As the title says, four weeks – we’ve made the four-week mark! Everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back…four weeks down.
I thought I’d do some periodic Hellatus Checks just to, you know, check how everyone is doing. For me this is – well, as Meg said. “Hell.” Sure, I’m enjoying watching (gorging) all of Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 – and who of you back in 2005/2006 would have imagined there would be this many seasons to list? I know I didn’t; then again I only started watching February of 2008, so that doesn’t count. 
Still, it’s been four weeks since a new episode, a whole four weeks since a new clip, a whole long four weeks since there’s been speculation on what would come next…that’s just too long. But, all is not lost, there has been quite a bit going on and likely quite a bit more than I know about especially since I know very little of what’s going on out there in TV land and the fandom at large and conventions and all that. So, I’ll ramble a bit on the little bits of stuff I do know and then hope the rest of you will fill in the blanks or add stuff you know or have heard.   I’m especially hoping you will fill the rest of us in on how you’re doing whilst on this long journey in the desert called Hellatus. 
First of all spoilers…thus far I’ve heard none and I’m still very up in the air about whether or not I want to spoil myself this coming season. Last season I prowled the spoilers on Spoiler TV and enjoyed the sides and the casting calls as well as the interviews. None of them bothered me and I had fun speculating.  Granted, reading some of the threads on some sites drove me nuts as some people were ready to trash something before they even knew what it was, so that was annoying. I was fairly spoiled ahead of time that Dean broke the first seal – that came courtesy of a Space TV promo though so I had it coming there. I was spoiled by a script side that told me the siren would be the cop in Sex and Violence and I suppose that ruined it a little bit for me but not enough that I said wow, the episode sucks ‘cause I knew that ahead of time.
So, I don’t know what I’m going to do with spoilers. Admittedly, I’m tempted to spoil simply because it’s been a whole four weeks and nothing, nada, zip, zilch…nothing. What are your thoughts? Spoil or not spoil? How did this past season work for those of you that did spoil and how did this past season work for those of you who didn’t? I’d be interested to know. Also, if I do spoil myself, I’ll be very careful to not spoil in here thus protecting those who don’t.
Season Six? Much discussion seems to be underway (at least in the three places I’ve looked) about season six. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a season six and most especially if the quality stays high, I’m all for it; but put the cart before the horse, much? The writers have only just gotten back into the writing room, not a scene has been shot, much less episode aired for Season 5 and everyone is discussing Season 6? Hey, again, I’m cool with it as long as it does not ever jump the shark, but let’s just enjoy what we got. Do I think they could do it? Sure, why not. I never thought six foot teddy bears would show up or angels would be so awesome or that John would have another son and the storyline would work really well so yeah, I suppose so. Then again, I don’t know. How do you top Lucifer and stopping the massacre and all that stuff, really, how do you – well, on a television show that is. I don’t know. I’ll wait and see, for now I’m just counting the days (not every day though that would be too obsessive) until Season 5 starts.
Jared and Jensen confirm their contracts go for six seasons, apparently that’s with the CW so that’s not necessarily with Supernatural – that information comes to you jointly through my watching some You Tube videos of the recent Asylum convention which was held, I think, in England, and some fan writing on a thread on SupernaturalTV.
I do say this, I voted on BuddyTV’s vote thingy about whether a sixth season would be good or not with Jared and Jensen but no Eric…I said I’d watch it but it might not be as good; I’ll admit, there’s something about Eric’s genius I really like. I can and do hope that if all the writers are game – and as I do enjoy Sera and Ben and Jeremy and Julie and Cathryn and Dabb and Loflin I think that together, with Eric they could pitch two more seasons and Eric would stay [I hope] but again, this is all speculation and time will tell…as in not for probably six to eight months before we hear anything definitive. So with that in mind, I’ll go back to counting down until Season 5 premiers, that’s long enough.
