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You could say I am a Newbie among the other writers on WFB. I have been writing articles almost a year now but even if I have only a few published, there are already articles that I regard as my favorite.


Five Favorite Reflections

Everything clicked with this article. I loved the episode "The Werther Project".  It also might be among the many "best" episodes for me (if not the best). Berens wrote a gem for us. It also struck a chord with Jared's "Always Keep Fighting aka AKF" campaign. So this is a throwback to that time of the year of 2015.

Originally Published: 25 April 2015

This was an article where I combined The TFW of Supernatural with another show The Musketeers. It was lucky finding a video for both that had the same song.

"Castiel: And of course, I remember the most remarkable event. Remarkable because it never came to pass. It was averted by two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel." - 6.20 "The Man Who Would Be King"

"Aramis: All for one...
Athos, Porthos & D'artagnan: ...and one for all."  - 2x10 "Trial And Punishment"

This article was the first in a series of articles that are still ongoing. In Part 1, I introduce and review the episodes of Supernatural: The Animation.

Supernatural: The Animation, Closer Look PART 1
Originally Published: 07 August 2015

This article is one of my very favorites. It was about the creepy kids of Supernatural. People seemed to agree with the choices. Who knew that the show had so many scary children over the years?

Top 10 Creepy Kids of Supernatural - Part 1 
Originally Published: 17 August 2015

For my last choice, I focused on the lore on Cain and Abel and followed the MoC storyline from start to finish to try to make sense of it all. I also tackled Demon!Dean a bit and how siblings is an ongoing theme on the show.

My Auld Lang Syne Selection


Here we go! My first ever article for WFB. I guess the first one will always have a special place in my heart. A lot has happened after this and in my personal life. It feels like long ago when I was still a rookie and only barely commenting on the site about the show. I hope my travel continues with the show for a long time to come and the fire to write the articles burns as bright as it has already.  I have been blessed that I can write for this site. Thank you for reading my articles and commenting on them.

A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural
Originally Published: 02 March 2015

I should probably start at the beginning with why I wanted to make this article. First, Supernatural has loads of good women characters. Second, I wanted to walk into memory lane and remind us about those that maybe are not remembered by us. 

Few have passed away and few are still alive and kicking. As we are talking about Supernatural then usually all the men, women, children and even animals don't live to see another day and if they do then they lose or have lost a family member. The rule is that everybody dies. Even the main cast. I am happy that some survive and sad when some are lost. If you make it out alive in Supernatural episode then that is already a miracle. 

Strength comes in many ways whether it is mother's, sister's or daughters love for one another or strength to go against all odds and do the right thing against what ever the cost would be. Or their strength could be to live on when they are struck by great grief or loss and they feel they can't. These women did that and more.

What is my preferred Kick-ass woman you ask? You might say that I don't have the usual taste in them. The ones I prefer are strong body and mind wise and they are formidable fighters. My idols are Ellen Ripley (Aliens), Sarah Connor (Terminator), Xena (Xena the Warrior Princess), Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones) for example. So you might see a resemblance for that taste on my list. Some of them are clear choices that we all remember and some of them not so much.

Now, let's start with the definition of Kick-ass as described by The Dictionary of American Slang: 


adjective, Slang.

1. strikingly or overwhelmingly tough, aggressive, powerful, or effective:

Slang definitions & phrases for kick-ass

kick-ass, adjective, (also kick-butt or kick-yer-ass) Rough; powerful; rough-ass, tough: that kick-ass attitude/ gave up its last drop of kick-ass Gewurztraminer/ the only team without a kick-butt run blocker on their line

I have divided the women to 6 categories. First I thought about doing 1-10 where number one is "the winner", but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to write it in different way. 

1. Family 


Pamela Barnes - Traci Dinwiddie

Mature woman that even made the brothers blush with her talk. She stayed strong and moved past obstacles that she faced. Helped the brothers to her last breath.

"I'm sick of being hauled back into your angel/demon, Soc/Greaser crap."

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 4.01 Lazarus Rising, 4.10 Heaven and Hell, 4.15 Death Takes a Holiday, 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

Joanna "Jo" Beth Harvelle - Alona Tal

Strong willed and wise. Professional. Sister figure and slight love interest for Dean at the same time. She held her ground with the boys.

"No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown, 2.05 Simon Said, 2.06 No Exit, 2.10 Hunted, 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign, 4.17 It's a Terrible Life, 5.02 Good God, Y'All, 5.10 Abandon All Hope..., 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon, 6.10 Caged Heat, 6.17 My Heart Will Go On, 7.04 Defending Your Life

Gwen Campbell - Jessica Heafey

Questioned the choices of her family and would have done the right thing in the end. Unfortunately she was killed by a Dean that was mind controlled. Gwen would have fit to their hunter world better than any of the men. She was "the good guy" in that group.

"Just, uh, chopped up a runner. No big deal. How'd it go?"

