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Another Hellatus but this time we have at least "Supernatural The Animation" to watch for those who are interested.
I grew up watching cartoons and as my sons started to watch TV I did what lots of parents do, I bought them the Walt Disney movies.  My boys loved watching them when they were very little.  Once they reached kindergarten age they got into animes like Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh  etc. Since I didn't let them watch TV unsupervised I spent quite some time during the years in front of the TV.  While I never was really interested in the Pokemon story (I usually did my ironing during that time in the living room) I was able to get into the storyline of some other more action packed animes and actually enjoyed watching them.  Sometimes I even had the TV running with one of those animes without my boys there while doing my ironing (that is such a boring job, I always needed some entertainment while doing it).  I preferred the animes to the afternoon talk shows. 

Both my sons like to watch Supernatural. I actually have to thank them for forcing me to watch the show. And the older one is a huge animation fan. We are German but he actually watches Japanese Animes with English subtitles on his laptop since those shows don't come out on our German TV stations. Just like I am freak enough to scan the net for SPN news and post comments here and there he does it occasionally with animations.
When I heard the news that there would be an anime of Supernatural first thing I did of course was tell him about it and just like me he couldn't wait to watch it.  When I read that the Japanese version was released I told him once again.  A couple days later he informed me that he found the English dubbed version of episode one and two on an Anime site. We both watched it.  A few days later those epis where taken of that site again but we found them again on YouTube.  Up until today there are four episodes you can watch.
The first three episodes are kind of remakes.  They are "Alter Ego" (based on "Skin"), "Roadkill" and "Home" with some new little odds and ends.  But episode four is a whole new ball game with a complete new story.  Just to get your mouth a little watery for it, Baby is chased by a black Impala and it has a very funny scene in it where I had a real good laugh.
Before I go into reviewing episode one I would like to let you hear what Jared and Jensen think about it :
 [videos removed by YouTube for copyright violations]
Now for the reviews:
First of all I don't think you should let your little child watch the Supernatural animes. You know why; ghosts, monsters and it gets extremely bloody at times plus the language is not what your little one should hear. 
Since the first announcement that there will be an animation of Supernatural a few months ago I have been reading everything I could find on it and seen a few con vids where Jared and Jensen talk about it. Unfortunately I am not able to remember where I found all that info so here just a few facts I remember about it.  Eric Kripke is involved in the scripts and Jared and Jensen approved of the looks of the animated characters of Sam and Dean. Actually, if I remember it correctly, Jensen liked it that he looks taller and that his shoulders are wider than in real live at that he has more muscles than Jared does.  In case I am wrong on any of these memories let me know.
Jared does the English voice of all episodes so far and I heard that Jensen will do episodes eleven and twelve.  At first it was kind of a shock to hear Sam's voice but not Dean's voice.  It was really strange.  But after watching a few episodes I kind of got past that shock and got used to the strange voice of Dean even though I am still missing Jensen's voice there.  The funny thing is that when I hear Jared's voice sometimes I catch myself how my mind doesn't see the animated Sam face but the face of Jared Padalecki as Sam.  Looks like I watched the real show often enough to imagine how his face would look like while saying certain things.
It seems to be hard to cram the essentials of a Supernatural episode like the introduction of the MOTW,  brotherly moments and the hunt of the MOTW into the approximately 20 minutes of an animation show.  Therefore it sometimes lacks something.  What I haven't discovered so far are any references to pop culture.  That's a big minus in my eyes since those references are as much part of Supernatural as the hunt.  A big plus is that the show always ends with "Wayward Son" (You definitely have to keep watching till the end since the episodes keep going after that song). I also think that it is useless to watch the animation without having seen the real thing since you would be missing a lot of back ground information.
All in all I had moments that moved me to tears and I had moments where I had a good laugh but not in all episodes.  In case you haven't seen the animation yet and want to watch before reading anything about them, you should stop right here [and go find and watch them]. All episodes are in three parts between approximately 3 to10 minutes.  For those who don't want to watch or have seen it already I will try to explain what is going on during my recap.

