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The Winchester Family Business' "Inspired by Supernatural" series showcases the amazing talent within the SPNFamily. The artists, sculptors, jewelry makers, quilters and creators of unique craftwork that we have interviewed enrich the fandom with their beautiful expressions of love and admiration for Supernatural and its cast. Through these interviews, we hope to spread the joy that is evident in their art, expand your knowledge of the vast diversity of the Supernatural fandom, and promote the work of these entrepreneurial artists. 

Inspired by Supernatural: Art by Freckles and Dimples

Interview by Guest Writer @waywrdaughter67

I discovered Freckles & Dimples online where I knew her as a fan fiction illustrator. Her work blew me away with its interesting perspectives and always-wonderful use of light, whether it’s window light, bar/club lighting, or dramatic night scene lighting. I am definitely a Freckles & Dimples evangelist and will gladly take any opportunity to help spread the word about her commissioned work. 

Name: Known online as Freckles & Dimples

Home country: Chile

Personal: Graphic designer and illustrator. Fangirl, goth, mom of a beautiful baby girl and married to my high school sweetheart

Favorite things to do: Read, write, listen to music, and watch my comfort shows and movies.

Hello F&D! Thank you for sharing your work with us! I'm excited to learn more about you and your art! 
When did you start drawing?

F&D:  I started drawing as soon as I could pick up my pencils, but professionally speaking (or at least when I started taking it more seriously), since I was 18, when I started college.

w young walkerYoung Cordell Walker

How does drawing and creating make you feel?

F&D:  Drawing has always been a way to release stress. I mean, when I sit down to draw, my mind immediately calms down. It is my best therapy. Creating, on the other hand, can be really stressful, so I couldn’t compare drawing and creating.

What is your artistic background?

F&D:  Although drawing was always a hobby for me, I started studying it when I was a teenager. I watched tutorials on YouTube, signed up for art and drawing workshops and studied my dad’s work (he’s a retired professor and artist). In college, I studied graphic design and there I learned everything in a more professional way.

w FD Jensen guitar

Was Supernatural the first show for which you drew fan art?

F&D:  No, I started drawing Fifty Shades of Grey fanart (I used Matt Bomer as a reference for Grey), then I continued with The Vampire Diaries. In 2016/2017, I discovered Supernatural and the fandom. Since then I haven’t stopped drawing Sam and Dean.

How did you discover Supernatural?

F&D:  It was Halloween and my then-boyfriend and I (we weren’t married yet) were looking for something scary to watch on Netflix.  The app suggested Supernatural and we both became obsessed with the show. We marathoned every day until we caught up to season 12, which was the current season then.

w thank you spn impala

What was it about Supernatural that made you fall in love with it?

F&D:  Dean…and Sam’s puppy eyes.

w dean hug sketch       w dean hug

Hahahaha, ok, I’m sorry. It was all of it, you know? The atmosphere of the show, the colors, the story, the plot, and the chemistry between Jared and Jensen. I instantly loved them.  I couldn’t stop watching the show.

Who is your favorite Supernatural character?

My favorite is Demon!Dean. I’m obsessed with him. He deserved better. But of course I love Sam and Dean. My beloveds.

w demon dean

Who is your favorite Winchester brother to draw?

F&D:  Sam. I love drawing him and find him easier to draw than Dean. But don’t get me wrong, I love drawing both Winchester brothers.
w FD shelter

Are you a purely digital artist? 

F&D:  No, actually I draw more analog than digital. But since I became a mom only a year ago, I still don’t have time to get back to my sketchbooks.

Your work is very distinctive. What first grabbed my attention were the interesting perspectives you choose. Do you choose interesting or challenging angles or perspectives on purpose?

F&D:  Yes, I love perspective and movement. I feel that being a graphic designer has helped me there, in the layout of the elements that make up an illustration. And of course, the photo references that I look to for inspiration should always have that touch.

w dean portrait sketchA sketch of Dean in progress, using a photo as a reference.

You work in several styles, including illustrative, more realistic, sketch, watercolor and chibi.  Which is your favorite style in which to work?

F&D:  My favorite style is definitely the sketch and the semi-realistic ones. The first because it takes me little time and I can make several in a couple of hours, and the second because it is the public’s favorite.

w sam and dean watercolorSam and Dean Watercolor

When did you decide to start taking commissions?

F&D:  When a friend from the fandom told me that I should dare to do it. I was terrified of taking commissions and that people would be dissatisfied with my work. I mean, we all have an ego as artists and if someone says something mean to you, your world falls apart and you lose faith in your work.  I was afraid of failure and was insecure, but my financial situation was not very good in 2020 and I decided to leave my fears behind and started taking commissions. I don’t regret anything. It has been great! The best thing is knowing that people are satisfied with what they asked for, that they are satisfied with my work. I’m so happy when they are happy!

w FD Jensen on WalkerA commission of Jensen when he directed Walker and stood in for the character they had yet to cast.
He joked about "the right ones" (fans) recognizing his bow legs.

What has been your favorite commission request and why?