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 6.01 Exile on Main St., 6.02 Two and a Half Men, 6.07 Family Matters, 6.16 ...And Then There Were None 

Karen Singer - Elizabeth Marleau and Carrie Ann Fleming

Hoping for a child of their own and killed when possessed by a demon until resurrected as a living dead. Tries to release Bobby from his guilt and asks him to kill her that she won't harm anyone making the ultimate sacrifice. Loosing Bobby and the life she got back.

"You've seen so much. I just... I just wanted to see you smile."

Known status: Deceased times 2

Seen: 3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me, 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, 7.10 Death's Door

2. Police enforcement

Police enforcement

Sheriff Jody Mills - Kim Rhodes

She has suffered great losses but still she is as strong as ever. One of the rocks and a good friend for the boys. One bad-ass fighter. 

 "Except those who got it. Come on, you and Dean, that's something special, don't you think?"

Known status: Alive and kicking

Seen: 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's, 7.02 Hello, Cruel World, 7.06 Slash Fiction, 7.12 Time After Time, 8.23 Sacrifice, 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place, 9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann, 10.08 Hibbing 911

Sheriff Donna Hanscum - Brianna Buckmaster

She has her weaknesses but also she has shown strength. Newest addition to the world of hunters and I think she will do fine.

"So. Fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out of control teen. Wanna get blingo'd on my mini-bar and watch pay-per-view?"

Known status: Alive and kicking

Seen: 9.13 The Purge, 10.08 Hibbing 911

Deputy Kathleen Hudak - Jessica Steen

She was wise and suspicious about Dean and his story. Later she finds the truth about her brother and she helps Dean and Sam before she dips to human weakness and she takes revenge to the one that killed her brother. Deserved? For sure. Some would call it poetic justice. In the end she lets the boys go.

"My brother, Riley, disappeared three years ago. A lot like Sam. We searched for him, but—nothing. I know what it’s like to feel responsible for someone, and for them—Come on. Let’s keep at it."

Known status: Alive and kicking

Seen: 1.15 The Benders

Detective Diana Ballard - Linda Blair

Another strong detective that suffers a loss because she does the right thing. Her own feelings doesn't matter when her lover is revealed to be a killer. She believes the Winchesters and lets them go in the end.

"Pete did confess to me. He screwed up both your cases royally. I'd say that there's a good chance that we could get your cases dismissed."

Known status: Alive and kicking

Seen: 2.07 The Usual Suspects

3. Bad guys 

Bad guys

Ruby - Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Cortese, Anna Williams, Michelle Hewitt-Williams

A fighter and a schemer like no other. I prefer Cassidy's version the most. She played the boys all through the story and to the end and justifiable lost her life because of it.

"You don't even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head. No one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith! Yeah, I'm sure you're a little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam! Even you have to admit -- I'm -- I'm awesome!"

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two, 3.01 The Magnificent Seven, 3.02 The Kids Are Alright, 3.04 Sin City, 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum, 3.12 Jus in Bello, 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked, 4.01 Lazarus Rising, 4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, 4.03 In the Beginning, 4.04 Metamorphosis, 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer, 4.10 Heaven and Hell, 4.12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag, 4.16 On the Head of a Pin, 4.21 When the Levee Breaks, 4.22 Lucifer Rising, 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

Meg - Nicki Aycox, Jared Padalecki, Rachel Miner

A thorn in the boys's backs for a long time but also an reluctant ally against Crowley. One of the stronger female demons and survived quite long while being a bad guy.

"Look, I'm simpler than you think. I've figured one thing out about this world – just one, pretty much. You find a cause, and you serve it. Give yourself over, and it orders your life. Lucifer and Yellow Eyes – their mission was it for me."

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 1.11 Scarecrow, 1.16 Shadow, 1.21 Salvation, 1.22 Devil's Trap, 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign, 4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester (mentioned), 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil, 5.10 Abandon All Hope..., 6.10 Caged Heat, 7.17 The Born-Again Identity, 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental, 7.23 Survival of the Fittest,

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

Abaddon - Alaina Huffman, Sharon Bell, Anna Galvin, Marilyn Norry

Really dangerous adversary for the boys and a big threat because she was the second last Knight of hell. And also, torture and anything bad was just fun and games for her.

"It can get worse. Trust me. 'Cause once I'm on top, I'll make you watch. And I'll use your body. Have you ever felt an infant's blood drip down your chin? Or listened to a girl scream as you rip her guts out? Because you will. You and me, lover. We'll have a grand old time."

Known status: Deceased

Seen: 8.12 As Time Goes By, 8.22 Clip Show, 8.23 Sacrifice, 9.02 Devil May Care,9.06 Heaven Can't Wait, 9.10 Road Trip, 9.11 First Born, 9.17 Mother's Little Helper

Kali - Rekha Sharma

She was the speaker of the ancient gods. Almost killed Gabriel and attacked against Lucifer. She was still wise to cut her losses and escape to live another day.

"Westerners, I swear. The sheer arrogance. You think you're the only ones on Earth? You pillage and you butcher in your god's name. But you're not the only religion, and he's not the only god. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You're wrong. There are billions of us. And we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world, it's me."

Known status: Alive and kicking

Seen: 5.19 Hammer of the Gods

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