Episode one: "Alter Ego" (based on "Skin"): 
The first picture we see is a green eye twitching. Of course my first thought was that that is Dean's eye. – Wrong – It seems who ever drew the animation has a thing for green eyes since we will see them a lot during the animation. The next picture is a full moon and then our view starts moving downwards and we see some leafless trees with an old house in the background. (Thought that was a nice touch. Think about it. Since the show is filmed in Vancouver and most of it during the winter time. How many episodes have we seen with leafless trees?)  This image is followed by a family picture. Somebody seems to mirror on the glass in front of the picture and we hear the sound of metal scratching metal. Just to find out a moment later that that noise actually is a knife being sharpened. A man looks at the knife and says: "That looks perfect" and then we see a woman dressed only in her underwear tied to a chair. She seems to be shocked about that statement. "I am ready now Amanda. Are you?" says the man while walking towards her.  He bends down to her, "What's wrong Amanda?" The woman is in tears "Please I am begging you! Why are you doing this?" "Why am I doing this? I thought it would be obvious. You rejected me Amanda. And that hurt." Amanda looks like at him with huge green eyes. "No! I don't know you. Who are you?" "Hmm. I am your husband. How is it possible that you don't recognize me after all this time?" "What are you saying? No you're not! You are not Zach!" Now she is getting upset.  "I am begging you please leave me alone." By now he has his nose nearly in her face. "Sweetheart believe me, I am Zach" and while he says those last three words his eyes turn white for a brief moment and he stands up again. Then we see one of her green eyes again. In it you see him mirrored how he raises his right arm with that giant knife in it. Amanda begs: "No, please!" and screams out of the top of her lungs. Now the mirror image in her eyes starts lowering his arm and then our view shifts on the man and we see how he starts to stab Amanda and blood splatters everywhere while he seems to enjoy it. Then our view turns down to her right foot, which is tied to the chair, and blood is on and around that foot. Next impression is a shadow image of the man stabbing her. We see huge amount of blood splashing through the room and onto everything. The whole scene ends with the family picture from the beginning of the scene getting covered in blood. And then the Supernatural title card follows (it looks a lot like the title card from season two). By now we are two minutes into the episode, which is about a tenth of the episode, though that is about the same of most real episodes - a tenth of the time.
At the end of the title card we hear some kind of music with a rock touch to it and while the music keeps going the next scene starts on a sunny day with bushes in the front, mountains in the back, and in between a road with the Impala on it driving from right to left on our screen. And then we are zoomed in to see into the car through the driver window.  A whistling, Dean with sunglasses is driving while Sam seems to be sleeping. The whistling though doesn't fit the music we are hearing.  And then Sam moans in his sleep and we get to see his dream. A baby in its crib trying to reach the moving mobile above his bed making happy noises. And then we hear footsteps and see a shadow falling onto the baby.  Next image is a dark man with glowing yellow eyes bending down into the crib and suddenly the baby starts to scream.  Now there are short glimpses/images. We hear someone running then we see some blurred images of people. Suddenly one of those faces moves towards us and we realize that the person must be dead since it is a skull looking at us. This is followed by an image of a woman burning on the ceiling and afterwards there is an image of a burning face, flames shooting out of the eyes and mouth. While we see the last image we hear a child voice screaming "Sam!" and an adult voice saying "Come on! Hurry!" and the "hurry" has been echoed a couple of times. And then Sam wakes up with a shocked face breathing heavily. "Waky, waky sunshine." Sam turns to the left and we see Dean taking off his sunglasses. (That is when I realized that that last sentence was coming from Dean. Had my problems with it since it wasn't Jensen voice). Dean looks to his right, "Sammy?" "Don't do that please. Don't call me Sammy." Now we are looking into the car through the windshield. Sam: "Though where are we?" "We still got another 500 clicks till we get to Missouri." "Missouri? I thought we were heading north. Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess? Did Dad call?" "No, haven't heard from him yet but check this out. Front page" And we see how Dean is pointing on a news paper which lays between them on the seat. (Gosh how I love those cars with the seat going from one side to the other so you could actually sit three people in the front) "Sounds pretty gruesome.  Go on check it out." And Sam grabs the news paper and reads it. "Bloody murder. Husband kills new bride with cleaver. – Charming. And?" (I think it impressive how we actually get a look at the news paper and could read nearly the whole article since the images are that sharp) Now we are treated to a view of the right front of the impala and back to looking at Sam while Dean says "I checked and it said this is the fourth killing in six month. It's a small town. They usually don't have any crime at all" "Yeah so do we become cops all of a sudden?" "Plus all the suspects that were arrested claim that they were at a different place the time that the murder was committed." "So, what you are saying is that the same person must have been in two places at once." "Something worth looking into. Don't you think?" "Sure. But I rather spent our time trying to find Dad." "Dad would be doing the same thing if he were here and you know it." "Yeah alright suit yourself. What ever." And then we look onto a road with the Impala moving towards us.
During that whole scene we either look on Sam or Dean depending on who is talking. I like the little things in it too. Dean is wearing the ring from the first few seasons as well as the amulet. The back seat is completely littered with baggage. You actually get the image that the car is moving since we hear the noise coming of the engine and the world outside of the car is moving by. But if you look closer you realize that it is just a short interval of pictures that keeps repeating itself.  Occasionally we see some huge advertisement at the side of the road. The last one we see asks us to drink coffee. 
For some reason unknown Jared's voice doesn't always go along with the movement of Sam's mouth (this will get even worse later on in this ep but it is getting better in the eps to follow). My son thinks it is because Jared is new to the voicing of animes while I think somebody did a bad job at cutting the voice together with the picture. Maybe Jared came in a little late for doing the voicing job though they were in a hurry to cut it in. Sure would like to ask him that. Maybe get a chance to do so at the German con.
Change of scenes. It is night time. We look at some town houses and then we are inside a police station and someone says: "Hey Jimmy tell me. You still got that file on that Johnson case?" "Yeah it's on my desk. Sorry about the coffee spills." "I was about to file it under cold case. Got something new?" and now Sam and Dean enter the police station. "No I was checking something out" And here ends the mysterious conversation between cops. Sam and Dean move towards the front desk Sam is going "Errr" looks like his trying to come up with something to say to the officer when he realizes that Dean turned to the right admiring a woman that is walking towards us (we only get to see her from her lower chest to her knees) Of course he has to find an excuse to talk to her "Excuse me." The woman turns around and Dean goes "eeehh." Sam bends his head towards his brother "Dean?" "Eeemm." And then he starts his move " I'd like to talk to detective Boyle, please." Now we are treated to her upper body. A beautiful young brunet woman with big green eyes (told you we will see lots of green eyes), she has the hair at her side pulled back to form a little ponytail while some of her bangs falling down over her left eye. She wears a white blouse with a dark jacket. The buttons of the blouse are unbuttoned nearly down to her bra and through a shadow we get the image we are able to see her breasts. She is clinging a file tight to her body. Well all in all she seems to be the kind of woman Dean would like to meet to put it mildly. "And what would this be about?" she wants to know. Dean introduces them by flashing an ID "Davis and Martin. We are Federal marshals miss." Sam: "We'd like to talk to him about the murder if we could? Is he around at all?" And she replies "You are looking at him. Detective Catherine Boyle. What can I do for you marshals?" Sam and Dean both go "Eeerrr" and then Dean shakes her hand "Good to meet you Detective"
Next change of scene. We see an old metal lamp with the bulb in it burning.  While we watch a moth flying into the light the Detective says "Here he is gentleman." The view changes again. Now we are looking from the ceiling of the room. The light shines onto a table. A man sitting in a chair bent over the table. Dean sitting across from him while Sam and the detective stand behind him.  "Marshals Davis and Martin meet Zach Evans. Murdered his wife with a cleaver two months into their marriage," The detective says. And Dean starts with his interrogations. "Mr. Evans, you are saying that your wife was already dead by the time you came home from your brother's house. Is that correct? Mr. Evans?" The man sobs and then "Yeah" "Mr. Evans? So that would make you innocent then?" Finally the man raises his head and yells "I didn't kill my wife" And then he falls back, bending over. We see him actually crying lots of tears. "I didn't kill her. I loved Amanda" he sobs. "I still can't believe that she is dead."
Change of scene. We see a TV with four different pictures from surveillance cameras. In one of those videos a man walks up to the front door. "That looks like Zach. So what do you think?" we hear Dean saying. And then we see the two of them. They are back at the police station looking onto a monitor. Dean sits in front of it while Sam stands behind him. Sam answers, starting with a sigh "Honestly. I get the feeling he is telling the truth." (When Sam says that it was the first time that I actually saw Jared's face in my image. Somehow it seems like I just knew what it would look like when Sam says those words. And what is it with Dean always sitting and Jared standing behind him?) Now we are looking at the monitor again while Dean replays the moment when the man walks up to the house. "Yeah, but look. The surveillance camera caught a man who looks exactly like Zach." We see the image of the man how he turns and looks around. "There he is entering the house right before the murder was committed." Dean goes. We see a surprised Sam. "Hey. Wait a second." He bents down over Dean's shoulder to take a closer look at the monitor. "Rewind the tape a bit" "What?" "Just do it!" And we hear how Dean rewinds the tape. We see the faces of both brothers until Sam goes "There! Stop!" Now we looking again at the monitor and see the moment where the man turns around and Sam asks Dean "Go frame by frame" "There! Did you see that?" We actually see how the man's eyes turn white. (Blizzard eyes anyone?) But Dean says "It's just the angle of the lens." He leans back in his chair folding his hands behind his head putting the right leg over his left knee. "No." remarks Sam "Not this time. Dean look at it again. You see what I mean. Don't you remember? Dad always said spirits and ghosts give a strange glow when they're caught on camera." By now Dean has a surprised face "Though?" and the leaves his relaxed position to move forward leaning his right arm onto the table the monitor sits on. "You think this is a doppleganger?" And Sam goes quizzically "Hmm."

