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This is the Sam Winchester version of the WTPoD. I can’t explain this look. It just follows him wherever he goes. They’ve certainly progressed throughout the seasons, but if anything they’ve gotten more painful. You know, something happens to upset poor Sam and he takes it in by scrunching his lips together, flashing the eyes of sadness and taking it all in internally. He just swallows the pain. Honest, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, how has this been healthy mentally? How has this not contributed to a massive nervous breakdown by now? He really is a freak. Our loveable freak.

Phantom Traveler

While I don't believe this is the first time Sam's used the SFoD, it's the first time I noticed it. He turns to it after he and Dean somberly listen to John's cellphone message with sitting on the trunk of the Impala. Sam takes the blow hard but swallows it all, then climbs into the Impala. Dean's more bothered by Sam's reaction than John's message. He rightfully should be.


Sam's pretty shell shocked here. Why wouldn't he be? He finds out he has psychic abilities, ends up seeing the house and the room where his infamous nursery fire happened, and oh, he sees his dead mother. So, as he sits on the steps and tries to take in all this, Missouri's blow that Mary sacrificed her spirit to save "her boys" is just too much to handle. One SFoD later, he recovers.



This one's a classic! It's the infamous "Dad said I'd have to save you or kill you" talk. Saying Sam didn't take it well is like saying the apocalypse is a bit of a nuisance. Maybe holding out those giantic arms and asking "Am I supposed to go darkside or something?" hinted he was a bit upset. So why not use a pronounced SFoD to calm himself down enough where he avoids punching Dean. Right, that did wonders. He ends up running away later.


Born Under A Bad Sign

Okay, it wasn't really Sam, but Meg knew that look was a winner! It's a non stop barrage of SFoD looks from the first shot of Sam in the motel room until he knocks Dean out and flees. What a great way to sell overwrought strife!

All Hell Breaks Loose Part II

Again Sam's had to deal with a lot of crap in his life, but no situation deserves a Somber Face of Doom more than finding out he died and was brought back only after Dean sold his own soul to Hell in exchange. No wonder Sam was so pissy in season three. The look will only get him so far.



Mystery Spot

So, if you're Sam and you’ve been stuck in an alternate reality for over six months, if you've been forced to watch your brother die over and over again only to finally get him back, what do you do? Crumble to pieces internally, that’s what.


No Rest For The Wicked

There’s something about the brothers and their deaths where their trademark looks must be complimented with water works. When Sam cries, it looks like his puppy was kicked.


You see, this one is a little healthier. Sam is projecting his frustration better by doing things like sneaking around Dean's back with Ruby. Here, a still angry Dean makes an offhanded comment. Sam uses the SFoD to calm himself before he demands Dean to stop the car. Of course, after all that yelling the conversation ends with another SFoD, so did it really help?


When The Levee Breaks

Oh Sammy! Strung out on demon blood? Forced into detox? Hallucinating things like being tortured, your teen self berating you, your dead mother comforting you and your brother calling you a monster? No problem, none of it is real.  Okay, maybe Bobby trying to shoot you is real. Use the SFoD to call his bluff!

Why not use the SFoD to show your demon dealer how bad you are before jumping on her and getting your fix?


Oops, except later your real brother does call you a monster. Take it all in, use the face. That'll help, right? No, since that roid rage going inside isn't doing you any favors, now you're throwing punches and tossing Dean across the room before choking him. I think your SFoD has lost its magic.



Lucifer Rising

I think we lost him at "blood sucking freak."

Sympathy For The Devil

Oh Sammy, we know you didn’t start the apocalypse on purpose. Still, you believed Bobby was mad at you. After all you’re still hating yourself too much. Way to take it all in and scamper off in silent devastation.

Thanks again to Narcisscus for the great suggestion!  I hope everyone had as much fun with this as I did.