Speaking of Cons, I watched some vids on You Tube and apparently Jensen had eye surgery and has a bruise (don’t worry, he said, it’ll be gone soon and likely by the time I saw the video it already is). [I had eye surgery two years ago…awesome.] Jensen has a dog, thanks to his girlfriend, and it’s not a manly dog [sorry, Jensen]. I’m no man but I love ‘real’ dogs and yes, I know all dogs are real, some are just more so but that could be fighting words so I’ll leave off there. Apparently his 15 pound cockapoo named Icarus [cool name] takes on the likes of Harley and Sadie and seems to win more often than not. Well, real dog or not, the truth is it is always the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight.
As for Harley and Sadie, according to Jared Harley is big and dumb and happy and Sadie is the troublemaker…that sounds about right. Both boys looked happy and relaxed and hopefully they’re beginning to count down the days to the beginning of filming; I have no idea how they do what they do but I sure am glad they do it. I think filming starts July 2nd…think I read/heard that somewhere but I have no source to back it up. If anyone knows, fill me in. I got my little calendar all ready to start marking off the episodes as they are filmed – obsess much? [I did that last year mostly because I feared SAG would strike and thus ruin another season *did I mention I’m selfish?*, as of the writing of this and the sending to Alice for posting later in the week all votes are still arriving and the reveal of the results is not yet in *crosses fingers*]
Season 4 DVDs have been announced and sooner or later I’ll actually pre-order mine; I always do (well, always as in did it last year, the first two seasons I got at a discount and together). Apparently the beloved (at least to me) commentaries will return, on three ‘key’ episodes. Any takers on which three those will be? I’m certainly hoping for Lazarus Rising and Lucifer Rising, although unless they did it early, Kim won’t be available for his *wipes tear*. The ever present gag reel will be along as well as featurettes on the mythology and unaired scenes…love those.
Speaking of unaired scenes, there is a thread on SupernaturalTV that I enjoy checking out now and again, actually two. One is where someone posts clips from something called Rabid Rabbit, or something like that *clunks head* it’s been awhile since I’ve been there for that one. The other is for Behind-the-scenes pics which has loads of picks from…you guessed it, behind-the-scenes and it is updated fairly regularly. It’s cool to see the markers for the actors and the crew and how close everything is and how very many people are around the actors. Check them out, they’re kinda fun.
Along those same lines Jensen talked about a photo of him in some magazine, Heat. Apparently it’s a shirtless photo and I think I remember seeing that pic and was afraid it would show up in an upcoming episode (saw it a few months ago). The reason for my fear, no tattoo. After all their care in Lazarus Rising and Monster at the end of This Story, I thought the makeup crew had really blown it…not to worry though, apparently it was an unauthorized photo that the on-set photographer took and somehow it got out and into a mag…Jensen’s comments on the mag were quite funny. Someone explained to him that the mag was kind of like ‘People’ and he said, oh, so crap. Yeah, Jensen, that’s right.
Now that I’ve rambled on about much of nothing I’ll post a few parting thoughts and turn it over to you all…I’m looking for fanfic, I’m a bit desperate. Anyone writing any? Anyone reading any that’s really good? Gaelicspirit is a favorite of mine and I checked her journal, she had one for The Young Riders…wow, that was on 20 years ago. That just kills me. I never watched it when it was on, too busy with college *dates self again* but somehow it just seems odd to think that 1989 was 20 years ago…but that’s just a fact. Anyway, I read that and enjoyed it and am now checking for some Young Riders stuff…you know, to pass the time.
I haven’t yet done the ‘time honored’ thing of standing at the magazine rack and browsing *coughs, reading* the May SPN magazine…it’s on my too do list [like pre-ordering Season 4] I’m enjoying my DVDs and starting to think about what I’m going to do this fall when Season 5 starts and I start recording them again. I have trouble with my DVR in that the discs will stop recording for no reason and then tell me it’s full or not formatted or whatever…this happened halfway through Lucifer Rising, twice! I about died. Thankfully Alice posted the missing scene and I can get the flavor between the upstairs and the downstairs…still, too much pressure so I’ll have to fix that soon.
So now it’s your turn, how is your Hellatus? Are you obsessing, have you gone on a Supernatural fast for a while, since absence makes the heart grow fonder? What are you reading? Going to a con?  Been to a con? Hoping to go to a con? Swearing you’ll never ever in your whole life go to a con?
Share the news, share the tips…we’re about a quarter of the way through; we will make it.