Okay, it's been a couple of days and the responses have considerably slowed, so for those of you dying to know the answers to the Trivia Quiz, I won't keep you hanging.  I'll tell ya, a couple of you came close, but no one got the answers 100% right.  So, I must have done my job right.  One answer no one guessed correctly and a couple only had one or two correct answers. 

The winner BTW, a tie!  It's between elle2 and Kmb316!  They're both an encyclopedia of weirdness just like I am.  Elena M and Supernarttu both came in a close second.  Congratulations to you all!

So, below are my answers and naturally my long-winded explanations for each.  After all, you guys want to know more than the straight answer, right?  RIGHT?  Ah well, if not, skim through.


1.   What episode is the first to feature a shirtless Winchester? Bonus, Who is it?
Ah, this is sort of a trick question. It all depends on how you view the technicalities.  The quick answer is Dean in “Skin,” which is episode six of season one. However, that really wasn’t Dean, it was the shapeshifter in a Dean suit. So, if you want to go from there, there are partial shots of Dean shirtless a little in “Scarecrow” and a lot more in “Route 666.” There are probably enough partial shots of Dean in his uncomfortable sex scene in “Route 666” where you get enough exposure.  
However, if there are those of you that consider “shirtless” to be full-on total top nudity with every feature and detail flaunted in full glory and don’t want to count Dean shapeshifter, you have to go to Sam in “Hell House.” To me that is the epitome of shirtless shots, plus at the time NONE of us knew the boy was that ripped. All those layers were misleading. 
But, in judgment of a correct answer, I’ll take Dean in “Skin,” Dean in “Route 666” or Sam in “Hell House.” 
2.   How old were Sam and Dean when Sam gave Dean his cherished amulet?
8 (Sam) and 12 (Dean). I had to make some of these easy!
3.  What was the first episode where the word "Impala" was actually said? Bonus, who said it?
As I’m digging through the answers, only a couple of you got this right. In the entire season one, the word “Impala” was never said. It was just Dean’s baby or his car. No, it wasn’t until the season two premiere, “In My Time of Dying,” when Sam talked about the “Impala” being towed back to Bobby’s place with John, that the car’s actual kind was uttered.  
4.   Sam mentioned in "Something Wicked" that the Shrtiga had struck before in Odgenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway. What TV series is this a shout out to? Bonus: Name the episode.
This is a shout out to one of my all time favorite TV episodes. I’ve told this story before, but when watching this for the first time after Sam said that, I paused the DVD and started singing, “Monorail, monorail, monorail!” It is indeed a shout out to The Simpsons, the “Marge Vs. The Monorail” episode. Another really interesting fact? That episode was written by an up and coming comedy writer by the name of Conan O’Brien. 
5.  Other than South Dakota, what state has been the setting of the most episodes?  After that?
I actually went through five seasons and counted! The answer is indeed Ohio, but season five is what pushed the state ahead. Before that, it was a dead heat between Ohio and Illinois. So, the “after that” is Illinois. NO ONE got this question right. 
6.  What was the name of Bobby Singer’s dog in his first episode, “Devil’s Trap.” Bonus, who was he named after?  What would you name Bobby's dog now?
The dog’s name was Rumsfeld, after then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Kind of fitting since the real Rumsfeld is a mean old dog. What would I name Bobby’s dog now? I have no freaking idea. Sparky. I read “Gates” for a couple of answers and that works too. 
7.  What politician has a parking spot in Hell according to Casey the Demon in “Sin City?”
Dick Cheney. Man, when this man speaks, sometimes I wish he was already there.  
8.  What was the name of the porno flick Sam was caught watching in “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things?” 
Casa Erotica FOUR. That is the key to the answer, it’s the fourth installment of the series. He probably didn’t need to see the other three considering those films usually don’t have a plot to stay on top of, but how many here think he has seen the other three? I’m wondering if this was a porn marathon he was enjoying.  There I go overthinking again.     
9.  What Supernatural actor folded his software business after he figured out he made more money acting?
Misha Collins. He told us about that during the panel at the Cherry Hill con in March. Want details? Here you go:
10.  What Supernatural writer was the creator of the cult comic series The Tick?  
Ben Edlund. There’s an amusing story about how I know this. My brother-in-law is a huge The Tick fan (the comics not the TV series) and does not watch Supernatural.   I got back from Comic Con and mentioned that I interviewed Ben Edlund and he gasped. He wondered how I managed that. I told him he's an Executive Producer and Writer for Supernatural. â€œHe is?” was the stunned reaction. Then he wondered why I didn’t ask Tick questions. I think my status improved a little after that conversation, but not much since I don't read The Tick.   
11.  What Supernatural writer was on the reality show Project Greenlight?
Sera Gamble. She talked all about it in my second interview with her. She especially gives details about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Read about it here: 
12.  Is Criss Angel really a douchebag?
Yes, no, or maybe so works. Again, I wanted to make sure everyone got a least one answer right. My favorite response though comes from Supernarttu. â€œBig Time.” 
13.  Which Supernatural actor made me cringe every time his character had sex with Lana Lang on Smallville?
Another no brainer. This was indeed Jensen Ackles. Not that I didn’t mind seeing Jensen get all naked but man, talk about that lack of chemistry thing again. It was just weird. Those two were awful together. Plus I absolutely hate Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang. She looked really weird having sex scenes with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum too. She sucked the life out of everyone who came near. I don’t miss her one bit.
14.  Out of the four women known to have slept with Sam Winchester, how many are dead?  Given his track record, would you ever sleep with the man?
Another trick question. You see, the answer as shown in the episodes is three. However, as a HUGE fan of This Is Spinal Tap, I know that no matter how much you tempt fate, it’ll eventually catch up. Case in point with their drummer in the film, Mick Shrimpton. He knew all of Spinal Tap’s previous drummers had died in bizarre circumstances, thus cementing the curse on drummers. Heck, the one before him spontaneously combusted. He went on though, believing it wouldn’t happen to him. What happened at the end? He spontaneously combusted.
I’m treating Sam Winchester’s sexual companions as Spinal Tap drummers. I think Dr. Cara, the lone survivor, has by now either spontaneously combusted or met her death in a bizarre gardening accident. 

