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Meg is one of DarklyEccentric’s (Instagram) favorite characters. She liked the idea of bringing her back to life in some way. Her costume is based on Nurse Meg from S7E17.
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You know the Hillywood Supernatural Parody 2? You remember Misha in the beginning? Jackiediejojo (Instagram) really loved the parody, and thought Misha’s costume was very funny. Plus, she hadn’t seen anyone else do it before.
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Charlie Bradbury is one of AnahiiLeal’s (Twitter) favorite characters. The episode “Pac-Man Fever” (S8E20) is special for both Charlie and AnahiiLeal. In it, Charlie learned what happened to her family and she faced her worst fears. AnahiiLeal chose this specific costume because it represents an amazing episode and looks really badass.
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Fredsfam's (Twitter) costume is based on the episode “Mother's Little Helper” (S9E17) and the character Josie Sands, better known as Abaddon, who is on a hunt back in 1958 with Henry Winchester.
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SerenBunny (Twitter) decided to go as a demon this Halloween because she has an angel blade. And while angels are “technically” the good guys, they don’t have as much fun. To make it creepy, she used the dark lighting to take the pic.
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darkmischiefcosplay and her husband’s 10-year anniversary came up and they wanted to do something different so they did a hunter and crossroads demon photo shoot. When you dress as a crossroads demon, you have to take your picture at an actual crossroads in South Dakota! Pics taken by Kim Lathe Photography.
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spnthusiast (Instagram) felt herself relating strongly to Castiel—ever the outsider, just slightly out of step with the rest of the humans. From the moment she puts on the trench coat, something in her changes, and she rarely breaks character. She returns to this costume year after year for Halloween and conventions.
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Here’s hawkin_headlines’s Rowena cosplay for Halloween. She decided to be Rowena because she’s one of her favorite characters on Supernatural! Rowena is such an interesting and powerful character with iconic lines and an amazing wardrobe! hawkin_headlines has loved seeing her character grow through the seasons and thinks that Ruthie Connell does an amazing job bringing life to this character. hawkin_headlines also thought she would have a lot of fun going to Halloween parties dressed as Rowena, and she most certainly has!
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giakawaii (Instagram) likes the fact that everyone has been possessed or has had a demonic side except Cas, so she decided to make herself a female version of Castiel as a demon (vs. angel).
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“I never imagined I’d like a villain, but Supernatural proved me wrong in this.” —yunniescoven (Instagram)
The minute she saw Lucifer’s character, played by Mark Pellegrino, she fell in love. He grew close to her heart, almost too close. She loves Lucifer’s playfulness, cockiness, and narcissism on a weird, high level. That’s why she loves to dress as the female version of Luci.
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You all remember when Dean was in Purgatory back in Season 8? iam.thedoctor (Instagram) had to climb the highest hill, walking with everything on his back, to find a place far enough from the city to take this picture as Purgatory Dean.
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all_my_imaginations (Instagram) chose to be Lucifer because he is a bit misunderstood but also cool.
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Now let me introduce to you Team Free Will 3.01! Sam gennia (Twitter), Dean, and the cutest Castiel I’ve ever seen. He is the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition.
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What did you dress up as for Halloween? Did you carve pumpkins? Feel free to share with us in the comment section! I can’t get enough Supernatural Halloween!
Let's all thank the many, many fans who shared their Supernatural Halloween with us! Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below!
Thanks for reading.
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