Warning: Music Parody ahead!
In honor of the upcoming crossover with Supernatural and Scooby-doo, I'd like to present another Supernatural & cartoon crossover!
See, one day awhile back I got a theme song to a cartoon show I had loved stuck in my head:
Humming to myself, it hit me that the boys' names happened to line up pretty well with that tune. A search of the lyrics and within a day I was hashing out a parody of this song involving the boys! Only problem is... I'm not much of a singer. Thankfully, around that time I had been seeking out music for my videos and discovered "SPN Perspectives." She is an artist who does songs about and related to Supernatural. A bit of correspondence and she gracefully agreed to show off her talents with this parody!
I enjoy it, and I hope you do too.
Concept, Lyrics, Filming and Staging by Nate Winchester. 
Vocals by David McHenry.
Recorded and Engineered by SPN Perspectives.
So what do you think of it? Bet it sticks in your head now too!
Have you seen other crossover videos? Can you think of any other cartoon theme songs that could be adapted to Supernatural? This is cross over week so let your imaginations fly!