A while back (yes, I’ve been working on it slowly, as well as all the other suggestions I’ve received) Narcissus came up with a great suggestion for a feature. Let me just share in her own words this great idea and my challenge to deliver!

The thing is, during that last scene in GGY, through the flood of tears as Dean watched the truck driving away with Sam, I still had to giggle because I KNEW he would turn his head back and the episode would end with a shot of the ubiquitous troubled profile of that pretty, pretty face. I call it the Winchester Troubled-Profile of Doom. I don't know if you've noticed, but they do that A LOT on the show. The angst, the out-of-focus background, immediately followed by the Winchester Troubled-Profile of Doom...aaaand...fade to black. So, on to my main point, I think it'd be cool if there was a post on the best WTPoD's (excuse all the acronyms)..or a compilation of all the WTPoD there ever was (probably countless), or you know, whatever along those lines. I think you can see the insanity angle here :)

Hmm, an interesting challenge. I of course started pouring through 88 episodes and found that counting them all was an impossible task. Of course in this process, I discovered something else. Sam and Dean each have their own looks for the WTPoD. Dean’s is the afore mentioned profile. Sam, he just tightens his lips and takes it all in. So, we have Dean's Troubled Profile of Doom and Sam's Somber Face of Despair. Both use these trademark looks for heightened dramatic effect and have done so for all five seasons. When the chips are down, they go with what works.

Below is a selection of the more powerful ones from each brother by episode. If anything, we know that both of these guys know how to push our buttons.


Dean Winchester’s Troubled Profile of Doom


The first one that stood out the most for me is Dean at the end of Nightmare. Sam has just confessed he saved Dean only after moving a large piece of furniture with his mind. Dean jokes, pretends not to take it seriously, and admits Sam's newfound psychic visions would serve them well in Vegas. Sam leaves not amused, so the final shot is Dean in the motel room doorway. Suddenly his expression is one of worry. He turns his head and there it is, the lingering profile of doom, the one that shall become our friend for seasons to come. Lights out and fade to black. Sure, Dean has used his pensive profile before to lesser extents so far, but this is its first time for in-your-face closing drama.


Something Wicked

Again, the closing scene. After saying goodbye to Michael and his mother, Sam laments about Michael's loss of innocence now that he knows monsters are real. Dean looks over, sees the car drive away, and flashes the troubled profile before going back to Sam. Yep, loss of innocence is a total bitch.


Definitely one of the longer pensive ones, if not the most picturesque. The sun is going down, the Impala is shiny, and the setting is just perfect for the sideways gaze of a grieving son that just learned a troubling lesson about believing everything is black and white.

Crossroad Blues

A profile of doom with daddy issues! This time, its during one of the nightime confessionals with Sam in the Impala. That vampy crossroads demon dangled a carrot Dean had to refuse, but man did it kill him a little inside. He could have bargained to bring daddy back. As he tells this to Sam, we know Dean is beating himself up for doing that. Oh Dean, you and you’re silly season two self-esteem issues. Sam asks Dean if he actually considered making that deal. Dean looks to the side in dramatic fashion, then turns on music. Nothing like using the WTPoD to avoid the question!


All Hell Breaks Loose Part II

A virtual smorgsboard of the perilous profile! This time with 100 percent more crying. Okay, it’s more like the "Completely Shattered and Utterly Devastated Profile," but it works. Oh, does it. It’s okay Dean, we’re crying with you over Sammy too. We just don’t look so huggable doing it. Plus your profile is waaaayyyy better.  Group hug everybody!


No Rest For The Wicked

I swear I scoured through all of season three, falling just short of rewatching it entirely, and didn't find a single profile of doom for Dean until the first scene of the season finale. If there was ever a case for a look of doom though, it would be because time is out and Hellhounds are on his butt. As the nightmares and hallucinations manifest, Sam tries to play assuring brother and it would have worked too if Dean hadn't seen Sam as a Thriller video reject. Let the doom commence!


Later, there's a different, more poignant profile of doom, The clock strikes midnight. Nooooo!!! Deeeaaannn!!!!


In The Beginning

It’s bad enough seeing your parent’s lives destroyed at such a young age. No, some nosy angel then lets you know that the whole ordeal was so that you could find out your brother was up to something. "Stop him, or we will." Yep, that earned one mother of the WPToD.


Yellow Fever

I absolutely love this one, because it’s Dean unnerved to the core. He just confronted his two worst fears, and one of them still lingers. Let me give you a clue, it’s not the fear of going back to Hell. One look at Sam’s yellow eyes and it’s obvious that one still sticks. Of course he lies about it to Sam, but the WPToD of the episode lets us know otherwise.  Then again, isn't that what the WPToD is all about? 


It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester

That pesky angel is at it again! This time they’re talking while watching kids play at a playground. No, that’s not suspicious at all, two grown men with no children in broad daylight hanging around minors.  That's not the troubling part though.  Dean has some really heavy burden's coming.  Like he doesn't have enough already!  Time for another glance of doom to show us how much that bother's Dean. 

On The Head Of A Pin

So how would you react if you just found out you broke the first seal while becoming a torturer in Hell and started the apocalypse? Give a troubled profile of doom that shows every fiber of your being crushed to bits. This has to be the most powerful look out of all these. Those troubled eyes speak volumes. We all died a little inside with him.


Good God Y'all

Just been ditched by your brother? Wait until he’s gone to show the rest of us how much this is killing you inside. 

Coming up tomorrow or Friday (since tomorrow is episode night), The Sam Winchester Somber Face of Despair.