Another change of scene. We see an old house with pillars in front of it and yellow tape going from one pillar to the other telling us that this is a crime scene. We moving in closer till we can actually see the writing on the tape: Crime scene. And then the tape gets cut and we look at the detective with Dean and Sam standing behind her. The detective is reaching into her purse and getting some keys out. She unlocks the door and the boys are treated to the view of her backside while she is bending down towards the keyhole. "Uhh. Hmm," we hear Dean go. We actually get a look of Dean's face enjoying the view. The detective finally manages to open the door and then she goes "Ouah" Deans looks at her and asks concerned "You Ok?" Now we see them both. She is holding a finger up "Yeah, I just sliced my finger on the door frame." We see a cut on her finger "Don't worry. I think I live." That is the moment when Dean grabs her hand and starts putting something that looks suspiciously like a handkerchief around her finger. (when for Chuck's sake have we ever seen Dean carry a hanky? Just seems so un-Deanlike).  After he is done he goes "That should do the trick." "Thank you marshal" "All in the line of duty." Now it seems like we are in the house looking outside through the open door and we see the detective standing there in the door frame and Dean bending down slightly towards her putting his hand on the door frame. "Since I just saved your life I was thinking maybe we could go out for a few drinks tonight." View is changed again so that we can see the faces of both boys while Sam puts his fist towards his mouth and seems to clear his throat. That action gets Dean to suddenly prop himself up again. Finally they start walking into the house. In the light coming in through the open door we see blood all over the floor. Sam walks by a chair lying on the floor and there is blood everywhere. Dean goes "Oh my god." "Yeah" the detective replies. "What kind of a rage does this to a person?" Dean wants to know. Sam is already at the window whipping his finger across the window sill. Dean walks up to him and asks "Got something over here?" Sam smells his finger. Then he crosses his arms in front of him "Not really." We look at them from the back now.  "But something doesn't feel right. I thought it might have been a spirit but it didn't leave any signs, no ozone odors, nothing." Dean walks away again and Sam bends down to take a closer look at the window sill. Dean walks into another room and sees how the detective crouches down to look at a picture. We see that she has teary eyes and then she starts to sob. Dean who stands a few steps behind her inquires, "Hey, you alright?" She stands up again wipes her face "Yeah I am fine." She turns towards Dean. "Though did you guys find anything?" He answers while bending down to take a look at the picture she was looking at "No, struck out – hmm?" Finally we get a look at the picture just to find out that it is the picture that got covered with blood in the opening sequence and the only person we are still able to recognize is the detective. "The two of you were friends?" "Yes we were. Amanda and I had been friends for a very long time." "I had no idea I am sorry." "It's ok. There is no way you could have known. It's nice of you to be concerned." "That's me. Mr. Nice Guy. It's a weakness of mine." During Dean's last words our view changes back to Sam. We are looking from the outside of the house onto him, watching how he is trying to open the window which seems to be stuck. But finally he manages it. He looks outside and down to the ground. We get to see what he sees. Seems like we are on the second floor which is strange since we never moved up some stairs after entering in the house and at the beginning of this scene we saw that the house is not standing on a hill. Anyways when Sam looks down he sees a trail of blood running down the side of the house right into a manhole. He is extremely surprised and then we hear a door slam.
Change of scene once more. We are outside the house. And we hear Dean, "Hey wait up. Why did you just take off like that?" "Check this out" "Whow! What the hell?" Here we get to see through Dean's eyes. His gaze follows the trail of blood down the house and Sam goes, "If Zach did this how could he leave a trail of the vic's blood like this?" By now Dean's gaze reached the manhole. There is steam coming out of it, giving us the impression that something smelly is down there. 
Next change of scene. We are in the sewer now. The boys wade through ankle deep water. "Well this is reassuring." Sam remarks looking down at his gun. "This bullets are rock salt."  "Real bullets won't do us any good. The guy is a spirit." Dean explains while we follow the light of his flash light going along the walls and by a whole in the wall. Once the light left the whole in the wall we see an eye looking through it. "Looks like we have to do this the hard way." Dean keeps going. And then we get a look onto the boys. First from the ceiling and then from the front while they keep wading through the water with guns in hand ready to shoot. Suddenly there is a noise behind them. Alarmed they turn around. Seems like we are a few steps away from them on our right side is a wooden pole and something is crumpling down from it. They boys both shine their flash lights towards that pole. The gaze moves upward and we see a rat running up that pole. Now we get a look at Sam how he relaxes once he realizes that it was only a rat and Dean remarks "I almost blasted that thing." This scene was stressing enough for Dean to actually have a sweat drop on his cheek (Can you believe this? Our Dean never shows any signs of sweating). And then, like out of nowhere there appears a face next to Dean's from behind him. And Sam yells "Dean behind you!"  