So, three or four would have been accepted as a correct answer.  So, since I'm going with the Spinal Tap theory, there's no way I'd sleep with the man, no matter how hot he is!  Unless I'm terminally ill. 
15.  What Metallica song was Dean signing to himself in "Phantom Traveler"? Why was he singing it?
“Some Kind of Monster.” It helps him relax, especially since his one true fear is flying. I wish they had a cool calming mechanism like that for Sam when his irrational fear turned out to be clowns. 

16.  Name the episodes that profiled "The Magic Fingers."
It made its debut in “Houses of The Holy” but since then it’s become a running joke. Other episodes where one was either mentioned or shown was “Sin City,” “Dream A Little Dream of Me,” “After School Special,” and “The Monster At The End of This Book.” Bravo elle2, the only one that could list all those. However, for those that just said “Houses of The Holy,” I’ll accept that since that was the only time we saw Dean enjoying it, although bonus points are awarded if the others are mentioned.   
17.  What tourist attraction did Sam claim he and Dean saw in "The Usual Suspects?"
The second largest ball of twine in the Continental US. Awesome. I’m very sad they didn’t reveal the location of that, for I’d be there in a heartbeat. Lucky for me, there’s the Internet.
18.  What's number one on Dean's places to visit list? Two? Three?
Okay, who didn’t get the Grand Canyon? It’s been brought up a few times. First in “Croatoan” when he thought he and Sam were going to die. Second was in “Ghostfacers” when Sam chastised Dean for making Morton House their “Grand Canyon.” Third, and this is where we found out about the second and third places, is in “Are You There God It’s Me Dean Winchester.” He spells out exactly what they should see since the apocalypse is looming. â€œGrand Canyon, The Star Trek Experience, Bunny Ranch.” I’m so impressed there were a few of you that got that. 
19.  How many episodes have taken place in the state of Florida? 
One. â€œMystery Spot.” It was a memorable one! I don’t think they ever have to go to Florida again after the pink flamingo room. 
20.  “Changing Channels” believe it or not was the second time David Caruso was slammed in an episode. What was the other episode?
Only two people got this!  â€œTime Is On My Side.” When looking at bloody fingerprints, Dean harps “ Okay, great. My man Dave Caruso will be stoked to hear it.”
21.  What kind of engine does the Impala have?  
A 327 four barrel, 275 hp. Yes, a V8 too. I guess we don’t have too many gearheads on this site. 
I have heard Jeremy Carver reads boards so he can address fan nitpicks. I remember the summer before “In The Beginning” aired I started speculation in a couple of articles on what the exact specs were for the Impala engine. I guessed off of brief shot of the engine from “Fresh Blood.” So, he addressed that part. I’m not claiming that it was me that inspired that piece of info, but you never know. I’m thrilled he did.   
22.  Does Bon Jovi just rock “on occasion?” 
Another yes, no, or maybe so answer. I didn’t want everyone to look completely stupid! For the record, I think now they rock all the time but when “Wanted Dead or Alive” came out I liked that but hated that awful “Living on A Prayer.” I would say those early years were definitely on occasion. 
23.  What Star Trek: Voyager actor directed a Supernatural episode? Which one?  Did you like it?
Robert Duncan McNeill! This was a vanity question for me, since I met the man at Comic Con (he’s a Producer for Chuck now) and published an article quoting our talk about his role as Director in “Skin.” I published it here too. I know how many hits that got, which wasn’t many, so now I know who actually read the article!  Yes, I’m teasing.  And yes, I liked it. 
24.  Match the death with the season:
            Dean                        One
            Castiel                     Two        
            Sam                         Three
            Impala                     Four
            John                         Five
There I go tricking everyone again. The rule, which I didn’t specify so I will allow close answers on technicality, is the season the death actually occurred. So, when Castiel blew up in the season four finale, we didn’t find out until he was dead into season five, but he did die in season four. 
Dean – Season Three (Mystery Spot and No Rest For The Wicked. Rough year). 
Castiel – Season Four (Lucifer Rising)
Sam – Season Two (All Hell Breaks Loose Part I)
Impala – Season One (Devil’s Trap), I'll also accept Season Five (The End).  If future Dean counts, I must accept future Impala! 
John – Season Two (In My Time of Dying)
Dean – Season Four (Yellow Fever)
Sam – Season Four (Wishful Thinking)
Ash – Season Two (All Hell Breaks Loose Part I. Loads of death in that one).
Gordon – Season Three (Fresh Blood)
Dean – Season Five (The End. Yes, it’s future Dean, but it’s Dean. Also, I’ll allow The Curious Case of Dean Winchester since that was up for debate).
Sam – Season Five (Sympathy For The Devil. Remember he suffocated to death after Zachariah took away his lungs?)