F&D:  Wow, there have been many drawings that I have loved doing, but my favorites are always those of Demon!Dean. I already mentioned that I have an obsession with him.

w FD demon dean and sam

What is your favorite Supernatural subject to draw when you are drawing what you want to draw (not working on commissions)?

F&D:  Sam and Dean when they were teenagers. I love imagining the pre-series world. I always end up drawing grunge aesthetic scenes while listening to Nirvana.

w sam and dean at stanford

You have done both SFW (safe for work, i.e. G-rated) and NSFW (not safe for work, i.e. X-rated) art. What has the response been to the NSFW?

F&D:  Drawing NSFW was what launched me to fame. I’m not kidding. Nobody knew me before, so you can still find fanart on the internet with my old signature, but when I decided to open a Patreon account to post my work for adults, I started gaining followers like crazy on Twitter and Tumblr.

Is it difficult to find outlets for NSFW art due to online censorship?

F&D:  Very difficult. Even more so when you draw taboo subjects such as Wincest, even though it’s fictional. Patreon forced me to delete my work from their platform over something they found offensive and I haven’t been able to find another platform for the NSFW work where I can also earn money from supporters as I had been able to do on Patreon.

As an international artist, how do you connect with Supernatural’s worldwide fandom?

F&D:  I do it all through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That’s where I’ve met my friends from the Supernatural fandom and that is where I have been able to sell my commissions as well.

Because I follow you, I have seen your comments on fandom divisions over ships, and the negative effects of the resulting rude behavior online. I agree with you. Tell me some of the GOOD things that have come into your life as a result of being a part of this Supernatural family.

F&D:  There are many good things that this fandom has given me. I have met very good friends from so many places around the world. I’ve been able to make a career with my work, and I have been able to be a fangirl, sharing with others who think like me.

What have been some of the highlights of your involvement with the Supernatural fandom?

F&D:  Definitely one of my highlights was when a person commissioned a drawing of Sam and Dean from me and it was signed by Jensen and Jared. It was an honor that someone chose my work to have signed by J2. I was so proud of that, and very grateful too!

w Baby episode

I have to take a minute to mention that I contacted you to commission a piece of art to be used on 500 postcards that I had made to give to fans at the Supernatural convention in Indianapolis this past spring. You very kindly contributed your artwork to this project because you liked the idea of giving something to the fans there for free. I absolutely love the finished piece of Sam and Dean sitting on the hood of the Impala and the postcards were a huge hit with fans at the convention. Thank you so much for doing that!

w my postcard artCommissioned Postcard 

F&D:  You're welcome! I like to contribute in some way to this fandom. Unfortunately, I can't attend the conventions because I don't live in the U.S., but somehow I can be present with my art.

What is your process for completing commissioned work?

F&D:  People usually come to me with a clear idea in mind. They tell me what they want. I help them if necessary. I look for photo references, everything that can help me and I start with the sketch. Once the sketch is finished, I send it to my customer. Any necessary corrections are made and, once approved, I start coloring it. Once ready, I send the finished drawing and that’s basically all.

w walker sketch        w walker final

Commissioned Walker Fan Fiction Illustrations

How much time do you spend creating a piece? What is the range?

F&D:  It depends a lot on what I’m drawing and what the style is. I have worked two hours a day for a week, and other times I have finished an illustration in two hours total.

Where would you like to take your art? Meaning, in an ideal world, what kind of art would you like to create or want to earn a living with the most?

F&D:  I would like to illustrate books. Covers especially. I would like to work as a graphic designer or illustrator for a publisher. Making books, designing them, that has been a dream since I was young and here in this fandom I have been able to make illustrations for many (fanfic) stories.

Are you a full-time artist?

F&D:  Being a designer, I would say “yes”, I am a full time artist, although I also give art classes at a school so I am a teacher two days a week.

w FD Beau buttoning shirtJensen as Beau in Big Sky

Did your online presence help you make it through the times of pandemic shutdown?

F&D:  When the pandemic started, I lost my job because here in Chile they forced all of us who didn’t work on essential things to quarantine. That’s when I decided to open my Patreon account. Since then I have worked online so it definitely helped me.

Are there any other fan artists whose work you enjoy?

F&D:  Yes! There are a couple of artist/friends that I love here [in Chile] and in the fandom. I would name them, but there are too many! They are all an inspiration.

Do you see yourself continuing to do Supernatural commissions as long as the requests keep coming?

F&D:  Of course! Although now I always tell people to have a little patience with the wait time since combining my work and life as a new mom has been crazy. My time now depends on my baby, but I will do commissions as long as people request them.

Where can people see your work, buy your work, find your commission rates, and contact you to request a custom piece?

NSFW art: Twitter @freckleNdimple, Instagram @freckles.n.dimples 

SFW art: Twitter @sfwFandD

Redbubble: FreckleNDimple


Commissions typically range from $10-$70 but could be more based on the complexity of the request. Please contact me (F&D) to discuss the specifics of your commission. 

Is there anything else you would like to say to the Supernatural Family?

F&D: I would like to invite you to follow my work on my social media and feel free to send me a DM if you need a friendly artist who will be happy to work on your ideas.  And to those who already know me, I send you a very tight virtual hug.  Thanks for your support!

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