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We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase some of the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

Today I want to share more of Rianna Melton's duct tape art!

Back in April 2019, I talked with her about her “road map” project, Yertle and her duct tape art. You can read the full interview here.

Now enjoy her new duct tape art pieces!


Louden Swain

This band's music has touched so many lives, mine included. This Louden Swain - Saturday Night Special piece in is memory of all the good times we've had and for more to come!

Louden Swain

Dean - Heroes Journey

I don't think this one needs any explanation. The surreal-style film sequence will go down as one of the show's most memorable scenes!

Dean Heroes Journey

Sammy the Metallicar

The Impala Sammy belongs to very dear friends of mine. I took a photo of him at the recent SPNJAX convention and used it to create this Pop-Art style artwork. This style is occasionally referred to as "iconic" and these Impalas certainly are!

Sammy the Metallicar

Mark of Cain

Tim's portrayal of Cain was one of the most memorable guest appearances on the show. His character and the Mark of Cain storyline has had lasting repercussions that have been felt even into this final season. This quote, I believe, succinctly sums up the Darkness that we try to keep locked away.

Mark of Cain

Rob Benedict Guitar

There's no greater struggle than against one's own internal demons. Rob has been open about the challenges of his past. But even in the face of adversity, his ever optimistic and cheerful persona is an inspiration! But never more so then with a guitar in his hand and the support of his band and the crowd. The pure joy he emits at every performance is simply infectious. I wanted to try to capture even just a small part of that raw charisma with this piece honoring our own Supernatural God.

Rob Benedict Guitar

"Last Call" Texas Impalas

A truly epic moment that will go down in Supernatural history is Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane on stage with the crew band "The Impalas"! The full poster is never fully seen in the episode, but a behind the scenes photo was posted online and it was the inspiration for me to recreate it out of my Duck Tape medium. Once completed, some crew on the show expressed interest and I was honored to send it to them as a 'Thank you' gift for all the work they do to bring this show to life!

Last Call Texas Impalas

Let the End Times Roll

What can I say about this one? We're headed into the end game and we'll ride it out till the end. And then beyond

Let the End Times Roll

You have an idea and want your own Duct tape Art from Rianna? Yes, she is open for commissions.
I asked her this question last year.  Here is the answer.

Absolutely! I only work on commissions. I do have a full-time job so I can only work a couple hours in the evenings, which means each piece can take a week or more to make. Because of that, I do not have a full website where people can place big orders. Each piece is custom created. They are not prints that I can fire off. I discuss exactly what the person would like and try to bring their dream to life. I can be contacted via my page on Facebook, Twitter, or regular email works fine too.

Also, these art pieces, except the "Texas Impalas" piece, are available to buy at the Creations Supernatural Convention on March 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV.

Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below! If you want to follow Rianna, the links are below:

Twitter: @RiannaMelton

Facebook: duct tape art page

Contact E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for reading.

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