions and why they are like they are to Castiel. Dean decided to clean the burned parts off of the turkey and cut a few slices and the legs. He place them on the tray, ready for the table. The mashed potatoes were still warm. He had left them in the oven with the turkey so that they would be warm when served. He brought the salad and poured some sweet cider into their glasses. Cas joined the festivities and enjoyed the table delicacies even if he didn't need to eat. He had been doing that for already because he wanted to feel like one of the guys. It was already a habit of his.

After the first course, Dean brought the rest of the food to the table - both warm and cold: mashed potatoes and salmon, turkey and gravy, eggnog, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. They kept on chatting and laughing. Dean was digging into the turkey like a Gremlin. Boy, he was hungry. Sam ate like a moose but at least he was calm about it. Mary was also relaxed and enjoying the time she had with her boys.

It took a while for them to eat. Mary helped Dean move the dishes back to the kitchen when they were done. Castiel carried Sams's TV to the table because they talked about watching "It's a Wonderful Life" together while eating dessert. They all sat around the table. Sam pressed play from the remote control. Dean and Sam leaned back to get a good watching position and Castiel leaned forward to his elbows so he could examine the movie better. They were drinking eggnog while watching the movie and eating all the sweets. Castiel had loads of questions like: "Is that who Meg talked about when she talked about Clarence?" but the biggest grunt he made was in the end where Zuzu Bailey said to George: "Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."

its a wonderful life 3

Castiel: That is not how angels get their wings and we don't ring any bells. We had them already when we were made. We didn't need to do things to get them. I mean we don't have wings now but... Do you think I could get my wings back like that?
Dean: No Cas...
Sam: Unfortunately no.
Castiel: But Zuzu said so?
Dean: Yeah, but it is only fiction.
Castiel: Oh...

Dean laughed and stood up patting Castiel's shoulder.

Dean: Don't worry about it.
Mary: I think it is time for me to head to bed. But I wanted to give you your presents first.

Castiel and Sam stood up. They watched Mary retrieve a few packages from her back pack. She handed one to Dean, one to Sam and the last one to Castiel. Dean shook it and then opened it fast. It was a leather hunter's journal. Inside on the cover were his initials. Sam got the same but it had his initials inside and a Men of Letters crest.

Mary: I thought you would like journals of your own... for cases or just for notes or for your own thoughts.
Sam: Thank you.
Dean: Thanks, mom. It's awesome.

Castiel opened his present. It was cufflinks and a tie pin with an Enochian symbol. When Sam saw them he stepped to the side and snatched a present from behind the books on the bookshelf. Dean grinned a bit because it seemed their present fit pretty well with Mary's.

Castiel: Thank you... I am sorry but I have no gifts for you.
Mary: That is alright. Today was a gift enough for me.
Sam: And we got this for you Cas.

Sam handed Castiel his present. Dean folded his arms when Castiel was unwrapping the present. Castiel looked at it and then at the boys. They had gotten him a new tie in different, darker colors. He didn't know what to say at first but then...

Castiel: Thank you. I needed a new one.
Mary: Good night.
Sam, Dean & Castiel: Night!
Castiel: I'll head to my room too. I still have a few Christmas movies left.
Dean: Which ones?
Castiel: Well, Die Hard one and two, Lethal weapon, Home Alone. They don't sound like Christmas movies though.
Dean: For the love of -, Cas! Those are the best m---

Dean was almost going ballistic about his favorite movies but then he took a breather, calmed himself down and smiled. One, they were good movies in general and two, they were the best Christmas movies. Castiel eyed him for a moment and Dean just patted his shoulder.

Dean: Merry Christmas Cas. You go get them, champ.

Castiel nodded and walked to his room past the tree just as a bell jingled on its branch. He stopped for a moment and raised his eyebrow. He took a hold of the bell to make it still. Then he shrugged and continued on his way to his room while checking out the tie Sam and Dean gave him. Dean clapped his hands together when they were left alone.


Dean: Gametime?
Sam: It sure is!
Dean: I just need one more thing before that.

He went to his room to retrieve Sam's present and Sam picked up the one he hid under the table. He sat in front of the TV and Dean soon joined him. Sam smiled and gave Dean the present; the same happened the other way around. Dean ripped the gift paper and held in his hands a family picture of them and Mary at Asa's wake that Jody had taken. Sam had carved the wooden frames for it himself.

Sam: I thought that it has been a long while since we last had a family picture taken and then I remembered that.
Dean: It's great... Really great. Thanks.

Sam opened his present slower and he laughed. Dean had bought the Bloody Messiah cd for Sam and scissors for his hair, as a joke of course. He had also made a tape recorder version of it. With the cassette case, it looked like the old ones from the 80's.

Sam: Heh, Bloody Messiah. This must have been a pain to get.
Dean: Tell me about it.

Dean rested the picture on the table and poured some more eggnog for them. He handed Sam's glass to him and grabbed a few nuts from the bowl on the table to toss into his mouth. Sam placed the CD and tape in front of the picture. Sam sighed and relaxed on his chair.

Dean: Merry Christmas Sam.
Sam: Merry Christmas.

They both took a sip from their glasses and Dean picked up the TV remote when he sat down. He tuned to the right channel and then glanced quickly at the picture on the table. Dean Winchester had a huge smile on his face. Sam sat and glanced at his brother. He felt relieved and happy. The day turned out for the best in the end. The boys ended up watching the ball game far into the night.

3 08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

From the living room, through the corridors and the garage, outside was a calm, snowy night. It was not snowing anymore. Someone was still outside walking out of the woods. A familiar figure stepped out of the shadows. Gab glanced at the bunker entrance grinning and brought a lollipop to his mouth. He changed back to Gabriel while he was walking towards the city, whistling quietly "Jingle Bells" while doing so. After a few seconds, he vanished into the night. Even his footprints were covered by snow after a while because of calm and caressing wind.

The End!


Screen captures, images:  It's a Wonderful Life & Monmart

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