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There’s one thing almost every Supernatural fan can agree on:  We love it when the brothers hug!  After "The Executioner’s Song", I read throughout the fandom how people considered Dean’s near-exhausted fall into Sam’s arms to be a hug.  Yep.  I did too.

So that, coupled with a four-week hiatus, generated this little article:  A look back on some memorable brotherly hugs.

I’ll state up front that I have a wee bit of a loose interpretation of a hug, sometimes the hug is while one brother is dying *wibble* and sometimes it’s not so much a hug as it is – well, something else.  You’ll understand as I get going.

First up, ‘death hugs,’ which are brutal:

The first ever still stuns me every time I watch it:  "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1", Sam, fatally stabbed in the back by Jake, falling to the ground and Dean racing to grab him before he face plants.  The entire scene of Dean trying to reassure his dying, and then dead, brother, as well as himself, is heartbreaking.  Since it was the first of such moments, its impact resonates even to this day.

SPN 1188

In "Do You Believe In Miracles", we were treated to the reverse, near identical moment, as Dean, fatally stabbed by Metatron, seeks to impart one final brotherly sentiment to Sam, who has done his best to half drag/half carry his dying brother from the warehouse and, in so doing, is trying to reassure Dean.  Whereas the ‘death hug’ of "AHBL Part 1" carried only a one-week break, "Do You Believe in Miracles" ‘death hug’ carried the dreaded summer hiatus, 20 weeks.  Wow!

SPN 1580

We’ve had hugs upon reuniting, such as Sam and Dean reuniting in "Lazarus Rising".  At that time, we were left with the image of Sam somewhat cradling the hell hound-ravaged, and very dead, body of Dean while copious tears flowed in "No Rest For The Wicked".  (I give kudos to Jared for being so vulnerable with Sam and pouring out his character’s grief in such a raw manner.)  Then, some 19 weeks later, "Lazarus Rising" premiered and we were treated to not only a fabulous hug between Sam and Dean, but to this fan’s Bobby-loving heart, an equally satisfying Bobby and Dean hug. 

SPN 0375

SPN 0206

There have been other return hugs:  "Exile on Main Street" showed Sam and Dean hugging, although that one, to me, is tempered by the fact that it wasn’t really Sam; no soul after all.  However, later that season, in "Like a Virgin", we get a hug that is all kinds of awesome as Sam awakens from his coma and finds Dean and Bobby in the study talking.  Sam’s soft-spoken and incredulous “Dean” followed by his intense, almost frantic and clinging hug just punches me in the gut.  From there, he goes on to give Bobby a similar hug; although Bobby, visions of Sam nearly killing him still fresh on his mind, is a tad more reticent about receiving it.  Still, those two images are glorious.

SPN 0123

SPN 0134

We’ve had some great ‘death hugs’ and returned from the dead (or hell or the cage) hugs.  We’ve also had some pretty spectacular hugs that seemingly come out of nowhere – that is, to the one receiving the hug. 

The first ever was "Mystery Spot".  It set the bar very, very high.  Who can forget that moment when Sam, awakening after his confrontation with the Trickster, sees Dean and realizes that not only is he freed from the time loop, but that his brother is alive and well after half a year of separation – well, half a year in groundhog’s days, that is.  Sam, ignoring his brother’s teasing about music and sleeping all day, flings back his blanket and sheet and strides purposefully across the room and envelopes his brother in a massive hug.  Dean is stunned and caught off guard at his brother’s actions, but he allows Sam to cling to him for a moment before asking him just how many Tuesdays he had.

This was the first episode I ever watched, and this moment remains as powerful today as the first time I watched it.  In fact, it actually increases in power.

SPN 0992

Similarly, Dean gave such a hug to Sam in "Pac-Man Fever".  Sam is physically suffering due to the trials and Dean is beside himself as he can do nothing but watch.  Dean and Charlie have just realized that their greatest fear is losing the one they love the most, but both have come to realize that sometimes you do have to let them go.  Dean returns to the bunker, after seeing Charlie off, and finds Sam.  Sam starts to apologize for not being honest with Dean about the effects of the trials but Dean cuts him off, without saying a word; simply walking across the room and enveloping Sam in a bear hug.  No words need to be spoken; Dean’s motives are clear:  I’m here, Sam, and I support you.  (Too bad the writing kept vacillating, but that’s another article (one I never intend to write, either. ;-)
SPN 1590

We also have Dean returning after he makes the deal with the Crossroads Demon and finds Sam alive and well.  Dean has been holding vigil for a couple of days, likely, over his dead brother’s body and then, in an instant – and after a really bad deal, but who is to quibble when it comes to a dead brother or a live brother? – Sam is alive and well.  Dean hugs him so tight that poor Sam winces as the contact is painful with still healing wounds.

