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On October 31, people around the world celebrate Halloween. Pumpkins get carved and houses get spooky decorations. Costume parties are held where people dress as hunters, angels, demons, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and all kinds of Supernatural characters.
It’s the time when Sam and Dean investigated the death of a man who swallowed razor blades after eating store-bought candy,
…then a high school student drowned in a tub of boiling water at a Halloween party and no one knew why,
…and high schoolers partying in a mausoleum were attacked by zombies and ghosts.
Some candy for Dean, some research for Sam, a little splatter of blood on their faces, an epic fight, and the rest is history. Sam and Dean stopped Samhain (“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester,” S4E7).
The Supernatural fandom has their own special way of celebrating Halloween - with carvings that are “not natural” (I think you could call them “supernatural”), as well as with some amazing Halloween costumes. To celebrate #SPNFamily’s extraordinary Halloween decorations, we have gathered pictures from around the world! We will show you Jack-o-lanterns from the #GishYourGourd and #LTTUPumpkins challenges, fans’ school rooms, front porches and back yards! We asked each artiste to share a few words about their creations, such as why they chose their design, their carving process or how often they’ve celebrated a “Supernatural Halloween”. These are their masterpieces and their stories!

Pumpkins & Decorations

amandalagrone (Instagram) just wanted to carve a pumpkin and add some googly eyes for the #GishYourGourd challenge. As she was shopping, the ideas just kept popping into her head. These happy, scary, bug-eyed monsters are the result, but Team Free Will is on the case!
 IMG 20181022 211011
RogerMa3011 (Twitter) carved a pumpkin with the children in his special needs class. The kids said vampires only have four teeth, so that’s what they carved into their “vampire” pumpkin!
IMG 20181024 212721 Crop
For the first time in a number of years, paintingpink (Instagram) and her mom decided to carve pumpkins. She made the Sam, Dean, and Cas pumpkin and her mom made a classic jack-o-lantern. Her brother joined in and made the grinning pumpkin and his wife carved the winking emoji. That’s what I call a “Family Business!”
20181028 084955 crop
valiant_seraph (Twitter) has never done pumpkin sculpting before. She heard that the more expressive the face, the more fun is it to work with. A growly, angry-looking Misha is the perfect choice, especially for a Halloween-themed pumpkin.
IMG 20181026 185624 
sassmandaprvt (Twitter) and her friend decided to enter the school pumpkin carving contest. They chose to carve their pumpkin like this because they thought it’d be a cute monster. Guess who won the contest? They did!
IMG 20181027 122928 
d.wayward (Instagram) was trying to come up with something for the #GishYourGourd challenge. Someone suggested she carve a duck. Ducks are adorable, and to make it more Halloweenish, it's wearing a witch hat!
IMG 20181027 122456 275 
klenz37 (Instagram) let each of her kids and their friend Ray (all well-seasoned Gish kids) choose how to decorate their pumpkins. The youngest, Rocket, chose the spookiest design—the reaper. Zoe and Ray chose freeform designs.
IMG 20181027 122822 752 
lizziepurvis91 (Instagram) carved the Mark of Cain pumpkin. She decorates her porch for Halloween every year, and this year it’s Supernatural-themed.
IMG 20181027 151230 268 (Instagram) carved these pumpkins for the #GishYourGourd challenge. Because Sam and Dean are constantly in trouble with the law and keep managing to get in then out of jail, she figured their own special get-out-of-jail-free card was appropriate. And who’s better than Castiel to be on that card!? Her pumpkin was negative space carved and then painted for better detail.
IMG 20181027 160514 066
JessJessDaBest (Twitter) carved her pumpkin for the #GishYourGourd challenge. She explains she picked a haunter because “The Pokémon episode in which haunter first appeared was my first real experience with spooky. I didn’t like scary movies or gore but Pokémon was safe for me. And even though it was creepy it was still fun!”
IMG 20181027 122905 
OhMyChuckster (Twitter) chose to do a Louden Swain pumpkin because it’s her favorite band, and they inspire her so much.

