Updated 9/22 - Go down to Misha Collins.  An old picture has been found!

I actually watched the very clever Emmy awards last night and got through all of it the first time in years.  Neil Patrick Harris turned something unbearable into something watchable, and one of his bits gave me a huge fit of inspiration for an off the wall article for today.  The writers for the show dug up the filmographies of all the presenters and brought out the most embarrassing or most obscure acting credit.  They used it to introduce each presenter when their turn came.  So, I did my own digging and found that this sort of fun can be done too with Jensen, Jared, Misha, and yes, even Jim.  Let's pretend our four stars were presenting at last night's Emmys.  How would you introduce them?  This is the stab I took.   


Better known for his recurring role of Malcom on the smash 1996 NBC comedy cult hit "Mr. Rhodes," a show inexplicably cancelled after 17 episodes, welcome Jensen Ackles! 

The following actor had the best role ever cut short when the top rated WB network inexcusably passed on what would have been a sure fire ratings hit.  Welcome the man who actually got to play the young nephew of Angus MacGyver in the series Young MacGyver, Jared Padalecki!


He's the man that played the uncredited character only known as "Guy" in Liberty Heights.  Please welcome, Misha Collins!  

(I couldn't find an early picture of Misha to save my life.  I found this one though, and it's better than anything else I could have dug up)

(Updated 9/22 - Thanks so much to elle, who found this picture of Misha's first role on TV in Legacy)

The next presenter took the world by storm in red leather as the villian Henry Barnes in the fourth episode of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."  Give it up for Jim Beaver!

Please excuse my silliness.  It's been a long Monday!