SPN 0420

There’s also Dean’s return from Purgatory accompanied by a brotherly hug – after some holy water, a silver blade, and some Borax.  Sam was very confused, not only at seeing his presumed-dead brother alive and well, but also by Dean’s near maniacal state – something understandable since Dean had just spent a year in Purgatory where it was war 24/7 with 360 degrees of combat.  Sam’s confusion was multiplied many times as not only was he reeling from the revelation that Amelia’s husband, thought killed in battle, was alive and well, so, he steps aside to assist Amelia in her decision, but now he is rudderless and alone again, facing the prospect of reintegrating, possibly, into hunting, so he opens the door to Rufus’ cabin and finds Dean.  They hugged, but it wasn’t the same as some of the others as both brothers were reeling from recent events.

I’d include the photos, but this article will simply be way too long.  I suggest you go to Home of the Nutty (where most of these photos came from, thank you!) and look at the files for "We Need to Talk About Kevin".  Dean’s face is a mixture of desperation and relief.  Sam’s face is a mixture of surprise, joyous shock, and confusion.  There is so much these two men reveal in their eyes – even when their eyes are closed.

Throughout the series – still ongoing, lest you think I’m eulogizing or anything here – there have been some other notable moments, to me at least.  The first is in "The Pilot".  This is absolutely not a hug, but it does show us brothers being, well, brothers:  Sam and Dean stumble upon their missing father’s motel room.  Sam picks the lock while Dean keeps lookout and then, as Sam enters the room he reaches back and grabs the back of Dean’s jacket and physically yanks him into the room.  I love that moment.  It is so Sam and Dean.  (Boys will be boys.)  On the episode commentary either Kripke or David Nutter (the director) offer the insight that they told Jared to be very real with that pull and surprise Jensen.  He did, and it works.

SPN 0662

There are another couple of hugs that my nostalgic, sentimentalizing mind adores, and they come in "Shadow".  We’ve spent over two-thirds of the season learning how much Dean idolizes his father and how much Sam feels separated from his father.  We’ve watched Sam come a long way in understanding his father and wishing desperately to find him, not only to join up and hunt the demon but also to try to make amends for all the hurt between them, and then there is a moment at the end of "Shadow" when Sam and Dean return to their motel room and see a strange figure silhouetted by the window:  Dad.  In one instant Dean says Dad and strides across the room into his father’s strong embrace.  Each man is clearly overcome with emotion for a few moments, but then they gather themselves and there is a chance for Sam and his father to face each other.  It’s awkward, but then love overcomes and Sam and John are each in an embrace.  It’s a wonderful healing moment for these three strong men – and this fan melts each and every time.

1.16 SPN 1130

SPN 1205

As usual, Kim Manners is a master at staging the scene.  At the moment when Dean and John hug, Sam is still hanging back at the entrance to the room.  He watches from several feet away as his brother and father reunite; true to how he feels about his place in the family:  the outcast.  But, when Sam and John hug, Dean is standing very close watching his brother and father start to mend their troubled relationship; true to his place in the family:  the glue that keeps them together.

There have been other moments to enjoy, such as Dean checking Sam’s injuries after Sam and Gordon fight in "Hunted", then there’s Sam checking Dean’s injuries in Wendigo after rescuing him, or Sam helping Dean to their father’s room as the doctors work on him in "In My Time of Dying".  The list could go on.  (Feel free to add others.)

One of my other favorite moments comes during "Lucifer Rising".  After the entire Season 4 was spent slowly but surely dismantling the brothers’ close bond due to separation, differing ideas on how to go about stopping Lilith, lies about memories and about Ruby, and so much more, there is that moment after Lilith and Ruby are dead and Lucifer is about to rise that the brothers realize they have to escape, and they each simultaneously grab the jacket of the other.  It’s a beautiful moment that cements the fact that no matter what – and there has been a lot of what over the years – they will not leave the other behind.

SPN 1311

Feel free to add your other favorite hugs or such moments between the brothers.  While I love a good hug, I do appreciate the restraint the show uses to not give us such a moment every few episodes – it would lessen the impact. 

