(Note From Alice - My apologies for not posting this yesterday when the 12 week mark happened, but our IP took the site down for server maintenance last night.  Better late than never!). 


Hellatus Check; the twelve-week mark:
Perhaps I should call it Hellatus Check, only five weeks left – yeah, that sounds and reads so much better. Can you believe it, only five weeks left to Season 5 of Supernatural? Eric Kripke recently stated he had no belief that the show would ever go five seasons, we’re in good company when we pause in amazement and disbelief that it is almost here, Season 5.
How has everyone been doing? From frequent checks of the site people have been doing quite well. The fandom has been keeping pretty busy as well. The usual things are happening, fanfiction is being written – I’m reading gaelicspirit’s latest, she puts out wonderfully long, detailed and engaging segments every two weeks, I’m nervously beginning to check as Friday August 7th heralds the date of the expected next installment – another group is doing a caption challenge, that’s been fun to check out and vote on. Used to do that on another forum I was involved with during special celebrations, very creative and funny, I miss that group. *Sigh* 
There continue to be people that are just now tuning in to the show and thus they are watching marathon sessions and then writing detailed reports of what they saw, liked, didn’t like, et cetera – hmm, that sounds familiar. *grin* 
Spoilers are starting to leak, drip, trickle and sometimes even flood. I’ll take a moment to update all of you on my will power in regards to spoilers…um, I have none. Well, that’s not completely true; I have avoided all sides this time around. Sure, sure, I know there are you purists out there who are clucking and chuckling and nodding knowingly saying that there haven’t been any sides to avoid. Hey, not my fault that my effort at remaining sides free this time was helped along by the complete and total absence of any such spoilery sides. I’ll take whatever assistance I can get as recovery is a process and most successful when there are people around to support said process. Thankfully the casting department of Supernatural heard of my plight and rushed their assistance. Thank you.
I picked up the latest issue of the Supernatural magazine.  After May’s debacle I didn’t wait too long this time, five days after it hit the stands, I picked it up -- bought it and everything too, no time honored read and browse at newsstand for me, no way, I’m hardcore, I plunked down cash. Had to be done. I’m slowly working my way through it, savoring it. 
The interview with Jared and Jensen is fantastic. For all the folks out there who can’t get off the ‘Sam is dissed, Sam is thought of as nothing but prideful and arrogant or easily manipulated and thus not Kripke’s favorite’ bandwagon, you really need to read Jared’s take on the whole thing. Sure, I know he ‘could’ be lying and putting up a really brave front, however, I get the feeling that he truly means what he’s saying; he likes what happened to Sam in season 4 and he’s thrilled that season 5 is going in the direction it’s going. That’s all I’ll say there ‘cause I promised to not spoil things…if you want to know more, pick up a copy. If you’re really hard hit and can’t afford it, there really isn’t anything wrong with standing at the newsstand and browsing. If nothing else, read the Jared and Jensen article, it’s refreshing to hear from ‘the boys’ and to know that despite the sharpening of the supposed fans’ claws that have been sharpening for a while now, the actors who have to say the lines and develop the emotions to present the performance are thrilled with what they are doing. Whee!
Good news on the Season 4 DVD front, Elle let it be known several weeks ago that she was finally able to pre-order her copies. Needless to say, once I knew my SPN-sis was in the clear, I went online and put in my pre-order. Now I have to follow up on it as my credit card has suddenly been changed. Appears someone’s database was hacked and my credit card was among those compromised. Fortunately no one got my credit or my ID – whew, they’d have thrown that back quick! – but my credit card company decided to go the safe route and thus closed down my account and issued me a new card. Now I got to make sure there’s no disruption in my Season 4 DVD arrival – the things I must do *dramatically wipes brow*
CW finally figured out which episode they are going to drop from the repeats in order to run up to the premiere on September 10th…Sex and Violence, you do not get a third viewing this time around. We’ll save you for the DVDs.
Speaking of DVDs, I have to do some research and quick. Last season I had trouble, lots of trouble, with my weekly recording of Supernatural. For some reason the DVDs would stop recording, just stop. Then I’d get a message on the screen telling me the DVD wasn’t properly formatted for recording. Huh? (especially after said DVD had recorded several episodes prior w/o trouble) I had specifically encountered this problem the year before last and asked the guys at a major box store retailer (I won’t do any product/retailer placement here) and I was assured that the DVDs they directed me to would not do this. Wrong. Sometimes it happened during advertisements and I could quickly regroup, I usually pause during advertisements. Then I got nervous so I stopped pausing and simply recorded the whole hour, annoying advertisements and all – I know they pay the bills for the network, I just don’t have to like them. 
Finally, the worst offense happened during Lucifer Rising…first it cut out during the advertisements, and I wasn’t paused at all, then when I found another DVD and put it in it cut out during a scene (thankfully Alice posted the scene on her site for me so I could view it multiple times to my little Supernaturally obsessed heart’s content). Now, with only five weeks left before Season 5 I have to get busy and solve my horrible dilemma. Better put that to the top of the to do list, laundry, groceries, oil change, pay quarterly taxes, all that stuff can slip down a bit, not big priorities.
Not much to report here in this the third Hellatus check, more rambling than anything, how can I possibly compete with all the awesome goodies coming from July’s Comic Con, I can’t and I won’t even try. I’ve got a few articles left in the hopper to finish and send off and another one or two might pop into my brain for typing and sending. We’re winding down though and my list of ideas is dwindling down a bit as well, all the better. 
I’m so thankful for everyone’s participation in this hellatus support group that has taken us 12 weeks already gone, we’re so close gang, keep it up. I’m thrilled there have been some that have offered their ideas and creative writing and logo making talents to ease this long wait, we’re not out of the woods yet but at least the wait is much more manageable. 
Hang in there, as of August 6th, 2009, at 9:00 EST, only five weeks, can you believe it? Five weeks and we’ll have the beginning of Season 5…whoo hoo!
Thanks for reading.