IMG 20181027 015734
The moment she found another pumpkin, it was obvious that she needed to carve her other favorite. That’s why she carved a skeleton Richard Speight, Jr.
Dqor 1zXcAEeFyW
drinou81 (Instagram) created a weird caravan because, for her, it symbolizes a world tour for the big international family represented by Gish and Supernatural. It’s an SPNFamily that likes to meet each other and build a better and funnier world.
IMG 20181027 122527 193 
For cyndidunn1990 (Instagram), Halloween is the time where she feels kind of like a kid again.
So there’s nothing better than to carve a pumpkin/watermelon with characters from one of her favorite cartoons from her childhood! To add the Supernatural feeling, she used angel warding for the background. She also has a devil’s trap on her ceiling and an angel-banishing sigil on her kitchen door.
IMG 20181027 122557 879 
severinebond (Instagram) chose to paint the British Men of Letters on her pumpkin this year. Mick Davies and Arthur Ketch are her favorite characters. She hopes to see more of Arthur Ketch in Season 14 of Supernatural.
IMG 20181027 160335 182 
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Pumpkins and Decorations - Part 2

ErikaRumore7 (Twitter) worked for 2 hours to finish this Anti-Possession symbol carving.
DqfBJg WsAA4zrE 
meanimalcrazy (Twitter) chose to make a possubull for the #GishYourGourd challenge. She wanted to construct some sort of animal, and what’s better than this year’s Gish mascot?
yh foZmX 
ashley_hassmer (Instagram) loves Sam and Dean; they've helped her through so much in her life. So it was an easy decision for her to carve Sam and Dean silhouettes. There is no better way to thank them for their help.
IMG 20181027 122446 670 
While searching for an idea for the #GishYourGourd challenge, soizlefeurvre’s (Instagram) first thought was to use a picture of Misha as Castiel. Why? Because Gish is intimately linked to Supernatural. Also, it made a pun and she loves simple puns. All she had was a butternut squash to carve! The shape made her think of a Gish item about Supernatural characters on matryoshka dolls.
IMG 20181027 122502 450 
hilaryh0690 (Instagram) carved a pumpkin for the #GishYourGourd challenge. No matter how many ideas she looked up, as soon as she saw the Adipose (a Doctor Who character), she knew she had to use this design (Yeah, we know it's not Supernatural, but it's just SO cute!)
IMG 20181027 122519 910 
elora_lee (Instagram) wanted to stay true to her motto—“go big or go home”—while carving her Halloween pumpkins for the #GishYourGourd challenge. She has always loved that dorky picture of the Supernatural trio (Misha, Jared and Jensen) and liked the idea that it would amuse the fans, and maybe even Misha if he ever sees it! Also, why use an easy idea for the first time carving pumpkins? She spent a lot of time carving the pumpkins, and it’s for all the fans out there to light up their hearts!
IMG 20181027 122509 807
Compare it to the boys' expressions! 
PicsArt 10 29 07.33.03 
Epic pumpkin carving from jo3y3dwards (Twitter)! Dean finally gets what he deserves for Halloween—pie
IMG 20181025 190814 
RayRayAy (Twitter) won 1st place winner of the pumpkin decorating contest at the Family Business Beer Company’s Halloween Festival (Oct 27–28). Why did she choose this design? She was trying to decide what to draw and a friend came up with the idea to draw something from Scoobynatural (S13E16) so that’s what she did! How did they choose the winners? They had all their finished pumpkins on stage for Jensen (Ackles) to judge, and when he saw hers he got excited. Danneel (Ackles) was like “Of course he would like that one. It has his face on it!”
Daina_91880 (Twitter) created these terrific pumpkins with the Anti-Possession symbol and Castiel! Look at that detail!
What to you do in the middle of the night? You sleep, right? Well that’s not what LMitchell78 (Twitter) did. Instead, she carved a pumpkin for the first time in years! She's very proud of her anti-possession pumpkin with Sam and Dean's initial's from the Impala (and now the bunker!)!
PicsArt 10 29 03.45.22 
Misha Collins, you’ve been pumpkinized by MelanieMadrush (Twitter)!
IMG 20181029 190013 
This colorful Castiel/Misha drawing from KayRoseBee (Twitter) is based on a Supernatural daily prompt for Inktober—the word being “Harvest.” She was thinking about chilly autumn weather and carving pumpkins for Halloween.
IMG 20181021 212028 

waywardmarauders (Instagram) almost didn’t do the #GishYourGourd challenge, because she had seen some of the insanely good entries other people had done. But at the end of the day, Gish isn’t about being the most talented. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your own limits. That´s why she wanted to do something different and creative, something outside the box. Since she couldn’t do that artistically, she did it through the item she choosed to carve! When she saw a post about carving pineapples, she found her item. She could keep the carving simple, but still be outside the box enough to fit in with the “Be the weird” way of Gish life.


