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Christmas is a time for joy and fun, so how about a little game for Christmas day, Supernatural style?
At the beginning of the holiday season, Deb Ryzley (@Dryzley on Twitter) sent a few Madlib games to me at The WFB Twitter account. She said they were "for my consideration". Well, I considered them for only a split second before I knew how much fun they'd be in the hands of the Supernatural Family!
I always did Madlib games when I was a child so Deb's games brought back very fond memories for me. I still remember the tablet I had that contained maybe 30 stories, all with the key subjects, adjectives and verbs removed. The objective of the game is to fill in the blank spaces with the first words that come to mind, then see what zany story emerges from your subconscious. Maybe I was a budding writer even then and didn't even know it!
How to Play: Fill in the blanks in the story provided. I've retyped the text so you can just copy it into your comment, filling in the blank with your favorite substitution. For publication purposes, let's keep the shared madlibs no racier than M (Mature) rated. You can get crazier if you wish, just don't post them for all to see! 

Game 1 (Shown above):

Dear Santa,
All I want is to see [celebrity] star in [name of TV show or movie]. This will bring great joy to my [part of the body]. The co-star should either be [celebrity] or [celebrity] because they're [adjective] when it comes to [verb ending in "ing"]. It should be filmed in [a place] because it's known for its [plural noun]. If you can make all of this happen Santa, I will love you as much as [first name of movie or TV character] loves [first name of movie or TV character] in [name of TV show or movie]. In other words, a lot.         Yours truly, [your screen name].  

Game 2: 

Madlib2 from Dryzley
Dear Santa,
I have been very [________] this [________]. When you come down the chimney, make sure you [_______________]. By the way, can you [___________________________]? Love, [Your Screen Name]
Feel free to complete the games as many times as you'd like, changing your answers each time to create totally new Santa wish lists! Also add new Madlibs if you find some that you want to share with WFB's readers!
The entire staff of The Winchester Family Business wishes you a very, very Merry Christmas! May all your Supernatural dreams come true!