The guy grabs Dean's flash light and somehow Sam's flash light turns off. The dude blinds Dean  so he can't see anything. Dean tries to grab the guy behind him but he is gone. And then we see how the strange person is hitting him with something hard on his shoulder. Dean starts to fall and in his fall he takes Sam down with him. But Sam is a fast mover and up on his feet really fast and when he stands up again he has his now working flash light in his left hand and his gun in his right one. He shines his light on the guy who is bent over just in time to see him raise his head. "Zach!" he yells in recognition. And then Zach runs by him extremely fast. Sam is so surprised he can only turn around to check if he can find out where Zach went to. Once he points his flashlight towards the ceiling he discovers Zach there. And then Zach jumps him. Next thing we see is Sam lying on the ground eyes closed sweat dripping down his left cheek bone he opens his eyes and immediately looks up and sees the cover of a manhole with what seems like moon light shining through. While Sam is trying to get up we hear foot steps coming towards him and Dean's voice saying "Waky, waky sunshine." Sam still on the floor turns to his left and sees a smiling Dean sitting next to him. "Dean! What is this? Where are we?" and while we hear this the view changes so we can see a Sam on his knees with his hands tied behind his back kneeling in a little hole in the ground while Dean is sitting on the ground reaching down with his left hand to touch Sam's head. "No need to panic Sammy boy." Sam is wiggling in order to get that hand off his head.  "What, who are you?" he looks at Dean and sees how he puts his right fist to his forehead. Suddenly Sam sees the images of the previous fight between Dean and Zach again in his mind and then he exclaims "You're not Dean! Who are you?" "What? Dean of course!" "Nice try! Dean hurt his shoulder. What did you do with him?" "I don't think you want to know." Now Sam is really alarmed. "Answer me! What did you do with Dean?" "Well that hurts little bro being rejected by your own brother. Why would you say these things?" Suddenly Sam sees these images of a dark hooded man with beaming yellow eyes bending over him looking down at him. "You been having a hard time lately, haven't you?" Dean stands up. "Almost as hard as what I been through." "What?" "You're not the only one who's been through hell. Dean has … I mean I have too. You know." "You don't know what you're talking about." "Hey I know what you are thinking. Why the hell are we on the road all the time? Well, I got to tell you. I resent the fact that you have the easy life. You know what I have gone through while you were partying at college? I've been with Dad fighting these creatures every freaking day, ghosts, vampires. And then one day the old man decides to disappear just like that." "What is that?" "I feel betrayed by the one guy I truly believed in. And now everyone calls me a freak. I can't even make friends anymore. You're getting all the fun. But what the hell. Right?" Now Dean looks up. "I'm finally getting what I've been waiting for for a long time." "Look I …" Sam turns to look at him again. "What are you talking about?" "Can't answer that little bro. I am going to show her a good time." And with that Dean starts walking away. "Stop!... Stop! Wait!" Finally Sam is trying to free his tied up hands while making some noises like he is straining real hard doing that. In this picture we see that he is actually tied to a wall somehow while there seems to be a hole below him. Now we get a look at a tied up Dean who seemingly unconscious, head hanging down. A little rock falls on his head. He moans and raises his head. Quickly he has a surprised look on his face when he looks down. Now Sam is yelling down into the hole below him. "Who's there?" Dean looks up. "Is that you Sam?" "Dean? I hope you can tell me what the hell is going on." "Yeah right!" Dean remarks. "Looks like that thing is a shape shifter. Right now he looks just like you," Sam says. "That's great." "He is over to Catherine's right now." "If I could just loosen these ropes a bit." And then Dean starts to wiggle some, straining hard while doing that. We see that he is also tied to a wall somehow. "What do you thing the spirit is after?" he is inquiring. "No that's no spirit. It has the ability to see our thoughts." Finally Dean manages to loosen the ropes just enough for him to be able to reach into his pocket in order to pull out his zippo. He lights it and starts burning the ropes. "Have you ever heard of a shape shifter that can do that?" Sam wants to know. "I am really not sure. Right now I just have to concentrate to get these ropes off so we can get the hell out of here." We watch how Dean raises his hand in agony. "Only a few more seconds and we should be out of here." He presses through his clenched teeth in pain. 
Now follows a quick change of scenes. We see Dean's face covered in a yellowish light his cheek blows up like a bubble gum. And then there are bubbles coming out all over his undressed very muscular upper body. We hear him moan in pain. By now he looks like a giant pimpled balloon on skinny legs. Suddenly it looks like someone pricked wholes in that balloon. Air seems to be coming out of various places of Dean's body. Afterwards his upper body is hanging just loosely down like he has no strength no more to stand straight. And then we see his chest. It looks like the chest of a body builder on steroids. Way to many muscles to my taste. And we see like things are moving under his skin 4 from the right and 4 from the left towards the middle. Once they reach each other they rip open the skin and we get to see some ugly green worms. They are pulling his skin off until there is only a skeleton left in a blazing white light. By now we all know that that wasn't Dean but the shape shifter. And we are changing back to Dean and his agony while burning the ropes. Finally the ropes are coming loose. He is leaning forward in order to tear them apart. But he must have forgotten that he was kind of hanging in the air and he falls down. In the last second he is able to grab the end of the rope. "Oh come on" he remarks while looking down. "Good work," Sam cheers him on from the top. And while Dean is swinging on the rope in order to reach a safe place he announces, "Now I know what Tarzan is going through." (This is the closest thing to a pop culture references I found.) Finally he reaches the wall and his able to climb upwards.