This, however, was pretty darn good.

normal SPN1014HD2436

As always, thanks for reading, Elle2


# cheryl42 2015-03-03 21:18
Great article. I live for the brotherly hugs. Dean checking Sam's injuries after his fight with Gordon, and I think the first hug in Home after Dean saved Sam from the lamp cord :D, Sam hugging and crying for Dean dead and going to hell....All of your examples were perfect. This is a much appreciated look at what brought us here.
And of course the reason why it is so believable
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:08
Hi, Cheryl142, I love those that you mentioned! Thanks for including the BTS photo! :)
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-05 22:45
Hi Cheryl142. The pic that you sent the link to, when is that from? It looks like a Jared/Jensen hug rather than a Sam/Dean hug. Is that correct? Jared looks so happy.
# cheryl42 2015-03-05 22:59
Yes it's a Jared and Jensen hug on set. Looks like maybe S6? Maybe when Sam wakes up episode from being Souless. Can't really tell. I got it from tumblr.
# eilf 2015-03-05 23:06
I think it is Cheryl, there is another angle on it and they appear to be lighting it, so the two of them are in the middle of the room hanging on to each other and laughing because it is ridiculous, totally surrounded by crew.

It's adorable! Like Jensen's flirty look at the camera in the season 8 hug that so puzzled Jared. :D
# cheryl42 2015-03-05 23:27
It's this chemistry and real life friendship that sells the show. Just love these two too much...:)
# eilf 2015-03-05 23:33

yep :D

ETA: This as a GIF is possibly real annoying - let me know and I will take it down. ;)
# cheryl42 2015-03-05 23:44
No not annoying at all. I love that moment on the gag reel. :D
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-06 08:34
I know I saw the gag reel but I didn't remember this. I think it's adorable and hilarious. I just watched it for almost 5 minutes straight. I guess I need a hobby.
# eilf 2015-03-06 12:18
I would just love to know what was being said to them at that moment :P
# Vashti 2015-03-07 21:12
Not annoying for me at all. SO cute and charming.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-03 21:22
I love your list and the photos. I just saw AHBLII again and that scene where Dean catches and then holds a dying Sam is truly one of the most emotional scenes in the whole series. But you omitted another one of my favorite hugs, the one from Sacrifice. That one was particularly moving because the conversation that preceded it was one of the most nakedly emotional brother scenes ever, when they plainly state how much they mean to each other. But to me every hug is wonderful!
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:10
Hi Samandean10,