Someone also guessed for Dean and Sam "Death Takes A Holiday."  Okay, I'll count it, but no, it didn't make my list.
25.  How many episodes are named after Led Zeppelin songs? The Rolling Stones? The Who? Black Sabbath?  Metallica?
Led Zeppelin, 4. In My Time of Dying, Houses of The Holy, What Is and What Should Never Be, and When The Levee Breaks. It was almost five, but No Quarter was changed to No Rest For The Wicked.
The Rolling Stones, 2 – Time Is On My Side, Sympathy For The Devil. 
The Who, 1 – The Kids Are Alright. 
Black Sabbath, 1 – Heaven and Hell. Yes, I know, it’s Ronnie James Dio Sabbath and not Ozzy Sabbath, but it’s still Sabbath.
Metallica, 0. We’ll put that in the “There should be” column though. 

That's all!  Thank you for playing everyone.  I had fun doing this.  If you liked the quiz and think I should do this again sometime, just let me know.  Of course you might also really hate me for this too.  My work here is done! 


# Stephanie 2009-12-09 23:13
Hmm... Clarice, I didn't realize that Dean had died in Yellow Fever, either.. And I guess I thought that Zachariah gave Sam his lungs back before he died in Sympathy for the Devil. I'll have to go rewatch.. I know, it's a hardship, but I shall overcome!

Also, can we not also say that the future Impala died in The End?
# Suze 2009-12-10 03:39
You're right ... I really hate you! My inferiority complex just went into overdrive ... :lol:
# Supernarttu 2009-12-10 06:01
Thanks Alice, this quiz was awesome! More please! Pretty please? I'm shocked that I knew that much.. n:o 2 huh? I'll take it. :D

Sidenote: I gotta agree on the whole Kristin Kreuk -thing. That is the main reason I stopped watching Smallville. I watched few seasons from the beginning but the whole Lana -character just bugged the hell ouf of me... And the lack of chemistry with basically anyone didn't help either. I'm glad I didn't see her with Jensen, that would have been draining. I liked the Lois -character (& the actress) more but she barely had/have (dunno if she's still on) any importance in the show :/

But thank you for the quiz and the thorough answers :-)

And congrats to all the winners and my co-second :-)
# rroswell86 2009-12-10 09:20
Kneel before Alice!

I just thought I was an expert. I look forward to many more quizzes. What about one where you give us a quote, and we name the episode? I think I'd do much better at that one.
# Ardeospina 2009-12-15 21:17
I'm a little late to the party here, but that quiz was really fun, though I didn't know very many of the answers. Thanks for putting it together, Alice, and I look forward to more, if you feel like doing them.
# elenaM 2009-12-22 12:53
An even later commenter here ;-)--just wanted to say the quiz was a lot of fun, so bring it on! Now I've got even more Supernatural fluff in my brain--and I love it!

And along those lines I hope we get to do a "rank them in 5 minutes" exercise when season 5 wraps--I was looking back at that piece for season 4 and loved comparing the rankings
# elenaM 2009-12-22 17:07
Hey, didn't John die in season 4 as well? "In the Beginning," he died--totally forgot about it when I was answering the quiz!
# Sally 2010-01-05 03:42
I LOVE Lana Lang!:-)