So I first met Jenniffer, Alice's new site co-administrator, via an e-mail conversation thread. It was apparent instantly that we had similar senses of humor when we had a good time making jokes back and forth. We eventually started talking about our lives and other such and it turned out, that while on a mini vacation, I was going to be half an hour away from where Jenniffer lived, so of course we had to get together! We met for coffee in a Starbucks and started talking about all manner of things and having a great time when she told me about these fake SPN-themed Windows 7 ads she had posted on Facebook.

For those of you who haven't seen them, in the real ads there's a person talking about a problem they have with their Windows operating system, so they talk to the people at Microsoft, and when Windows 7 comes out that exact problem is solved. Then the person says "I'm so and so and Windows 7 was my idea."
Jenniffer told me about the first two she thought up, the ones for Bobby and Sam, and they were funny! So we started brainstorming and came up with ideas for other season 5 characters, too. We decided this would be a fun article to write up and share with everyone, but Jenniffer was nervous about writing it since she really would rather focus on the technical aspects of website administration, so I said I would do the writing and stuff if she could send me an outline to work from.

When I opened her e-mail, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she'd written up these wonderful ads you'll find below. I thought they were so great that I gently (or not so gently, as she might tell you!) convinced her that she should submit these as an article. All I really did was help edit a bit, find a couple screencaps, and provide moral support. So congratulations, Jenniffer, on your first Winchester Family Business article! I'm sure everyone reading will find it just as fun as I do.


So there I was, trying to delete that photo of me and Crowley kissing, when it hit me. "I need a computer with simpler photo editing software!" So I told the boys at Microsoft and BOOM! Windows 7 comes out! Now I can delete any incriminating photos of me with demons! My name is Bobby Singer and Windows 7 was MY idea.


So there I was, fighting a demon I knew nothing about, when it hit me! "I need a computer that will help me with demon research!" So I told the boys at Microsoft and BOOM! Windows 7 comes out. Now I can identify twice as many demons in half the time! My name is Sam Winchester and Windows 7 was MY idea!


So there I was, sitting in our motel room watching Sam do research, when it hit me. "This needs to be more difficult for Sam!" So I told the boys at Microsoft and BOOM! Windows Vista comes out! Now I know Sam will be overwhelmed with messages about security alerts and random computer crashes! My name is Dean Winchester and Windows Vista was MY idea.


So there I was, lying in a hospital bed, when it hit me. "I can't seem to zap myself out of here!" So I called Dean to get money for airfare and BOOM! Bobby gets me a bus ticket! Now I have to travel like any other human and can no longer heal myself in the blink of an eye. My name is Castiel and losing my angel mojo was NOT MY idea.


So there I was, in heaven or something, when it hit me. "I should probably help Sam and Dean down on Earth!" So I called, well, nobody because I'm God, and BOOM! I take on the form of Chuck the Prophet! Now I can hide out here on Earth while still helping Sam and Dean now and then. My name is Yahweh and Chuck being Me was MY idea.


So there I was, caged in Hell, when it hit me. "I need to find a way out of here and create a Hell on Earth!" So I called up Lilith and Azazel to help break me out and BOOM! Armageddon gets started. Now I can unleash pain and fury on all the mortals of this realm! My name is Lucifer and the apocalypse was MY idea.


So there I was, in heaven, drinking margaritas and pulling off the wings of lower-order angels, when it hit me. "We need to have a war between heaven and hell!" So I called Lucifer to see if he was interested and BOOM! We start Armageddon! Now we can have the big showdown, in which I win, and Earth can become free reign for the angels. My name is Michael and the Apocalypse was ALSO my idea!...

...but Lucifer is taking all the credit, isn't he? That bastard. He's always like that, always thinks it's all about him. I mean, really, when has the fallen angel ever had an idea that was 100% his own? But noooo, just because he's got big horns and a pointy tail everybody thinks he's Mr. Evil. Mr. "I Will Bring an End to the World for Humans!" What a self serving ass wipe"¦ I mean really, doesn't anybody know what "joint venture" means?