That scene from Sacrifice is a great scene. I actually have it in mind for another article that I have in the thinking stages. ;) I love listening to the commentary on AHBLI for that final scene, especially the part where they discuss how the network execs wanted them to stay with the overhead crane shot and not go back in for Dean's agonized "SAM!". Kripke and Co. knew what needed to happen: we needed to be right back in the agony with Dean at that moment.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-04 16:41
I didn't know that about AHBLI and how the network wanted the scene shot. I'm so glad Kripke ignored their request, because you're right- the scene would have been great and emotional either way, but Dean's cry of "Sam" is what really brought the tears to my eyes. I'm home from work because of snow so I'm catching most of the TNT SPN marathon, including NRFTW, which also ended with Dean's agonized cry of "Sam!" as well as Sam's tears while holding Dean's corpse. Every time the brothers openly express how much they mean to each other I get emotional. I will never get tired of that-it's why I will never stop watching SPN, no matter how frustrated I get with it sometimes.
# elle2 2015-03-05 08:15
I'm a commentary junkie -- love those! There are so many neat insights regarding choices and whatnot. I agree with the emotional moments -- the best parts are when they cry! Like you, I can't help myself, as frustrated as I've been, and sometimes still am, I'm sticking with it -- even if it's to DVR and then fast forward through stuff. ;)
# Prix68 2015-03-03 21:32
It is the chemistry and the bond that these two actors have on screen and seemingly off screen that really is what makes this show so unique. The brotherly moments just ring so true that you can't help but be touched and love them for it.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-03 22:12
Your post made me realize one of my problems with this season. I really do watch the show for the brotherly bond, and Sam's sole role this season is to show his love and concern for Dean. This is the longest stretch of episodes I can recall in which Sam has never really gotten angry at Dean or in his face about something. It's been all supportive all the time, which is nice, but kind of boring. Dean, however, has gone in the opposite direction. He has seemed almost detached from Sam this whole season. Even on the frequent occasions when he has had to rescue Sam, the fiercely protective attitude towards Sam that has been almost a constant for 10 years seems absent, or at least muted. Maybe it's the effect of the MOC, but that side of Dean has been almost non-existent since the second half of Season 9. It certainly explains why there have been no bro hugs, until the last episode, which wasn't even really a hug from Dean's side. I really want to see a return of the Dean who admitted that there is nothing he would put before Sammy. The whole dynamic between the brothers has seemed off to me this season.
# Aslansown 2015-03-07 16:01
I agree that Dean's fiercely protective spirit is muted. I definitely see it as a by-product of the Mark as well as the consequences of Season 9 where he tricked Sam so Ezekiel could possess him and heal him. Sam hated him for that so fiercely that he said they weren't brothers and that he wouldn't do the same thing which Dean understood as Sam being willing to let him die which left him really disconnected, enough so that he felt all he had left was the goal of killing Abaddon and Metatron. And then he became a demon and had to be rescued by Sam and Castiel but his potential for turning evil is still there which I think for him is the worst thing ever: he's had lots of guilt and low self-esteem but at least he wasn't totally evil. Except he did. So now what's the answer? Get thrown into the sun in order to destroy the evil that is lying ahead of him? I think his soul is crushed. It's hard to watch but certainly intriguing story-telling.
# sugarhi15 2015-03-07 16:19
sam never for a single second hated dean. not ever. sam was angry and hurt by what dean did. dean did the unthinkable, but what was worse than that, what hurt sam more was that dean lied to him about it. sam never said to dean that they weren't brothers....not at all...sam said that if they want to be brothers.. dean had just pretty much told sam to disregard everything that he's experienced and just go to work as normal, like nothing happened. sam couldn't ...he said even if wanted to he couldn't. dean betrayed sam's trust in a way that sam never imagined he would. just like once upon a time, dean accused sam of the same and was angry with him and didn't trust in him for an entire season, sam felt that same betrayal. he too couldn't just can he, with kevin's blood on his hands. his comment to dean if you want to work, we'll work , but if you want to be at was most obviously sam crying out to dean that he needed to believe dean cared about sam's feelings and was willing to work at fixing it.....sam telling dean he wouldn't save him the same way in the same circumstances.. ..that was sam telling dean that he would never trick him the way he did and then lie about it....but nowhere was it an indication that sam would never save his brother....and despite sam's words which were said from pain and hurt and anger and guilt..sam's actions after that episode were one brotherly moment after another....dean was just so blinded from his own guilt and self pity...he was unable to see it. or maybe he didn't want to see it...because in his mind he felt he deserved to be punished. if you want an example of a brotherly hug...its' been sam in every episode from the purge's just too bad dean couldn't or wouldn't see it....because of his own issues of lack of worth and his attempt at self punishment.

i'm just glad that dean is starting to see it all now....;)
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-07 17:00
I agree that Sam NEVER hated Dean. He was so angry and hurt about Gadreel, and then Dean made it worse by not apologizing, and then later saying that he'd do it (the possession) again. So the writers had Sam lash out with the "if you want to be brothers" remark. But Sam continued to act like a brother, and show his love by frantically searching for Dean when he thought Dean was in trouble in The Purge and by worrying about him in the following episodes. And Dean should have recognized that fact, but he was too buried under his own guilt and anguish about the whole thing.
# Aslansown 2015-03-07 18:12
It was poor word choice on my part: Sam did hate what Dean DID. But isn't there a quote on Supernatural where someone says, "You're not who you are? You're what you do?" (I believe the context was that maybe a monster isn't really a monster if they don't kill people.) Sometimes someone's pain is so deep that they don't hear or see all the good things you do; all they remember is something you said, even if what you said was spoken in anger.