Change of scene. We see the Impala which seems to be driving from the right to the left of our screen during night time. And then we are looking at Dean through the windshield.  "You sure it is a shape shifter?" And we look over at Sam who holds a book in his hand "Positive. It is written here in Dad's diary." He starts reading to us. "Shape shifters can shape shift or form into practically anything and they been written about in folk lore all over the world." We actually get a look into the diary her. "Well I guess we just got a bit of good news than." Dean says smiling. "How do you figure?" Sam wants to know. Dean turns and looks at Sam "Shape shifters aren't that hard to get rid off. Not like vampires or anything. All it takes is this. A silver bullet to get the job done" During those last words we see how he is holding said silver bullet in his fingers. Finally they reach Catherine's house. We are actually looking at it while Sam says "Here we are" "All right I better get in there. I just hope we're not too late.
Once again a change of scene. We see Dean standing outside Catherine's apartment door ringing the door bell. Once. Twice. And then Dean is losing his patience. He bends toward the door and yells, "Catherine open the door." Suddenly the door opens. Seems like we are looking over Catherine's shoulder through a chained door at Dean. "Thank god, you're alright," He says in relief. "I am fine now. What can I do for you at this time?" His answer comes once we see his mirrored image in the living room sitting on her couch. "I am just relieved. That's all." Our gaze shifts over to her once more. She is leaning against the wall holding a beer bottle in her hand. "Wait let me get this straight. You're telling me that one of these creatures was the real corporate. These shape … what did you call them?" "Shape shifters." We get a look from the ceiling down at them. "From what I gather shape shifters have been known as sub creatures. They deviated from humans. That's why they have been prosecuted by men. I know it sounds crazy but they survived to this day by assuming the form of those around them." "You aren't seriously expecting me to believe any of this crap, were you?" Dean looks down he says defiantly "Yeah I was. You have to believe me!" and then we hear how a bottle drops down. Dean raises his head in surprise. Next thing we see is a beer bottle lying on the floor spilling its contents. "Wow wait a sec!" we hear him say while we watch the bottle still rolling on the floor. And then we see Catherine's hands pointing a gun at Dean.  "What the hell is this?" "I checked with the US marshal services. There is no marshal Davis. Start talking. Who the hell are you?" Dean raises his eyes wide looking at Catherine zooming in on the gun in her hands. And then he remembers how she cut her finger in the door frame earlier. He grabs a handful of hydroponics from the plant standing next to the couch and throws it into her face. He jumps up gaining some momentum by holding himself up at the back of the couch and he kicks the gun out of her hands. Now it is his turn to pull his gun and point it at her. "Who the hell are you? Remember when we first went to see the crime scene? You sliced open your finger. Let me see it!" then he starts to think while he has sweat drops on his face "Or maybe you just heal fast." Suddenly we see some armoured guys outside in the hallway. Next we get a look at Dean and Catherine from the ceiling again. Blazing white light is coming in through the window. We hear a voice from outside yelling "You are completely surrounded! Drop your weapon and come out now! You have 30 seconds!" Then we get a look at Catherine who has her head bend down and hear Dean saying "You gonna pay for everything you've done." She raises her head and laughs a quick hard laugh. Suddenly we see the house from the outside. Lots of police cars parked in front of it. Beaming lights going up to a window at the top floor and we hear a woman screaming. We are back in the living room looking over Catherine's shoulder onto Dean. Suddenly she jumps up. Dean has a very surprised look on his face. Next image is Dean looking up to an air vent through which she disappeared. "What the hell?" We hear a voice yelling "Going in! Move!" Someone kicks the door in. Blazing light shines now through his legs into the apartment. Two guys are running in. "Damn it! What am I gonna do now?"  Dean wonders. Image changes again. Once more we are outside. Looks like we are standing in a corridor, between some houses, looking at the scene with the police cars in front of the house. Suddenly Sam runs by us and stops just before that corridor ends. "Damn!" And then there is a voice behind him "Freeze!" We see a gun pointed at him. "Heee?" he looks over his left shoulder at a swat team member all dressed up including the face mask. "Wait! Ok, ok" he raises his hands and turns around to face the guy. "Don't shoot" he asks. Then the masked man answers "Got you!" and he reaches up to take off his mask and Dean's face appears. He his laughing showing his teeth. "Dean?" and Sam smacks the gun down Dean still points at him. For a quick explanation we get to see Dean dressed up as swat team member in the living room checking on a tied up guy lying on the floor. Mouth covered with tape. Next thing we see the house from the outside again and a voice going "Damn it! Search the house! Come on! Move!"  And then we see the Impala moving fast in front of us from the right to the left again.
Change of scene. Again we are looking at the guys through the wind shield. Sam: "I hope Catherine is safe." Dean: "All I can think is what that shape shifter might have done to her." "I know me either" Sam sighs. Dean:  "We got to find her!" Sam turns towards Dean "What do you think we should do?" "Best guess: We got to find his nesting area and search it with a fine tooth comb." "Damn it.! That'll take for ever" "Alright. Quit your whining. That's enough. All you have to do is find the closest entrance to the sewer line Sammy." "I am working on it." Sam answers while we hear him type on his lap top. "Then what?" Dean with a surprised look in his eyes: "Hmm?" Gaze shifting over to Sam "We may just be the ones ending up on the wanted list." Suddenly we see a gun next to Sam's face. Dean is pointing it at him. "What the hell are you doing? This is no time to fool around Dean" "Shut up! You are not fooling me. Alright? You think I don't know my own brother?" This time Sam has the sweat drops on his face. "Oh my god! You're not …. You're not Dean, are you?" "Took the words right out of my mouth. Because I know you're not Sam!" "What did you do with Dean? You think you could fool me with your pathetic attempt at being my brother?" (Do you actually know who is real and who is a shape shifter?) We are treated to a close look of Dean's face