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Editor's Note: This poetic story was first published on December 24, 2009, or season 5 if you tell time by the Supernatural calendar. That was a bit before I discovered The WFB, so I missed this gem when it was first created by Karen. Its paints an absolutely beautiful scene for all our boys on Christmas Eve. I hope you love it as much as I do. - Nightsky  

A Christmas Dream

It was Christmas Eve in the State of South Dakota.
The snow was falling gently and adding to the quota.
The new laid snow glistened, from the reflection of all the lights.
Coming from the homes lit up all through out the nights.
The air was filled with excitement as the evening progressed.
However, there was a home not sharing in this holiday fest.
This of course was Bobby's, with Castiel and the brothers.
For this evening was no different from any of the others.
There was no decorations, no joy, no Christmas holly.
Just the guys playing cards, feeling melancholy.
They made a gallant effort in trying to have fun.
But the heartache was too great to fool anyone.
Since the evening was not bringing any form of delight.
They all decided to pack it in and simply call it a night.
Seeing that angels never sleep, Castiel remained behind.
Wondering how to make things better, then it came to mind.
On this Christmas morning, Sam and Dean were finally awake.
But they felt something was different, a feeling they couldn't shake.
They went to the kitchen and became overwhelmed with emotion.
For what they saw filled their hearts with love and devotion.
There was Jessica, Jo and Ellen all sitting at the table.
And Bobby was actually standing, shocked that he was able.
Along with John and Mary, a beautiful site to bestow.
Who's love was just as strong as it was years ago.
After hugs and introductions, a moment they all embraced.
They wondered why this was and how long they would be graced.
They called out to Castiel to see what he could share.
But he just shrugged and implied that he wasn't aware.
John and Dean started talking and headed for outside
John had to check out the Impala and take her for a ride.
Meanwhile Sam and Mary were talking with each other.
Sharing all their thoughts, getting to know one another. 
Bobby then suggested it was time for some libation.
After all, this day, was turning into quite the celebration.
They later all sat down to share a holiday meal.
And toasted to this joyous day to every ones appeal.
After they finished eating and the leftovers were put away.
Ellen got Bobby up to dance and the party was underway.
It wasn't long before everyone was dancing up a storm.
Even Castiel tried out some moves but had no real form.
Later Sam and Jess were playing cards with Dean and Jo.
Castiel and Ellen were drinking shots with many more to go.
John and Bobby were reminiscing of their hunting days
While Mary watched in silence, wishing this was here to stay.
As the party was descending and outside was getting light,
The guest started to fade away, it was time to say goodnight.
Bobby went to bed, as Sam and Dean were now passed out.
Castiel thought the day had been successful, without any doubt.
It was late into the afternoon, before Sam and Dean had stirred.
Both thinking they had a dream, not knowing it occurred.
Bobby also believed, as he was back to using his chair.
And the house showed no signs that a party had been there.
Dean poured himself a coffee and went to get the cream.
That was when they realized that it may not been a dream.
For the fridge was filled with leftovers that they had put away.
From the wonderful holiday meal they shared yesterday.
Dean called out to Castiel to see what he could share.
But this time he didn't answer, he simply wasn't there.
So they spent the remainder of the day taking turns reminiscing.
Of the Christmas that gave them everything that they had been missing.


Merry Christmas Eve to all of you in our WFBFamily!