And maybe we're long past this point, but at the time it was devastating: that all Sam's good memories in heaven were without Dean. Has Dean forgotten that, have subsequent events made that experience insignificant, or is that thought still there in Dean's subconscious?
# eilf 2015-03-07 18:19
Can we also remember though, because it gets forgotten, because Sam doesn't react in words and never brings it up again, that Dean is very good with a cutting remark especially as it regards Sam as a monster?
And Dean wanted Sam to stand and watch Dean in a close moment with a mother that Sam never had.
These stories are not one-sided. Dean is not the only one who gets hurt.
# LEAH 2015-03-07 18:42
I don't think Dean wanted it so much as it just unfolded that way. "It's not your memory Sam, sorry". I am sure it was painful for Sam. Dean is good with a cutting remark, true. I don't think he ever called Sam a monster until he greatly feared it might be becoming true, his deepest fear. And he was crying when he said it, indicating he was aggrieved at the idea, I believe. Just how I saw those moments. They have both been hurt.
# cheryl42 2015-03-07 18:22
Hopefully Dean realizes that the whole heaven memories were manipulated by Zach to push Dean into saying yes to Michael. Even Dean's memories of his mother were mostly about how he had to carry the burden of his family from a very young age. It was a set up and I think Dean understood that in the end. Just like as Dean lay dying after being stabbed by Metatron his brother at his side knew that Sam loved him just as he had always known.
# sugarhi15 2015-03-07 18:49
this is not the place..i'll be all boils down to the boys own personal demons which we are in the midst of dealing with...finally. ..and the way they see themselves, and the way they project that onto ea. other. Dean took sam's happy memories out of context. Sam who always longed for normal and safe, who never was even allowed to talk about his mother, so he couldn't even live vicariously thru dean or his father, found happiness witnessing and being included in the very thing he never got to experience. Those happy memories had nothing to do with not loving his had everything to do with experiencing something for the first time he believes he'll never have. he was a kid after all. dean was four when his mom for four years dean was normal, he ate with his mom and dad each night. he celebrated holidays with them...for a little while dean was a normal kid....sam never had that. all he knows is what he saw on tv, or saw with other kids that he might have had time to make friends with before he was taken out of school. dean's own lack of self worth misconstrued sam's memories as ones that were happy because he wasn't in them....but if you recall, not too many eps later....right before sam gained control of Lucifer, every memory he recalled was of him and his brother.....;)

now it's just as easy to say that sam holds the pain of dean telling him that benny was a more of a brother than he ever was. sam believing that dean never needed that penny to say it. and dean's following behavior to seal that belief....sendi ng that text to sam....all leading to sam's belief that he came last in his brother's eyes....behind a vampire and an angel, and as such was willing to die, because death was much more bearable than disappointing dean again....even when sam questioned dean in s9 about the upside to being alive, and dean's response to that was them fighting the good fight...sam with his low self esteem took that to mean that dean only saved him so he wouldn't be alone...while that in part is true, it's not the only reason...but sam couldn't see it...because his monster won't let him. :(

as dean did with sam, so sam did with dean....sam's lack of self worth had sam believe that dean's actions were because dean didn't love him. that he had failed his brother and was nothing but a disappointment. but the way I look at it, dean's anger at sam had nothing to do with sam at all. I believe that dean projected his own anger at himself, and at cas(he was the one who left him in purgatory)..... .towards sam. I think dean's own issues of self loathing played a significant role at dean's inability to hear his brother when he told him he thought he was dead. and it's most definitely dean's self hatred that had him come up with the ludicrous notion that sam would ever leave dean anywhere for a girl. :P I totally believe that dean resented sam not because sam left him and purgatory and dean suffered down there, but because dean didn't suffer down there. dean admitted to feeling free. he found a calm down there? would he have with sam by his side? dean became the very thing he despised in purgatory and sam wasn't around to keep him human... dean's behavior was in essence about him and his inability to deal with his demons...even dean's friendship with benny was never about trust, but dean bonded with a vampire, a monster, a killer...what does that say about dean? dean is the one after all who gave amy that speech about monsters and that there is no exception because they are what they are. why would dean make benny the exception...he knew going in that benny only helped him because dean was his ticket out of purgatory. The way I see it, I think for dean, he had to believe benny to be more than he was, he needed to believe in benny's nonexistent humanity because otherwise dean is just a monster. In his efforts to deny this monster inside him, dean built this fascade and nearly destroyed his relationship with his brother. Dean's usual tactic of avoidance/denia l and deflection added to sam's low self esteem and his belief that he's nothing to dean but a failure and he came last in dean's eyes.....well again, misunderstandin gs between the boys.....

if you really pay attention to both s8 and's really one epic brotherly moment. firstly, you only hurt the ones you love the most. the boys are comfortable enough taking their demons out on ea. other because their love is that strong....they know the other will forgive....when you're in a bad mood, isn't there one person you take it out on...because you know you can...I usually did on my mom...because I know she loves me and will forgive me.... if you sat and watched s8 and s9....even with all the misunderstandin g and hurting ea.'s really like I said, one monumentally epic brotherly's beautiful