while Sam grabs the gun. A bullet gets shot and hits the roof of the Impala (poor Baby). Thanks to that action Dean turns the steering wheel and we see the Impala from the outside how it nearly causes an accident. Inside the car Sam is still trying to get hold of the gun. Another shot. This time it hits the window in Sam's door. Finally Sam smacks Dean. He drops the gun. Dean steps on the brake and Sam as usual doesn't wear the seat belt therefore he is thrown around in his seat and hits his head. Again we watch the Impala barely escaping another accident. This time with a truck no doubt. In the car again Sam is lying on his seat holding the back of his head while Dean turns towards him and kicks him in the face. Blood splashing up. Another bare escape of an accident. And then Dean looks at Sam who is covering his face with both hands now. Dean's gaze shifts down to see the gun lying on the seat between them. He starts to smile "Yeah! Looks like you're the one with the cheap disguise. Reminds me of the old days." Looking at the traffic for a change he starts to reach blindly for the gun. When suddenly Sam slams his foot on Dean's hand. Once again we see Dean's face in agony. Afterwards we get a look at Sam who is leaning against his door now pointing the gun at Dean "Oh Yeah? Well I've grown." Next we know we are standing a few feet away from a very busy highway. When Sam suddenly walks by us "Come on! Let's finish this! I want my brother back!" He says while walking by us towards the highway. His right hand at his forehead. We hear Dean's voice "Wait Sam! Don't shoot! I really am Dean!" "Yeah and I really am Sam! I am sorry you don't believe me big brother." While listening in on this conversation we see Sam who starts to run towards the highway. Suddenly he stops and points the gun at … the Impala. As the Impala moves towards us we hear a shot. Baby comes to a halt only inches form Sam's legs. Now we see an image of a cracked wind shield. Bullet whole in the middle of it and we hear someone breathing heavily. Next image is a dead person in the car. We get a closer look at some dead eyes. And then our gaze shifts over to the driver side and we find out that it is Dean who is breathing that hard. Dean looks outside over his steering wheel through the cracked window shield with the bullet whole at a Sam standing outside in front of the Impala still pointing the gun at the car. Eyes and mouth wide open. Cars driving by fast that whole scene on the left and the right of them. Now we get a close look at the shocked face of Sam who is breathing hard too. Next we are standing at the side of the highway looking in on the scene. Sam just standing inches away from the Impala while cars run by them fast and we hear Dean: "Thanks. I owe you one."
Change of scenes again. We see two pairs of legs walking towards us down in the sewage again and we hear Dean going "So how did you like shooting yourself?" "I probably have nightmares about it" Sam answers. "Can't say I blame you." Then we first get a look at Sam's face and then at Dean's face and we find out that he is carrying Catherine on his back. Her arms are hanging loosely over his shoulder. We zoom in on the faces of those two from their left side. And while we hear Wayward son starting Catherine opens her eyes and says "Hey thanks a lot for saving my life." Dean answers casually, "No prob. Just doing my job." Now we see the shadow images of those three walking towards a bright light. "Your job? Right! So have you two always been monster hunters then?" "Yeah! Pretty much." Dean says. "How did you get into that?" That is when the boys answer in unison "Family business." "Of course it is," Catherine remarks smiling. "And you are a cop. Aren't you going to take us into a dingy room and interrogate us?" Dean wants to know. "No, I always play the good cop." "Got you," Dean states.  
That is when the music turns up a notch and we see a picture of Dean sitting on the Impala doing his thing like he did with Eye of the Tiger. On the right of the screen the credits start to run. All in Japanese so. Then the picture changes. We see a parked Impala on the side of a mountain road. A tarp coming from the passenger side, held up by some poles, acting as a makeshift tent. A deck chair below it. Dean lying in it while Sam stands next to the makeshift tent. Credits still running. Last picture we get during the end of the song is a look over the hood of the Impala at the backs of the boys. Facing the sunset. And if you think it is over you are wrong. We get the final scene.
"Though what's going to happen to the suspects you have in custody." We hear Dean asking while we look at the house where Catherine lives, gaze slowly shifting from the top floor downwards. We hear her answering "We have to look at their alibis again. But in light of what happened I am sure they will be released pretty soon." By now our gaze reached street level and we see a well done picture of the Impala all shiny in the sun light. "That's good" we hear Dean say. Next it seems we are looking through Dean's eyes again. Our view going by Sam in the passenger seat and we see Catherine standing outside bending down in order to look through the open window. "Yeah take care of yourselves now.C And then we are looking throw her eyes at the boys in the car. "We will. Don't worry about us" Dean says and Sam goes "Well, see you around Catherine." Now we look over the car at her and see how she straightens herself up and raises her left hand to wave good bye while the Impala starts to drive away. Finally we get the last image of the show. A look from afar down the road towards the Impala which is driving towards us and then passes us.
I do have to say I enjoyed watching it somehow. I was impressed by some little details. For example in Catherine's living room there was a dart board hanging at the wall and when ever our gaze shifted the dart board was where it really is supposed to be. Although liked the images of the Impala. Don't think you could draw it any better for a cartoon. The love for the car comes through those pictures. I wasn't very impressed by the story line it was too much like "Skin" but not really the same. That somehow irritated me slightly. I didn't like it that they seemed to have a thing for green eyes but painted Dean's eyes brown – that's just wrong!!!! I also didn't like the jacket Dean was wearing when acting as a federal marshal. Don't think that the real Dean would get anywhere near such a jacket.
In case I got you interested in the animes. Only the next two episodes mix up with some episodes we already saw during season 1. But it starts to get really interesting with a complete new story for episode 4. Let me tell you the boys run into a homosexual cop. Just imagine the fun with that. I would also like to hear some comments from people who already seen it.



