In the grand tradition of mindless fun started all the way back in season four, it’s time for a popular and great work time killer. Yes, it’s “Rank Them in Five Minutes.” The rules are simple. I list all twenty-two episodes in season five and in five minutes you rank them from best to worst. The idea is by giving you very little time for contemplation, a list is generated more on gut reaction. There’s no going backward or changing your mind. The best part is, there’s no right answer and everyone’s list usually ends up being so different. In other words, opinions not only subjective, they’re entertaining!
Let’s get started. Here’s the list:
Sympathy For The Devil
Good God Y’all
Free To Be You and Me
The End
Fallen Idols
I Believe The Children Are Our Future
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Changing Channels
The Real Ghostbusters
Abandon All Hope
Sam, Interrupted
Swap Meat
The Song Remains The Same
My Bloody Valentine
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
Dark Side of The Moon
99 Problems
Point of No Return
Hammer of The Gods
The Devil You Know
Two Minutes To Midnight
Swan Song
Okay, start your timers...GO!!!... 
Wait a second...I see you. No cheating!! What do you mean this is hard? Stop reading this and start ranking...
Time’s a wasting!!!...
No, don’t take time right now to try and figure out what the ending to Lost meant, focus!!!...
Ah yes, it’s starting to click, isn’t it?...
You see, it works!!! Awesome job.   
Here’s my list. I did it in 3 minutes, 54 seconds. 
1.  Changing Channels
2.  Swan Song
3.  My Bloody Valentine
4.  Point of No Return
(tie) Dark Side of The Moon
6.  Two Minutes To Midnight
(tie) The Song Remains The Same
8.  Good God Y'all
9.  The End
10.  The Real Ghostbusters
11.  Abandon All Hope
12.  The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
13.  Free To Be You and Me
14.  Sympathy For The Devil
15.  The Devil You Know
16.  Sam, Interrupted
(tie)  99 Problems
18.  Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
19.  Fallen Idols
20.  I Believe The Children Are Our Future
21.  Swap Meat
22.  Hammer Of The Gods
For me, even though “Swan Song” ripped my entire insides into tiny little pieces, “Changing Channels” just brought way more to the table. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, and in the insides were in tiny little pieces. It’s a classic we’ll never forget. Also, there are several that are ties, like “Point of No Return” and “Dark Side of The Moon” and “Two Minutes To Midnight” and “The Song Remains The Same.” Those were really listed in no particular order. I still say “Hammer of The Gods” was a total piece of dung. 
Thanks for playing! Now share your answers in the comments.
As an extra bonus, here’s elle’s take, complete with her reasoning:
As I look back over season five, I realize that I’ve forgotten about a number of episodes, in part because of the patchwork that was Season five and in part because of the long breaks that occurred. Nevertheless, season five holds some of my favourite episodes of all time. We’ve done it before and we’ll probably do it again, so let’s rank the episodes this season. For the most part, with a few exceptions (I’m looking at you Family Remains) I love every episode of Supernatural in its own way. Here are mine, in order of affection level (note – a vast majority of these episodes, along with nearly every other Supernatural episode are tied for a spot in my top five – it’s too hard to choose!).
1.       Swan Song – I placed this episode in the first place spot without having seen the episode, that’s how confident in the awesomeness level I was….and HOLY CRAP – this was totally the best episode – quite possibly EVER. No words exist to encompass how much this episode rocked my world and ripped my heart to pieces.
2.       Changing Channels – mockery of the major timeslot competitors, outlandish sets and supporting characters, Sam’s STD commercial, tandem bike riding, a theme song, Nutcracker!, Sam as the Impala, rescuing Castiel, and the Trickster is an ANGEL – what’s not to love?
3.       The End – the two Deans and the unbelievable Jared-as-Lucifer made this an instant favourite and must-see Supernatural episode
4.       Two Minutes to Midnight – this one has toggled back and forth between the top three spots on this list. I finally decided to put it here, but I consider it to be level with the two above episodes. Death is absolutely one of my favourite guest characters, no question. Castiel returned and made up with Dean, Bobby is mobile again and the suspense has been cranked up to 11. What’s not to love?
5.       Abandon All Hope – badass Cas, tragic heroism and a startling lesson on the immortality of Lucifer. Mostly, if an episode leaves me emotionally ravaged, it’s in the top five (yup, it’s become a crowded top five over the years).
6.       The Song Remains the Same – Mary and John – the early years! Michael and Dean meet for the first time, the chillingly true words of a young mother: “angels are watching over you”
7.       Point of No Return – Panic Room Confessions, Cas kicking ass and taking names, Dean’s last minute turn around, good-bye and good riddance to Zachariah!
8.       Dark Side of the Moon – I’m a sucker for the emotional whumping of Dean Winchester and this episode took it to a whole new level.
9.       Sympathy for the Devil – return of Chuck, Castiel is back and better than ever, Dean makes a heart-twisting confession, Bobby performs a tragic self-sacrifice – as season premieres go, it’s not quite Lazarus Rising, but first-rate nonetheless
10.   Good God, Y’All – the first of the intrepid horsemen make the scene, Ellen, Jo and Rufus resurface, the first of an unknowingly very important quadrate of rings is collected and the boys part ways…I’m not crying, there’s something in my eye.
11.   Devil You Know – Killing an evil bastard: What is, How to Bond with Your Brother, Winchester Style.
12.   Hammer of the Gods – Damn you, Kripke! Not Gabriel – what sacrilege!
13.   My Bloody Valentine – gory but wrought with emotion and drama, which are always key ingredients in a good episode.
14.   99 Problems –  The continuing adventures of Castiel: [dejected, drunk, despondent] angel of the lord, and The Cell Phone; Dean’s goodbye to Lisa – laughter and tears, I’m an emotional mess.
15.   The Curious Case of Dean Winchester – Grumpy Old Men: The Dean and Bobby Show (not to mention the yummy poker-playin’, ageless male-witch)
16.   Sam, Interrupted – drugged Sammy, even better than drunk Sammy!
17.   I Believe the Children Are Our Future – wonderful child acting, interesting premise, whoopee cushion + angel = can’t…write…anymore…laughing…too hard
18.   Free to Be Me and You – Best way to blow your cover? Take Cas.
19.   The Real Ghostbusters – good fun poked at the fan base and some important information garnered – a light entertainment episode if ever there was
20.   Fallen Idols – two words: Paris. Hilton. Surprisingly, not that bad!
21.   Swap Meat – and the award for most out of character Dean Winchester moment goes to…80% of this episode! redeeming moment: not!Sam, an umbrella’d banana daquari and a frisky lady
22.   Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – poor Bobby, can’t catch a break this season.
Season four remains my favourite season, but season five is a close, close, nearly-tied second (okay, after that finale just now, season five is my new favourite). And on some days, they’re tied. To choose between them is a task of herculean proportions. Picking episodes from either season, I can have a wonderful 22 episode playlist entirely of episodes I (a) LOVED or (b) thoroughly enjoyed for perhaps no apparent reason. I find this activity quite enjoyable, because I can reflect on the season as a whole and admire the carefully woven threads that connect most every episode in the Supernatural vault together. So, how are you ranking the most recent 22 episodes?