I am called Mistress Magda.

Tosses some flash powder on the candle flame for dramatic effect. 

There is nothing wrong with what you see. Do not attempt to leave. The spirits are all around us. Their thoughts flow through this realm and the nether, among the stars! If they want to appear to us they will. If they want to make us hear them, they will. They control the cards. We will control ourselves and not be afraid. I can pick up a card and tell you what it means.  Have a look around, we are surrounded by Death in all forms. I can command them with my voice and make what we see a crystal clarity. I will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from your inner mind to reality. The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light, and the dark. They -- 

Magda senses your doubts.

What? How dare you suggest I almost completely quoted the Outer limits? What do you mean I am a fake? That is totally not true. You'll see! Now, Sit, stay! And be ready for the session. I shall tell you what will happen after "Beyond the Mat". You have Three questions. No more, no less!


Will the brothers fight in unison the rest of the season?

Magda shuffles the cards and places them at the right spots. She turns the cards one by one and explains them.

Cards 1  Mat Question1

First card is The Star and as you can see it is reversed. There is hope for them to be united but as the card is reversed the unison might be broken by arrogance. You can see that Three of Swords crosses over them so it favors them to succeed. There is hope because the obstacles they are facing are removed one by one. Reversed Six of Pentacles crowns them because one has a desire for Darkness and other is clouded by illusion. Both enemies are strong and having influence on the brothers. Beneath of it all is Seven of Pentacles. The second core matter that keeps them united is; Saving people, hunting things, the family business. They need to upheld that. But one can never forget about the past as this Two of Pentacles shows us. Leaving it behind you doesn't always work and ignoring it would be worse. They need to learn from it but also understand that not all things from the past are like that. Be weary of the bad omens!

Magda taps the cards when she passes through them with her finger. Her eyes lingers to the next card and then to you. 

A-ha! Do you see this? This is what they have in store for them. The World! It is before them like a voyage to the unknown. Assured success is in sight and a change of scenery. Oh... This is interesting... Death in reverse? Hmm-hmm... Death is not always bad thing although I can see a woman and a man materialising when I look at the word, giving it a form, a person to relate to. Do they effect the situation? Time will tell. The force is strong in this card and they are their own enemies to this to work out. It might petrify them and make the brothers to lose hope. 

Lights flicker in the room.


Judgement on the other hand is the environment, the influence of people and events around it. The change of position of all the pawns has an effect to the outcome. The queen and kings, white and black knight and the soldiers. Too many variables are on the board. As we are talking about the queen we can move to the Queen of Swords that is both hopes an fears of the brothers. Both hope they can win and both fear what is to come. How does The Darkness effect Dean and how does the situation burden Sam.

Magda's hand shakes when she picks up the last card.

This is what will come, Six of Wands and it is also reversed. This is what sets to everything. With Six of Pentacles it predicts the ultimate downfall of it all. The apprehension and treachery that is to come. Is the enemy let in by the other or is the other delayed and the other is doomed to go down because of it? I can only see Darkness laying ahead.

Is Crowley going to join the Winchesters?

Mat Question2

Not done yet? So, you are in cahoots with the King of Hell... I am not getting into trouble by doing this, am I? As for your question. Nine of Pentacles covers the answer like an armor from the middle ages. It seems likely he will and safe to say it will be a success. Second card is the Ten of Pentacles but it is upside down as you can see. It crosses over the first card omening fatality and loss... Or is it robbery? Crowley might be up to his old tricks and rob the gain and win for himself. Will he join at all in reality? That is the question. The Moon adds to this. The Winchesters need to be careful. I see hidden enemies... Danger and Darkness crowning this question. Be aware!

The curtains wave on the open window.

Is it chilly in here? Let's move along. Reversed Ace of Swords predicts also disastrous consequences beneath it all. Misery is upon them. I see Queen of Cups behind him. That person has a red hair and is feisty. Aah, I... I see a name... Rowena. Crowley passed her with the Winchesters and I am not sure her influence has ended. Five of Cups is again upside down and is before them. A return of a relative that is not seen a while? Is it Rowena or someone for the boys? It is a blur but I see alliances happening and at least they should get news one way or the other. What is this? Six of Cups mirrored, interesting... There is a future and renewal in relation to Crowley but is it good or bad. We will see. 

The window slams shut.

Gasp! Well, ehem, where was I... Eight card is the Queen of Wands and it is backwards. Everything around them leads them to deceit. Their hopes and fears? Six of Swords would be otherwise positive but as we had Six of Cups already then these two combined turn the scale to their downfall. This all leads to Queen of Swords which completes the three queens which lead to deception by women. Will Rowena and Amara combine forces?

Magda peers at the ones that she is talking to. Then she picks up and shuffles the cards. Shadows dance on the table and walls.

Last one. Make it count. I need you to hold out your hands and hold on to one another.

Will Lucifer be released from his vessel and thus freeing Castiel?

This is a tricky question. I can sense it already. Shall we see?

The cards are again placed picture side down on the table. Magda takes a calming breath and turns the card again one by one.

Mat Question3

Ah, the Morning Star you say? His hold on the angel is quite deep. We start with the Four of Wands that is backwards. His influence seems to only increase. As an obstacle Strength crosses it and makes the chances favorable. Castiel needs his power and energy and also his courage to do it. And then he will be succesful. Page of Pentacles shows that Castiel wants to rule the situation and be a better soldier by getting freed. What matters to his choice from the past is Eight of Cups, his honor. It is far less important than he thinks and it makes him do wrong decissions. 

Candles flicker and they are blown out. Magda shivers and eyes around.

I have a bad feeling about this... He let the enemy through the gate as you can see from the Six of Wands. At the same time he was disloyal even if he didn't mean it that way. Four of Cups show more contrarieties ahead. He is currently weary. His attitude is impatient and he has suspicion for their plan to work like the Seven of Pentacles shows. It is not looking good for them as the Winchesters need Castiel. Four of Swords reveal the situation around him with the plan, Crowley, Lucifer, the Winchesters and his vigilant actions in a new light. He needs to retreat and his decision should be greatly considered to be subject for self reflection. Three fours are no joking matter.

The echoes of whispers spiral around them.

The Hermit marks his hopes and fears. Did he make a treason with his decision? Is he forever corrupted by what he chose? Will prudence get him out of this? What will come if the course continues this way? Next card will shed a light to these questions, King of Pentacles upside down. Lucifer is an old and vicious man. He will not let Castiel to succeed. I see an end where weakness and peril will be the end for him.

After the last card the doors slam open and Magda stands up angrily when she senses trouble ahead. She points at the open doorway.

Get out! The spirits are angry. You still have no faith on what I predicted but you will see. NOW GO!

Impala 2


Editors note: Don't fear, I am not really a fortune teller. I wanted to "predict" the things that will come to pass in a new way on season 11 so if you liked this then let me know in the comments. I used the cards where they took me at the same time keeping mind everything that has already happened and the pawns on the board. I am not sure how often I can make these or will this be a one time hit only. We shall see.

PS. If my predictions come to pass I will buy a lottery ticket and take a trip around the moon.

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