# ChristopherH 2011-03-25 10:56
I enjoyed that. I was curious to see how well the writers would be able to craft a story in 20 mi utes that delivered the same kind of emotional content as the original series, but they captured the essence of the early tension between Sam and Dean fairly well actually. I dig the artwork. And in a way the gore at the beginning was even more graphic than the action series. I the series yo might see blood spurt on a window once, but not over and over again.

It was a bit jarring hearing Jared's voice but not Jensen's. The adjustment would have been easier if they had found substitute voices for both characters.

One other complaint ... was that a cheap cover of Kansas at the end? It didn't sound like the original. Couldn't they have just ponied up the royalty fee and put the real song in there?

All in all, though, this looks like yet another set of DVDs to add to my want list on Amazon or my viewing queue on Netflix. :)
# Yirabah 2011-03-25 15:55
Thanks ChristopherH
I was surprised at the artwork too and Eric Kripke mentioned once that he especially liked it that they are able to show so much more (like you put it) gore into the anime than the real show. I will try to find that video again.

About hearing Jared's voice but not Jensen's. Yes it is more than just a bit jarring but after watching a few eps it is not as bad as it is when you first discover that it is not Jensen talking. And I most definatly prefer Jared's voice to the voice of a substitute. Can't wait to hear Jensen's voice in there too. He is doing the Dean voice in episode 11 and 12. Haven't gotten around to watch those yet. Only made it up to episode 6 so far. But maybe I will have time over the weekend.
# Yirabah 2011-03-25 15:57
I totally agree Wayward son without Kansas just doesn't seem right for anything Supernatural.
# ChristopherH 2011-03-25 10:59
P.S. Dadgummit! I'm still getting used to the IPad keyboard. Sorry about all the typos.
P.S.S. Agreed ... Jared and Jensen both look quite yummy in those clips.
# Morgan 2011-03-25 11:03
Personally, I'm not a big fan of anime style animation. It's just not as visually appealing to me as other types of animation. But, of course, I had to check this one out! I think the new story episodes are really pretty good. I would kind of like to see them with the ‘real’ actors. 'Ghost on the Highway' was a pretty good MOTW. I liked the twist with Sam in ‘The Alter Ego.’ I thought it was new and interesting.

Great recap, Yirabah! I agree with a lot of what you said! I totally get what you mean about seeing Jared's face when he's talking! I too can picture the exact facial expression. Not having Jensen's voice playing opposite Jared's really threw me off, especially at first. I got used to it after a while. I think that Anime Sam is a better interpretation of Sam, especially season 1 Sam, than Anime Dean is of Dean. He’s not as cute as he should be (and that jacket is awful!). Maybe that’s just me. I like my Dean as cute as possible!

Overall, pretty good. Maybe they should do more new story episodes than redoing existing ones. It’s hard to live up to the awesomeness of live action Supernatural. I do like the idea of seeing the cases they worked between the cases we’ve already seen on the show. I love more background and new insight to our boys’ past!

And, yeah, the cheap cover of Wayward Son just doesn't do it for me!
# Yirabah 2011-03-25 16:17
Thank you Morgan.

Sam in the Alter Ego was a nice twist. I also enjoyed that I was not able to figure out immediatly who is in the alter ego in the car, Sam or Dean, or maybe even none of them.

You are right about anime Sam coming closer to Sam than anime Dean to Dean (head starts to spin here). First Dean having brown eyes, than that hankerchief and that awful jacket - nope - I prefer the real Dean too.