:)that wasn't very brief was it. :D

eilf...I don't think they chickened out on the story you wanted....I think it's happening right now. ;)
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-07 19:03
It may be happening right now, but it's happening so slooooowwwwwly and Sam doesn't seem to be a part of it. He's just stagnating as the endlessly supportive brother. I'm still waiting for both brothers to have their epiphanies about who they really are. Dean at least seems to be on a slow journey to some sort of realization, although I'm not sure what that will ultimately be. Now let's get Sam started on his emotional journey and I'll be happy. One thing I do agree with is that both brothers have dished out hurtful words and actions to each other. It seems to me, however, that Dean holds more of a grudge about these events. At the end of Season 8 he was still throwing events from years earlier in Sam's face, and I don't think he was totally kidding.
# MK 2015-03-08 03:31
I find it funny that in the only heaven memory of Dean's that Sam saw, Sam had no part in it either. I wonder if Sam (or Dean) realised that when Dean was laying into him for not being included in his memories.
# E 2015-03-09 08:29
And maybe we're long past this point, but at the time it was devastating: that all Sam's good memories in heaven were without Dean. Has Dean forgotten that, have subsequent events made that experience insignificant, or is that thought still there in Dean's subconscious?
Oh, you mean the heaven that was completely manipulated by Zacharaiah to make Dean loose his trust in Sam and drive a wedge between the boys? You mean that heaven? Yeah, that was a "real" heaven, one where Mary was a demon and said hateful things to Dean. How anyone, especially Dean could have bought into that manipulated fabrication of a heaven is beyond me. That heaven was a total lie, Sam seemed as confused about the memories as anything showing that clearly that wasn't his heaven any more than watching his parents fight and watching Mary be mauled by Zachariah was Dean's heaven. But Dean was the one who believed. Dean was the one who threw their brotherhood into the trash. I wonder how much watching Dean throw out the amulet hurt Sam?
# Aslansown 2015-03-09 11:43
When I originally watched the episode, it never crossed my mind that Zachariah might have manipulated ALL of it, probably because he was chasing them so I assumed that they were in their memories with him trying to track them down. The idea that he had purposefully chosen which memories they each would have was something that I only realized was a possibility when I read that theory on WFB. And I never thought about how Sam didn't see Dean's memory of the fireworks; that he just saw Dean's pre-Sam memories in his home.

You know, the angels and demons really have screwed around with these brothers' relationship, as if they didn't already have issues. Of course, it is most obvious when they're under the influence of an outside force like the siren, but some of the harshest things said by Dean to Sam were in his head when he was detoxing in the panic room. Upstairs Dean is telling Bobby about his concern for Sam while below, in Sam's mind, Dean is calling him a monster. Another time Dean was driving the car and said Sam would never be OK but that was really Lucifer. And then how Ruby manipulated the phone message from Dean when he was in the beautiful room. Dean listened to Bobby's advice about being a better man than his dad, swallowed his pride, and called his brother and apologized, but Sam never heard those words and only heard cruel, hurtful words instead. While they've definitely said things in anger (or sometimes reluctantly said something they didn't want to admit but was true of how they felt at the time), those instances I mentioned are examples of harsh words that were not even said by the brothers themselves.

Just an observation.

As far as Dean's comment about it not being Sam's memory, I never saw that as mean, just an explanation of why she was ignoring Sam. Since Sam wasn't in that memory, she couldn't interact with him. (In a similar way, the Thanksgiving meal continued with the family talking to each other and to Sam even though Sam had gotten up and left the room.)

