I got this message today from paintgirl770 who needs our help.  Here's the dilemma:

I have been watching since season one, but my husband only very recently (last 2 episodes of season 5) started watching with me (he's not much of a tv guy, except for sports). Anyway, to my happy surprise he instantly appreciated the show! We watched the pilot and a couple of season 1 episodes so far, but he doesn't have the time (or patience) to watch all the episodes of all the seasons before Season 6 begins. What would you and yours recommend as the top say 5 or 6 episodes he should see in the next few weeks to keep him hooked (bear in mind I will be there to fill him in on storyline and events, etc..)

It's Hellatus, we're still buzzing from Comic Con news, so I decided that this would be the perfect group exercise.  After all, we're all in this together!  Which five or six would you recommend?  My initial list was at twelve, and breaking it down was not fun.  Here's my recommended list:

In My Time of Dying
All Hell Breaks Loose Part II (Watch the last five minutes of part I.  That doesn't really count as an episode)
Mystery Spot
No Rest For the Wicked
Lazarus Rising

Considering he's already seen the last two episodes of season five, he's good there.  The way I figure, he'll be so hooked by then, he'll at least take one marathon weekend to burn through all of season four.  Just one episode of that season is criminal.  

Okay, your turn!  What's your best advice?


Maria G
# Maria G 2010-07-28 22:16
He needs to watch The Kids Are Alright to understand Lisa/Ben better and Jus in Bello for Lilith purposes as well.
# rlwgsd 2010-07-28 22:20
The top 6 episodes to catch up
So we have to consider that you had him watch the finale of season one so I will start with season 2 and then on

Born under a bad sign
all hell breaks loose part 11
mystery spot
no rest for the wicked
lazarus rising
HONESTLY to really get it he needs at least to watch season Four and five
# Aaricia 2010-07-29 08:28
The list is very good. But I think On the head of a pin must be in it. We see what Dean has done in Hell (and how damaged of it he is), his relation with Alistair, how Sam gets his power boost and angel's troubles. All of these will be important for the rest of the story.
# Sablegreen 2010-07-29 09:37
Season six is a starting-over season. I think he would be good watching some of the better stand alone episodes
As I understand it, Lisa and Ben won't be around after a one or two episodes.

Tall Tales
Yellow Fever
Bad Day at Black Rock
Hell House
Monster Movie
Changing Channels
# faye 2010-07-29 10:33
All good choices. I would add

Wishful Thinking
Supernatural Christmas,

just so he knows it's not all angsty. Those episodes really bring the gallows humour to the forefront, and show the boys doing their job
# Chris_J 2010-07-29 11:16
I think your recommendations are what I would also recommend, Alice. I would add to your list:

S1: Devil's Trap -- background on YED and it's an all-around awesome episode.

S2: What Is and What Should Never Be -- background on the djinn (from our comic con spoilers he will be back) and also insight into Dean's weariness with the hunter lifestyle and his desire for family.

S3: The Kids Are Alright -- Great and scary MOTW, and also for the Dean/Lisa/Ben interaction.

S4: On the Head of a Pin -- An overall fantastic episode that covers a lot of both brothers' issues and also mytharc plot information.

S5: Dark Side of the Moon -- another great episode which delves into Dean and Sam's issues that will probably be touched upon next season.

Now, if he just wants to watch a kick-ass all-around great episode, then I'd suggest my favorite of all time -- Nightshifter. :-)

Sablegreen: "As I understand it, Lisa and Ben won't be around after a one or two episodes."

No, according to Sera's most recent interviews, she will be recurring throughout the season.
# paintgirl770 2010-07-29 11:30
Wow! Thanks you guys, you really bring it. So many great episodes, so hard to choose, I really needed the help. Faye, I like your point about adding in some humor, I will definitely do that. Can't wait to have our mini-marathon.

Sablegreen - you got me excited when you said Lisa and Ben wouldn't be around much. Hope you are right. I just don't buy Dean all domesticated, much as he might think that is what he wants. A tiger can't change his stripes.
# Jasminka 2010-07-29 15:54
Hey, paintgirl770, the folks above have already put in most of the episodes I would have mentioned.

I think 'On a Head of A Pin' is a must, and so is 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' to understand the characters' journeys, as well as 'When The Levee Breaks'.
And - as some others said - some humour is a necessity, I guess all that drama might be a lot to swallow even for the strongest guy.

You know, when your hubby sees some of the episodes, perhaps you will get him hooked in a magical way that will make him change his mind or simply make time to watch the whole story...

Wishing you the best of luck with your hooking-hubby-t o-Supernatural- project! Jas
# AndreaW 2010-07-29 17:02
I've reading people's opinions about Lisa's role. To be hnest, I never really bouth Dean's sudden feelings for her. As far as we know, she was just a girl he met years ago and had a brief relatioshiup. And all of a sudeen she is the woman of his life? That really bothered me.

However, Sera Gamble said in one of her interviews that it's not so much about Lisa (no matter how great she is) as it's about Dean's need to be part of a family unit. And THAT, yes, makes much more sense. Dean went to her in the first place because he thought he had lost Sam's affection (Dark Side of the Moon). So let's see how this situation will be dealt with in season 6.
# AndreaW 2010-07-29 17:19
Ops! I've made some gross typing mistakes in the message above. :oops: Sorry! I do this when I get excited. ;-)
# Deborah 2010-07-29 17:32
In an interview posted today at zap2it.com, Sera says about Lisa:

If you're expecting Lisa to die a fiery death in the season premiere as a throwback to the pilot, think again. "Lisa will be recurring in the first half of the season," Sera confirms. "She's not just a one-off thing."