As I mentioned in the article, there are new stories and they are written extremly well. In one ep we will also see how Sam mets Jess.
# ChristopherH 2011-03-25 11:37
Apparently these DVDs aren't yet available in the U.S.? I'm curious to know whether it is possible to get the Japanese versions with English subtitles. Are the formats even compatible?
# ChristopherH 2011-03-25 13:14
It's definitely possible to watch the original Japanese voice track with English subtitles. WB would be stupid to not include them ...
Silly me! Why didn't I think of that ... duh ... haha! :)
# Yirabah 2011-03-25 16:21
Something I did forget to mention in my article is that the youtube videos are the ones from SPNtheAnimation Eps. She lives in Japan and I do thank her for putting those vids up. According to her she is ok but my heart still goes out to her and I hope that nothing will happen to her.
# Jeannine 2011-03-25 22:56
So I don't watch a lot of anime but I've seen my fair share. I liked these a lot and was kind of disappointed to find episode 5 blocked. But hey, I got to watch the first 4 for free, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I would almost think this is kind of AU from the TV series since there are some things that seem to be happening differently. I look forward to seeing what else is different and what other little twists they throw out there.
# Yirabah 2011-03-26 03:10
Hi there Jeannine, thanks for commenting. If you check Dark Austral comment there is help for you.
# Yirabah 2011-03-26 03:20
Hello Dark_Austral, thank you for your input.

I would be interested what your friend thinks about it too since I can't believe that the SPN anime makes any scenes to someone who doesn't now the real show.

Missouri sure was a disappointment thanks for letting us know that there is a reason for that.

About that sidenote. I was fighting with myself if I should put that info up or not. Warner Bros. already blocked to many of her videos. Didn't want to help them find those links.
# ChristopherH 2011-03-26 10:45
re blocked content ...

I'm pretty sure that the copyright laws of various countries have something to do with it. It may be true that we in America have access to more cntent ... but I often find things that I'm trying to watch blocked for copyright reasons, especially content generated in Canada (don't know why Canada and not other places though) ...
# Karen 2011-03-28 01:18
Hi Yirabah
When my daughter was young, she also liked watching Pokeman, Yu-gi-oh and her favourite Sailor Moon.
I managed to watch up to episode 3. It’s no way comparable to watching the live version of Supernatural, but I still found it enjoyable.
I liked how they altered the original scripts that little bit, giving it a different twist to the story. I would like to seen the ones where both Jared and Jensen do the voice’s, however I didn’t mind the guy that did Dean’s voice, I think he did an ok job.
Anyways…Thank you for putting this together.
# Yirabah 2011-03-28 02:06
Hi Karen,
you are right that it is not comparible to the real thing but still I found it fun to watch. Since you already made it up to three episodes just watch one more and let me know what you think of the complet new story line.
# Dana 2011-03-29 11:52
So far,I've seen SPN The Animation up to episode 9 and it's really fun to watch.
It's okay as a substitute for the real thing during spring hellatus.
I think Jared is doing a good job with his first voice over gig.
I agree it's really strange not to hear Jensen as Dean, but the voice actor is really doing best he can to sound like Dean Winchester Season 1 and I think he improving with every episode.

Can't wait for the complete box, it's not the real Supernatural but hey diversity is everything these days.
And how many of those "big network shows" made it from real life action show to animation?
# Yirabah 2011-03-29 14:34
Hello Dana,

so I am not the only one who uses the anime during this hellatus. Thanks for telling me that.

And yes I do love it, that our "little show" was thought interesting enough to become an anime (unlike some of those shows that millions watch each week)
# ChristopherH 2011-03-29 12:14
I beg to differ. It is "real" Supernatural ... in the same way that the prequel comic books are "real" ... and in the same way that all the prose fiction novels are "real" Supernatural.

I think it is really cool that the television show is apparently spawning a host of cross-media cultural production ... REALLY cool. Whether one likes the variations is a totally subjective thing. But to say that the anime version isn't "real" is like saying the sixties Batman TV show wasn't "real" Batman because it was too campy.
# Yirabah 2011-03-29 14:39
Oh come on ChristopherH, you have to understand us girls, that we prefer to watch the "real thing". Jared and Jensen are just to beautiful and the anime characters (as well as they were drawn) just can't match those two.
# ChristopherH 2011-03-29 14:49
LOL ...

Oh trust me ... I hear ya! Jensen and Jared are both quite yummy to look at. ;) I was only "begging to differ" in a constructive way.

About a year ago, I wrote a paper on Batman and discovered that one of the subthreads in cultural criticism is concerned with the role of the reader/viewer in interpretation. I just think that observing the ways cultural product can be expanded, adapted and re-created is very interesting.

It's funny. I didn't used to appreciate anime at all, but it has been growing on me. And now that one of my favorite shows is being adapted to the medium, I have another excuse to watch it. :)
# Rouis 2011-05-29 15:17
I think over all are good show i finish all 22 episode in 2 days, and i really enjoy it how the story goes and really love how the way it end hopefully there will be a seasons 2 for it :lol:
# Andrew 2011-07-29 22:50
It was painful to watch the first two episodes english dubbed, lacking emotion and starting way out of order. Im going to try it in japanese and see how it goes, but not a big fan of the animation style they used. Overall, I would never pay to see this crap! Save all yourselves a headache and see the real show, hell alot better.
# ChristopherH 2011-07-30 01:39
The anime is now available in DVD and Blueray!
Waly coyote
# Waly coyote 2011-09-28 09:57
I didn't line the anime around all. To me it being anime anime it should have been way better w/ alot more action. It was more talk than anything. Deans character was all wrong the way he brushes everything off. The live action show is a way better. I think it has potential but they should get new writers and study the show a little bit more.
# ChristopherH 2011-12-09 04:24
Update ... seven episodes in ... the knock-off episodes were OK, but the original episodes are quite good actually.
# Edward 2013-06-02 14:21
I love Supernatural. There's a great post here comparing the TV series to the anime -