I definitely think Dean dropping the amulet in the trash was a sign of how deeply hurt he felt. I can't imagine how much in turn that must have hurt Sam.
# LEAH 2015-03-07 17:22
Hi Aslansown. I think Sam hated what Dean DID. I don't think either brother could ever hate the other, not really. Feel betrayed by the other, feel hurt, feel that they are disappointing the other, yes! Dean has always felt he wasn't worth anything outside of being Sam's brother/protect or and being a hunter. It's led to some very poor decision making sometimes.
# Aslansown 2015-03-07 17:57
You're right (and the others who responded): Sam doesn't really hate Dean. (That was poor word choice on my part.) But I think Dean has felt hated, especially when he himself has such poor self-image. I think it hurts all the more when the one thing you tell yourself that you have going for you -- that you love your family -- is turned as nothing more than another weakness: "You don't really care about Sam. You only care about yourself." (Paraphrase - no one ever said those words.)
# eilf 2015-03-07 18:07
As I was just saying to Leah, I really wanted Dean to get over that sense this last season, I wanted that to be his story - because he is the only one who can - with Sam able to help him do that by actually having a POV! It seemed to be the point of the season initially and then the whole thing just ran off the rails and became pointless.
Don't feel bad about a poor word choice - it happens to everyone occasionally, it is sort of nice actually to see everyone on the same page for once so thanks for that ;)
# eilf 2015-03-07 18:00
Dean has always felt he wasn't worth anything outside of being Sam's brother/protector and being a hunter. It's led to some very poor decision making sometimes.
This is so much what I wanted Season 9 to be about Leah. I wish they hadn't chickened out on it. :(
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:11
Hi, Prix68, I agree: the chemistry is what drew me into the show. It's why I spend so much time reflecting on these types of moments. Can't help it. I just love them! :-)
# sugarhi15 2015-03-03 22:52
i love these kinds of articles...than k you so much elle2 for recollecting such beautiful moments shared by our boys. I love every hug you mentioned, and the two you didn't....the hug from home, which I consider the first hug....and the hug from sacrifice...lov e that one most of all....

I would like to mention a couple of hugs that I thoroughly enjoyed that didn't make your list: now two of them are not sam and dean hugs...but still, they are, for me a joy to watch...
dean hugs his mom in wiawsb
dean hugs Jessica in wiawsb
and another one of my favorite sam and dean hugs....the one in taxi driver when sam comes back from purgatory.....t hat one gets me every time.

thanks again for such an enjoyable read....looking forward to more like these. :)
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:13
Hi, sugarhi15,

Great additions! Yeah, that hug from Taxi Driver is great. There were quite a few hugs during those darn trials, Taxi Drive, Pac-Man Fever and, of course, Sacrifice! I'm working on a review of WIAWSNB, one of my all-time favorite many great hugs there as well, and all so different!
# Scarlett7 2015-03-03 23:08
The "eye hug" at the end of "Fan Fiction" was pretty intense. Loved that scene with the prop Samulet hanging from the mirror being pushed over in Sam's direction. But we are long overdue for a "Mystery Spot" level bro-hug. I am still waiting.
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:17
Hi, Scarlett7,

"Eye hug" Great term! That was pretty great. Just another moment in a long line of great moments in that episode. I agree, that dang Mystery Spot hug is the standard bearer for me, with Lazarus Rising reunion running a very close second!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-03-04 13:51
It's not really a hug but... Well, I rather show it. You could say it started everything. :)

Playful fight from Dean's side and brother pickering and it ends on this greet. For some reason I really liked that whole scene.

- Lilah
# elle2 2015-03-04 16:19
Hi, Lilah

I love that scene! Thanks for adding the photo. I'm working on a brotherly moments article and darn it if just about the entire Pilot episode couldn't just make that entire article! Love you: For some reason!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-03-07 08:37
Hey, saw this today on twitter and it made me think of this article. There are really awesome fan vids around there. Also the lower one is fully connected to your story. ;)



Hope you enjoyed these. I did.

- Lilah
# elle2 2015-03-07 09:53
Lilah, These videos are great! Thanks for finding them and sharing! The hug video was fun, but darn that brother one hit me, well, right in the feels! ;)
# Lilah_Kane 2015-03-07 11:44
Aye, those always do! And as you can see. The boys are huggers. Love them for it. ;)

And that vid is also missing few later hugs so the number is even more.

- Lilah
# LEAH 2015-03-07 13:24
Great videos Lilah! :) Thank you.
# sugarhi15 2015-03-07 09:09
thanks lilah...I think those pretty much say it all....and say it perfectly;):)
# Prix68 2015-03-07 09:30
Great videos Lilah. Thanks!
# cheryl42 2015-03-07 10:06
So the warning label on those videos is tissues required and smiling through tears. Awesome videos. You do find the best ones Lilah. Thanks. I really needed that.
# LEAH 2015-03-07 13:18
Thanks Elle2. The hugs are important. Since these particular characters are not so much for the deep meaningful conversations, the hugs are an important way to remind us of the underlying love. Especially during the dicey times. I doubt they will ever verbalize it. :D