The entire interview is here (spoilery, of course):
# elle2 2010-07-30 07:03
I'll throw my hat in the ring and suggest one episode per season according to my recent series of articles on the 'the' five most pivotal episodes of the show:

Nightmare (Season 1)
Crossroad Blues (Season 2)
Jus in Bello (Season 3)
On The Head of a Pin (Season 4)
Point of No Return (Season 5)

Of course, if you reall get him interested then definitely make sure to feed in the season opener and season finale of each season (well, I still think in a crunch you can skip Magnificent Seven) and then if he really wants to see the lighter side treat him to a marathon of the funnies:

Hell House (Season 1)
Tall Tales (Season 2)
Mystery Spot (Season 3)
Monster Movie (Season 4)
Changing Channels (Season 5)

Can't go wrong there, of course all told that's 17 episodes but see what sparks his interest, he may decide several marathons are in order.

Have fun and welcome to TWFB's group consultation service...no fees necessary.

# AndreaW 2010-07-30 12:03
It's about time someone mentioned everyone's favorite AMULET. Oh, total bliss here! :D They just can't forget the dear object as is it never existed. So I'm keeping my hope now.
# Evelyn 2010-08-02 10:47
Too hard to choose which episodes to watch. Wouldn't it be easier to choose those episodes that are okay to skip?

A side note: what's with all the Lisa/Dean hatred? Man, I like her and what she represents for Dean. A family, someone that loves and cares for him unconditionally . After all, isn't that what Dean deserves, after all the crap he has been through these last several years. He deserves and has every right to have a strong woman care for and love him. All through S4 and S5 we learned that Dean secretly harbored a desire for a family, why can't we let him have that - albeit in a Supernatural kind of way.
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2010-08-03 15:46
I know I am a little late to the party. Internet issues. But better late than never. I have been on a one woman Supernatural conversion mission for a while now. Long before I ever got on the internet and discovered I was not the only one. I was in good company. I got my favorite aunt hooked with What is and What Should Never Be. Got her caught up with marathons. We have been watching new episodes together ever since. Got my bother and sister-in-law hooked with Wishful Thinking. As a matter of fact last September, on new release day, my brother called me from the store to see if I wanted him to pick me up a copy of Season 4, since he was getting his. I had pre-ordered online, so mine was already in the DVD player. Then got my mom hooked in early Season 5. More marathons to catch up...just twist my arm.

5 episodes to get started is really hard. Came up with 6 with a couple honorable mentions. Plus an extra 7 for a little humor. So here are my starter episodes and why I chose them:

Devils Trap (1:22) - We meet Bobby, have the big Meg showdown, rescue John, and the Impala gets crunched. Which broke my heart by the way.

Nightshifter (2:12) - Ronald (loved him...to bad he's dead) Victor Henriksen (just started to like him thanks to Jus in Bello... to bad he's dead too) I see a pattern here. Plus the Great Escape to classic rock music in SWAT gear, need I say more.

All Hell Breaks Loose II (2:22) - Dean's deal for Sam's resurrection sets the stage for Dean's trip to Hell.

Dream a Little Dream of Me (3:10) - Insight into what Dean dreams about(a family/picnics/ baseball games). Why Bobby got into hunting and Sam's dirty dream of Angelina Jolie...Brad Pitt... Oh wait... Bela? Oh Crap!

Lazarus Rising (4:01) - Dean's back from Hell, Sam is in a hotel with Ruby, then there is the best entrance of an Angel of the Lord ever.....HELLO CASTIEL!

When the Levee Breaks (4:21) - Poor Sam, Poor Dean, and oh yeah, apocalypse here we come.

Honorable mentions:

Bloodlust ((2:03) - The Impala is back and Dean, as well as the rest of us, comes to the realization that not all supernatural things are evil.

Roadkill (2:16) - This is the first episode I saw and was hooked from the get go. So it holds a soft spot with me.

For a little humor:

Hell House (1:17) - "I think I'm allergic to our soap" "bring it on baldy"

Tall Tales (2:15) - "I've had it up to here with you" "Right back at ya"

Bad Day at Black Rock (3:03) - "I lost my shoe" "I'm Batman"

Mystery Spot (3:11) - "Do these tacos taste funny?" "You'll thank me when it's Wednesday"

It's a Terrible Life (4:17) - Dean in a tie, Sam in a cubicle. You can't fight ghosts without health insurance. "Angel or not I will stab you in your face." Sorry Zach, Dean keeps his promises. Just ask Yellow Eyes... oh wait, he's dead too.

Monster at the End of This Book (4:18) - Chuck the prophet...Love him - not dead but possibly God, open to personal interpretation and much debate.

Changing Channels (5:08) - Dr. Sexy, procedural cop shows, Herpexia, and HELLO GABRIEL!

Holy Crap! How did that happen...I'm totally long winded as usual. Thanks for your kind indulgence of my ramblings...
# AndreaW 2010-08-03 17:42
Speaking for myself, I don't "hate" the Lisa/Dean affair. It's just that, for my taste, it was too sudden, too unconvincing. For the record, yes, Dean deserves to be happy with someone, I'm not denying it. By the way, so does Sam. Hey, Sera?? Are you listening? There's nothing wrong with Sam. He's got the looks too, he's perfectly capable to love and needs to be loved. So please Sera, bring Sarah back! ;-)