IMG 20181031 181113 570



judit.aro (Instagram) started watching Supernatural when she was 12 years old. Like life itself, hidden within it are really important lessons, albeit in a supernatural environment. The most important one is that the most cherished moments are those you get to spend with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter how simple those moments are, cause they are bound to be special 'cause family don’t end with blood! That´s why she decided to create this amazing set of carved Supernatural pumpkins.


IMG 20181031 181127 262

Last but not least, I want to share with you the Ketch pumpkin I carved last year. Not sure if I’ll find the time to make one this year!
Now that all our houses are decorated for Halloween, it's time to think about what we're going to wear for Trick-or-Treat! Continue to Page 3 for Supernatural Costumes!


Meg is one of DarklyEccentric’s (Instagram) favorite characters. She liked the idea of bringing her back to life in some way. Her costume is based on Nurse Meg from S7E17.
20181025 232550 
You know the Hillywood Supernatural Parody 2? You remember Misha in the beginning? Jackiediejojo (Instagram) really loved the parody, and thought Misha’s costume was very funny. Plus, she hadn’t seen anyone else do it before.
1540502299489 LRM EXPORT 428189076910746 20181019 201457005 
Charlie Bradbury is one of AnahiiLeal’s (Twitter) favorite characters. The episode “Pac-Man Fever” (S8E20) is special for both Charlie and AnahiiLeal. In it, Charlie learned what happened to her family and she faced her worst fears. AnahiiLeal chose this specific costume because it represents an amazing episode and looks really badass.
20181025 232454 
Fredsfam's (Twitter) costume is based on the episode “Mother's Little Helper” (S9E17) and the character Josie Sands, better known as Abaddon, who is on a hunt back in 1958 with Henry Winchester.
IMG 20181025 231511 
SerenBunny (Twitter) decided to go as a demon this Halloween because she has an angel blade. And while angels are “technically” the good guys, they don’t have as much fun. To make it creepy, she used the dark lighting to take the pic.
IMG 20181027 122955 
darkmischiefcosplay and her husband’s 10-year anniversary came up and they wanted to do something different so they did a hunter and crossroads demon photo shoot. When you dress as a crossroads demon, you have to take your picture at an actual crossroads in South Dakota! Pics taken by Kim Lathe Photography.
IMG 20181027 122534 379 
spnthusiast (Instagram) felt herself relating strongly to Castiel—ever the outsider, just slightly out of step with the rest of the humans. From the moment she puts on the trench coat, something in her changes, and she rarely breaks character. She returns to this costume year after year for Halloween and conventions.
IMG 20181027 122547 747 
Here’s hawkin_headlines’s Rowena cosplay for Halloween. She decided to be Rowena because she’s one of her favorite characters on Supernatural! Rowena is such an interesting and powerful character with iconic lines and an amazing wardrobe! hawkin_headlines has loved seeing her character grow through the seasons and thinks that Ruthie Connell does an amazing job bringing life to this character. hawkin_headlines also thought she would have a lot of fun going to Halloween parties dressed as Rowena, and she most certainly has!
IMG 20181028 084321 183 
giakawaii (Instagram) likes the fact that everyone has been possessed or has had a demonic side except Cas, so she decided to make herself a female version of Castiel as a demon (vs. angel).
IMG 20181005 001614 
“I never imagined I’d like a villain, but Supernatural proved me wrong in this.” —yunniescoven (Instagram)
The minute she saw Lucifer’s character, played by Mark Pellegrino, she fell in love. He grew close to her heart, almost too close. She loves Lucifer’s playfulness, cockiness, and narcissism on a weird, high level. That’s why she loves to dress as the female version of Luci.
DSC 0053 mh1535058951366
You all remember when Dean was in Purgatory back in Season 8? iam.thedoctor (Instagram) had to climb the highest hill, walking with everything on his back, to find a place far enough from the city to take this picture as Purgatory Dean.
20181025 232404 
all_my_imaginations (Instagram) chose to be Lucifer because he is a bit misunderstood but also cool.
IMG 20181029 190120 891 
Now let me introduce to you Team Free Will 3.01! Sam gennia (Twitter), Dean, and the cutest Castiel I’ve ever seen. He is the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition.
IMG 20181029 185835 
What did you dress up as for Halloween? Did you carve pumpkins? Feel free to share with us in the comment section! I can’t get enough Supernatural Halloween!
Let's all thank the many, many fans who shared their Supernatural Halloween with us! Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below!
Thanks for reading.
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