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Pumpkins and Decorations - Part 2

ErikaRumore7 (Twitter) worked for 2 hours to finish this Anti-Possession symbol carving.
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meanimalcrazy (Twitter) chose to make a possubull for the #GishYourGourd challenge. She wanted to construct some sort of animal, and what’s better than this year’s Gish mascot?
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ashley_hassmer (Instagram) loves Sam and Dean; they've helped her through so much in her life. So it was an easy decision for her to carve Sam and Dean silhouettes. There is no better way to thank them for their help.
IMG 20181027 122446 670 
While searching for an idea for the #GishYourGourd challenge, soizlefeurvre’s (Instagram) first thought was to use a picture of Misha as Castiel. Why? Because Gish is intimately linked to Supernatural. Also, it made a pun and she loves simple puns. All she had was a butternut squash to carve! The shape made her think of a Gish item about Supernatural characters on matryoshka dolls.
IMG 20181027 122502 450 
hilaryh0690 (Instagram) carved a pumpkin for the #GishYourGourd challenge. No matter how many ideas she looked up, as soon as she saw the Adipose (a Doctor Who character), she knew she had to use this design (Yeah, we know it's not Supernatural, but it's just SO cute!)
IMG 20181027 122519 910 
elora_lee (Instagram) wanted to stay true to her motto—“go big or go home”—while carving her Halloween pumpkins for the #GishYourGourd challenge. She has always loved that dorky picture of the Supernatural trio (Misha, Jared and Jensen) and liked the idea that it would amuse the fans, and maybe even Misha if he ever sees it! Also, why use an easy idea for the first time carving pumpkins? She spent a lot of time carving the pumpkins, and it’s for all the fans out there to light up their hearts!
IMG 20181027 122509 807
Compare it to the boys' expressions! 
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Epic pumpkin carving from jo3y3dwards (Twitter)! Dean finally gets what he deserves for Halloween—pie
IMG 20181025 190814 
RayRayAy (Twitter) won 1st place winner of the pumpkin decorating contest at the Family Business Beer Company’s Halloween Festival (Oct 27–28). Why did she choose this design? She was trying to decide what to draw and a friend came up with the idea to draw something from Scoobynatural (S13E16) so that’s what she did! How did they choose the winners? They had all their finished pumpkins on stage for Jensen (Ackles) to judge, and when he saw hers he got excited. Danneel (Ackles) was like “Of course he would like that one. It has his face on it!”
Daina_91880 (Twitter) created these terrific pumpkins with the Anti-Possession symbol and Castiel! Look at that detail!
What to you do in the middle of the night? You sleep, right? Well that’s not what LMitchell78 (Twitter) did. Instead, she carved a pumpkin for the first time in years! She's very proud of her anti-possession pumpkin with Sam and Dean's initial's from the Impala (and now the bunker!)!
PicsArt 10 29 03.45.22 
Misha Collins, you’ve been pumpkinized by MelanieMadrush (Twitter)!
IMG 20181029 190013 
This colorful Castiel/Misha drawing from KayRoseBee (Twitter) is based on a Supernatural daily prompt for Inktober—the word being “Harvest.” She was thinking about chilly autumn weather and carving pumpkins for Halloween.
IMG 20181021 212028 

waywardmarauders (Instagram) almost didn’t do the #GishYourGourd challenge, because she had seen some of the insanely good entries other people had done. But at the end of the day, Gish isn’t about being the most talented. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your own limits. That´s why she wanted to do something different and creative, something outside the box. Since she couldn’t do that artistically, she did it through the item she choosed to carve! When she saw a post about carving pineapples, she found her item. She could keep the carving simple, but still be outside the box enough to fit in with the “Be the weird” way of Gish life.


IMG 20181031 181113 570



judit.aro (Instagram) started watching Supernatural when she was 12 years old. Like life itself, hidden within it are really important lessons, albeit in a supernatural environment. The most important one is that the most cherished moments are those you get to spend with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter how simple those moments are, cause they are bound to be special 'cause family don’t end with blood! That´s why she decided to create this amazing set of carved Supernatural pumpkins.


IMG 20181031 181127 262

Last but not least, I want to share with you the Ketch pumpkin I carved last year. Not sure if I’ll find the time to make one this year!
Now that all our houses are decorated for Halloween, it's time to think about what we're going to wear for Trick-or-Treat! Continue to Page 3 for Supernatural Costumes!