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Dean: It´s Halloween, man.
Yeah, for us every day is Halloween.

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But for the most people around the world, Halloween is on October 31.
Pumpkins get carved, houses get spooky decorations and costume parties are held.

The Supernatural fandom has their own special way to celebrate Halloween.
Last year we showed you incredible pumpkin carvings and costumes.

This year we're showing you some amazing Supernatural Halloween drawings from artists!

The first one is from RJ 

I just imagined how, back in the day, Dean would try to get Sam excited for Halloween, too. That may or may not have worked out for them.

01 RJVonDerKallHalloweenSpecial2019

Giovanna's drawings are the next! They just have a title so you can imagine the story behind them!   

Team Free Will 2.0 Halloween

02 GiovannaHalloweenSpecial2019

Little Rowena

03 GiovannaHalloweenSpecial2019

Ivy decided to share these drawings.


I was in the mood for some creepy monster of the week art, so I drew this based on my interpretation of a Wendigo. I really enjoyed working on this one and the lighting.

04 AngelofWineWendigoHalloweenSpecial2019

Forest Spirit

Drawn for the Supernatural Amino Halloween Reverse Bang 2019. This was a fun piece to work on. I love the rich purple tones and dark lighting. I also incorporated a photograph that I took when we went on a weekend trip down to Eugene, OR this summer.

05 AngelofWineHalloweenSpecial2019

King of Hell

I drew this back in December of 2018. This drawing falls into my "When World Collides” universe that was deposited into my brain by some random plot bunnies… Basically, in this world Dean never got rid of the Mark of Cain and in time found himself taking his place as Knight of Hell. Castiel, distraught and devoted to trying to save Dean, follows Dean to Hell. Cas in a sense acts as Dean’s conscious and is able to help Dean control his Demonic side/control Dean. However, as Dean is a demon and technically immortal, as is Cas, over time, Castiel slowly becomes desensitized to the horror of Hell and Dean, and together they wind up ruling Hell. Also, being a demon, Dean can smoke out of his body and take control of others, including Cas. Although, when it comes to Cas, it’s more of a melding of their powers to create something terrifying. Also, I needed to have a reason to draw Cas as a badass. Because yeah bamf!Cas.

06 AngelofWineCasKingOfHellHalloweenSpecial2019

When Ash  starts to draw while thinking about Halloween, this is what you get.

Monster Movie

It was actually the first thing that had came to mind when I thought of Halloween - the cliche vampire with a black and white scenery

07 AshMonsterMovieHalloweenSpecial2019

Hex - Rowena

Is it weird. I was inspired by my Christmas tree.

08 AshHexRowenaHalloweenSpecial2019

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie - Sam

Of course I had to do a clown! What's Halloween without some spooky clowns?

09 AshSamClownsHalloweenSpecial2019

~A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality.~

Logan's drawings show perfectly what happens when you don't know what the direct contrast is.

As the Devil, I should use the Angel as costume.

10 LoganHalloweenSpecial2019

As an Angel, I should use the Devil as a costume.

11 LoganHalloweenSpecial2019

When I'm half Angel/half Devil,  I use both.

12 Logan HalloweenSpecial2019

The King

13 LoganHalloweenSpecial2019

What are you doing on Halloween? How do you dress up? Maybe as a witch, a cowboy, a hunter or the woman in white?
Any Supernatural decorations, Supernatural food?

Do you maybe watch the Supernatural Marathon on TNT.

I will spend the evening with my bestie and my dog, and we will make our own Supernatural Marathon. We will eat homemade Chili & Apple Crumble. I´m sure we also will eat too much sweets - so much that the Trickster would be proud of us.


We are dressed up as Misha Collins and Rachel Miner.

Finally, I want to  show you one of the favorite edits I made for Halloween.

~It´s the great Pumkin, Arthur Ketch.~
~It´s the great Pumkin, David Haydn-Jones.~


Happy Halloween from me and the rest of The Winchester Family Business team!

Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below.

Thanks for reading.

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